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Nichole Beaudry strives to capture the wonder, beauty, and whimsy in the small moments with her children.
Do you ever wonder if there are things that your child’s preschool teacher wishes she could say to you? In the morning when you drop off your child, staying there and babying them makes it worse. Just because your child acts like a wild animal at home doesn't always mean he does at school.
We agree--love is really the most important thing, but we promise to work on self-butt wiping, too. The PLAY group is comprised of several fabulous blogs that I am excited to introduce you to today as we explore 75 early learning math activities!
Learn with Play at Home is a blog filled with simple and fun activities to keep your kids entertained and also shares tips on how to promote learning easily at home! Learn Play Imagine shares the adventures of a homeschooling mom as she is raising four boys under five. B-Inspired Mama is a place to connect busy moms with simple ideas for kid-friendly arts and crafts, easy recipes, and preschool learning fun. Rainy Day Mum is a blog for mums that shares playful, creative, exploratory and learning activities for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. One Perfect Day is a blog is filled with adventures in learning through play with lots of art, craft, sensory activities and messy play.
Mess for Less is a blog for kids crafts and activities, fun food, parenting tips, and making memories on a budget.
Bath Activities for Kids is a very creative and unique children's site packed with fun and educational bath activities for kids.
In Lieu of Preschool shares what a former teacher and her two little ones do in lieu of preschool. Growing a Jeweled Rose is a website packed with fun and educational activities for kids! Although Crystal's activities don't specifically discuss math skills that are taught, many of her science and sensory activities teach kids about counting and measuring without them even knowing that they are learning! Toddler Approved (that's us!) is a resource for parents and teachers of young children that helps foster a love of learning at an early age. Hope you find this resource filled with math activities useful as you discover, create, and learn with your kids! When you open the box you will be surprised to see how creatively the all you need materials are all packed and numbered. You will be surprised to know that the kit with 4 super Bro Designs, 3 traditional Rakhis and 1 funny face rakhi is priced at just Rs 160.
Don’t Forget to mention Kidsstoppress when you place an order and follow us on Facebook here and Twitter here. TV and print advertisements are loaded with product promotion in the beauty industry as it has to be – how else are we going to learn about the latest and greatest mascara and dark spot corrector? We can pretty much gauge which make- up products complement our deeper hued skin tone, but hair products can take a bit more research. Comment Disclaimer: Comments that contain profane or derogatory language, video links or exceed 200 words will require approval by a moderator before appearing in the comment section. Now I lost trust from the very beginning in this article the moment they put Pantene first because everyone I have ever talked to about washing my hair have said-NO to PANTENE. Whatever happened to being entitled to your opinion…good gracious and I'm assuming that all of us here are black women?
Will support our black owned natural hair product companies if they stay true to having natural ingredients only. Which leads me to the question, how did Pantene (yes, even the line they created supposedly for "us") make #1 on this list?
I love this post!It took me years to really sink in that God loved me that much to choose me.A lot of this was because of my disfunctioal family.I am so glad I am chosen!
In 2006, fans mourned the loss of Steve Irwin, the intrepid "Crocodile Hunter," who died when a stingray barb pierced his chest while he was filming off the Great Barrier Reef. Kindergartners, teachers, and parents can print, download, or use the free spanish worksheet online.

The first is labeled "Download" which will prompt you to download the PDF version of this kindergarten worksheet. Well, there are many things and we found one preschool teacher who was willing to tell us exactly what she wishes she could say.
Having breakfast in the morning is important, but giving them those things just causes a sugar high and then they crash. We only have so many hours a day to teach them, and if you don't help at home, how do you think they will retain what they learn? The PLAY Group is a group of kid bloggers who have come together to bring you the ULTIMATE resource of kids activities to play and learn! Each blog is listed below along with a brief description and several links to awesome posts. Genny also has NEW blog called Parent Teach Play which shares kid-related content with parents and teachers! Toddler Approved primarily shares activities for children ages 0-6 but many of our activities can be adapted for older children too!
Our office was buzzing with kids and employees all ready to try the new Imaghimake Rakhi Making kit.  With Imagimake products coming in there is always a buzz on whose going to try these with the kids.
With instructions and designs illustrated on the sides it makes for a step by step manual to making rakhis at home. We are sure their brothers will absolutely love these handmade rakhis made by their sisters like we loved them. Because hair is our greatest accessory, hair products are equally important, each promising to do something great for our coifs like provide better nourishment, shiny hair and prevention of split ends.
Gone are the days when we relied solely on Ultra Sheen and Luster’s Pink Oil Moisturizer.
I mean really $20+ dollars for less than 8 oz of curl puddings, hair cream etc… a bit ridiculous and hard to choose them when something equitable can be found for less and works well. It made my hair hard, dry and brittle which was soo far from normal that I tossed it immediately and went back to a different store further away to get what I normally use. It has sulfates which are harsh and strip your hair’s nutrients, protein, and moisture and ultimately weaken your hair.
Proctor and Gamble makes Pantene, Proctor and Gamble pay for advertising Tide Detergent on this site, you don’t think this isn’t advertising too?!?!?!? WEN products do contain perfume, so if you're like me and allergic to fragrance pass those up! Why are companies such as Miss Jessies, Taliah Waajid and a few others putting harmful chemicals in their supposed natural products? To the author of this article, may I suggest next time doing better research on the products you push on us. Franklin, School of Integrative Biology I felt extremely honoured to be asked by Terri to write a few words about her husband, a man I greatly admired and respected. If there is a problem, we will call you, but what actually happens when you walk out the door is that they cry for two minutes and then they go on about their day. This is the most frustrating thing for your child to bring because they never want to share, but they have to show everyone they have it. They need fathers who sit and listen to the activities of their day, mothers who join in and make crafts with them and parents who take the time to read them stories and act goofy with them.
Early learning math activities teach skills like number recognition, counting, simple addition & subtraction, sorting, sequencing numbers, and measuring. My aunt, cousin, every hair dresser I ever had, multiple online forums, and actual research into the affects of sulfates on the hair have made me realize that PANTENE was not great for black hair. Most of the things that I've read (some even on this website) say that any hair products that contain alcohol, sulfates, and petrolatum are NOT good for our hair.
Pantene is made by Proctor and Gamble- which also makes TIDE Detergent- please look to the sides of this blog and tell me you don’t see Tide detergent ads right now. Your thoughs caused me to think of a verse I thought was in Isaih, but I searched and never could find it. They deserve to help you make supper even though it takes twice as long and makes it twice as much work. Black people, white people, GREEN PEOPLE (anyone who has money) is susceptible to brainwashing if you don’t think for yourselves. Selecting this will take you to another web page that only has the printable spanish worksheet so that you can print the worksheet inside of your browser. They deserve to know that they're a priority for you and that you truly love to be with them.

This will take you to our kindergarten web app where you complete the spanish worksheet using your computer, iPad, or other tablet device.
I am going to see a collection of snakes, lizards, and miserable creatures in jars, feel terribly sorry for them, and leave. I was Terri Raines, a 27-year-old Oregon girl in Australia on an unlikely quest to find homes for rescued American cougars.
Peacocks strutted around, kangaroos and wallabies roamed freely, and palm trees lined all the walkways. But I saw not a sign of external parasites on these animals, no old food rotting in the cages, no feces or shedded skin left unattended.
There was a whole line of crocodilians: alligators, fresh-water crocodiles and one big salty. When I heard there would be a special guided tour of the crocodile environmental park, I was first in line for a ticket.
This man was on fire with enthusiasm, and I felt I really connected with him, like I was meeting a kindred spirit.
There are courting rituals between male and female, and the male crocodiles are very gentle as they nudge up and down alongside the female, waiting until she is receptive.
I never imagined that these dinosaur-looking creatures could be loving, but he explained that they were quite passionate lovers, and seemed to develop real affection for each other.
The croc nearly snapped the buttons off Steve's shirt as he neatly deposited a piece of meat into its mouth.
They'd come in with their catch and fillet it right at the dock, tossing the fish bones and scraps into the water. Maybe it was because Steve was detailing the most astonishing set of actions any of us had ever heard about, accomplished by a man who lived to tell the tale.
Even a six-foot-long sub-adult would easily take Steve to the bottom of the river, rolling and fighting, trying to dislodge him by scraping against the rocks and snags at the bottom of the river.
And Steve was the most incredible man I had ever seen a€” catching crocodiles by hand to save their lives? I wanted to build a big camp fire, sit down with Steve next to it, and hear his stories all night long.
But I had the strangest, most overwhelming feeling that it was destiny that took me into that little wildlife park that day. I interrupted only to have my friend Lori take a picture of us, and the moment I first met Steve was forever captured. I felt a connection as I never had before, and I was about to leave, never to see him again.
On opposite sides of the world, this man and I had somehow formed the same interest, the same passion. I had no idea how I would accomplish it, but I was determined to figure out a way to see him. The next weekend, Lori was going diving with a friend, and I took a chance and called Steve. And here he was again, as large as life a€” six feet tall, broad shoulders, a big grin, and a warm and welcome handshake.
I think he figured out what I was hedging at as I started asking him questions about his friends and family. During the day it was raking the entire Zoo, gathering up the leaves, cleaning up every last bit of kangaroo poo, washing out lizard enclosures, keeping the snakes clean.
They came out of their ponds like sweet little puppies a€” puppies with big sharp teeth and frog eyes. I didn't know what to expect, but with Steve there, I felt a sense of confidence and security. The next thing I knew, I was feeding the alligators big pieces of meat, as if I'd done it all my life.
He took me to a resort that featured an all-you-could-eat buffet dinner a€” seafood banquet, my favorite. He looked at me with such love in his eyes, and I thought, he's going to say something wonderful.
As we said goodbye, he put his arms around me for the first time, and I felt all his strength and warmth in that embrace.

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