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Everyone has their own preference for a survival knife but when the SHTF your going to need a quality knife that will cope with all survival situations. Some knife manufacturers charge upwards of ?300 for a hand built knife that is guaranteed to last and be able to withstand all survival situations, but there’s precious few preppers who would spend that kind of money when their ?300 could go on several other pieces of essential equipment. But, if you are really interested in bushcraft, and all the skills that are associated with it then a hand made, unique knife is often what you would choose - these beautiful knives above are made by master knife-smith, Ben Orford and range from around ?250 up to ?450However, from a prepping and survival point of view - any knife is a good knife in a survival situation! What's the secret of a good survival knife?As any prepper will tell you - the survival knife is one of the most the essential tools in their survival kit, and as such, must be much more than just a ‘knife to cut things with’. A survival knife must be good enough, strong enough and sharp enough to manage all the basic survival tasks that include hunting, combat, cutting, chopping, bush-craft and much, much more.
If you are looking for a large bladed knife, somewhere sized between a survival knife and an axe, I would personally recommend a knife that has been designed by expert prepper, Tom Linden. If your intention is to be making survival shelters or more heavier woodwork, then a larger, more solid blade is required with a thicker blade section that will take batoning and a bit of abuse. Choosing your blade shape is also an important factor when selecting the best survival knife.
If you are looking to introduce knives to young people and children then I highly recommend the Hultafors SK safety knife.This knife is ideal for learning the basic of knife handling and wood carving. All the survival knives that I have listed above are very good quality and will do the job well, so it just boils down to a matter of personal preference really. Anybody have something to say about the HK USP-SD in 9mm ?Some a very nice review on the net. Make a joyful noise to the LORD, all the earth; break forth into joyous song and sing praises!
One of my personal favorite American made survival knives happens to be the ESEE-4 that comes with a removable Micarta handle slab and also features a Kydex sheath with MOLLE locks. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, the gray handle is a removable Micarta slab and this brings the overall knife weight to be just over 7 oz.
With a black RC-4 fixed blade (read my post on full tang benefits), the ESEE-4 survival knife comes in two variants – one having a plain edge while the other features a partly serrated edge (personally I prefer the plain edge).
The sheath itself is made of Kydex material and comes with a rawhide cord that ideally should be threaded by the user so make sure to do that once you purchase this knife. If you’ve been following my posts closely, you’ll notice I’m biased towards full tang knives and that’s one of the reasons why I bought the ESEE-4 in the first place because it’s a fixed blade survival knife.
Some of you might find the cost to be on the higher side but with an average price tag of $125.00, I think this is one of the best bush-craft knives in the market at the moment.
Overall, the ESEE-4 knife is a good buy and even though it’s not the most perfect knife in the world, its a pretty damn good one! We may share information with governmental agencies or other companies assisting us in fraud prevention or investigation. Choosing the Best Survival Knife for Doomsday Preparedness is very important to ensuring your survival, and no more so than having a knife that suits you and a knife that you feel comfortable with.It's a very personal choice.
It is a very heavy duty knife, pretty much indestructible and designed for preppers in mind. For intricate carving and fine work, go with a smaller blade that's easy to manipulate and is light and easy in the hand.
Let the job dictate the knife and don't make things difficult for yourself by using the wrong knife for the job. Maybe you and some friends could make it a long weekend.joeGonna try to Joe,I will be in the USA in mid November, if i have the time i will do a shooting tour !! I’ll try and do justice with this ESEE-4 survival knife review by recounting my personal experiences so that other survival knife enthusiasts can learn from it as well. The ESEE-4 cuts through a lot of materials very easily mainly because it’s made of tough 1095 high carbon 57 RC steel and the experts reading this know high good a material that is! For those of you who love a good sheath along with your knife, you’ll be pleased to know that this one has an additional MOLLE attachment while the sheath itself is held together by adjustable screws. While the weight of the knife is just over 7 oz, the overall weight including that of the sheath is close to 13 oz which is quite decent for a bush-craft knife.
All in all, I was very satisfied with this wilderness survival knife and have used it for various activities such as hunting and fishing. I also like the fact that this is covered by a lifetime warranty so if you somehow manage to break your knife accidentally, don’t fret because ESEE will send you a new one straight away. Not only is it easy to sharpen and maintain but its also an extremely rugged knife that holds its edge for a long time. It is a tool that proves to be useful in a range of situations to be encountered in our modern but stress-filled lives. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.”- Robert A.
Parts, magazines, holsters and accessories are far more readily available everywhere because so dad-gum many of them are out there! The over travel of the trigger sucks, and the suppressor sights are annoying to me, but I got the pistol so I could put a suppressor on it. Not only is it tough and sharp, I find it to be the perfect length (overall knife length is 9 inches while the blade length is 4.5 inches) and extremely comfortable to use. And although the blade is coated, you just need to be a little careful to prevent it from rusting. I don’t know exactly why they didn’t use rivets but one senior camping guide told me this helped on getting a better grip.

Not only that modern humans do so much more nowadays, but Mother Nature also seems to be getting so much rougher on us. What I personally do is that I lubricate the blade with dry film rust and corrosion oil every 5-6 months which helps to keep the ESEE-4 in perfect condition. If you go to Amazon and read some customer reviews, you’ll notice people complaining of rusting but if you try the little trick above, you won’t be disappointed! I have never had a problem with the Glock's grip angle but some people endlessly bitch about it.
The fact that survival knives exist – in so many shapes and of so many brands – shows that people have gotten to place great importance on a specially built tool to help them cut, chop, pierce, split in a wide array of situations in order to keep going and even to preserve their life. A real survival knife will be a trusted tool when you get injured on a trip, when hunting, when lost in the forest, when trying to make your way in or out of a place, when building things or making tools out of materials found in your environment. Byrne Share TweetBack in the days when men were men and every problem could be solved with a duel, no man would be without his knife. You can clear branches with these, build a shelter, prepare food, start a fire or dig a pit.Survival knives typically measure from 4 to 8 inches in length. This aspect may be debatable to some, but we say that serrated blades can be quite the trouble since you can’t sharpen them. Also, these items can have rather intriguing shapes compared to usual knives, in order to ensure perfect grip and handling. Weighing the pros and cons, it quickly becomes obvious that, when circumstances get rough, you’d better go for a fixed blade. It’s carbon-steel, full tang blade cuts like a dream, it can gut and clean fish and game, the saw edge is perfect for pruning saplings or cutting through bone, and it even has the balance to throw effectively.
It has a shorter blade that most knives, but the extended grip gives extra leverage to make up the difference.
You may not have that extra moment to unfold your knife and make sure it’s fixed in place so you can use it properly without slipping away. Fixed-blade knives do not provide unpleasant surprises – only if you don’t know how to store them safely. When the blade is well anchored to the handle, not only that it won’t miss the target, but you will be able to accomplish a lot more. If you go for a folding one and the jobs are too rough for it, it may just fail due to lateral stress and fold back. You’ll pay more for these lovingly crafted beauties, but when your survival is on the line, it can be the difference between life and death. While it is one of the few knives made for combat first, its CPM S35VN stainless steel blade and canvas Micarta handle can stand up to the most punishing conditions. The blade has an interior serration giving it the edge when it comes to battoning, skinning, and woodland uses.
It has a 7″ blade, making it slightly heavier than some other options, but not enough to wear you down. The following is a rundown of the top knives for wilderness use and the best hunting knife types.
You can take this guide as a survival knife review to prepare you for an important purchase.Clicking on the product details will get you to Amazon Product Page.
We recommend models that are around 6 inches in length, but this may go up to 9 or 10 inches. Don’t go under 6 though, because the knife will no longer be suitable to a number of tasks. It claims to be nothing more than 1095 Crovan Steel, but that hardly seems like enough to make this dangerous, unbreakable juggernaut. Stainless steel and carbon steel are the main materials for knives made for the wilderness.
Easily the best battoning knife of the bunch, it rewrote the book on survival knives…then cut it right in half. It can hold a razor’s edge for a long time, and the serrated side helps allow for sawing and hacking up wood. It comes equipped with additions such as an LED light, a magnesium alloy firestarter, and a signal whistle, all attached to the grip. You may be tempted to buy a model with hollow handle, to store small items in it or to accommodate a compass, but this ends up compromising the grip. The standard knife of the Gurkha in Afghanistan, the Kukri blurs the lines between knife, tomahawk, and utility blade.
It is larger than most knives on the list, but much better at dealing with brush or dense foliage. The high-quality carbon steel is easy to sharpen and will hold an edge longer than many stainless knives. It’s longer than most at more than 16 inches, but it is intended for combat as much as survival utility. You don’t just need a good blade, you also need one that will handle as many jobs as possible. The blade is nearly 6 and a half inches of 1095 carbon steel heaven with removable Micarta handles. It is one of the longest knives built for survival out there, but even the increase in quantity didn’t decrease the quality at all. You will carry this tool easily if you choose a sheath that has a hole at its end, so you can strap the knife to a leg. It can handle battoning and chopping as well as stabbing and skinning with the same efficiency.

Many survivalists consider Fallkniven A1 as the ultimate knife built specifically as a survival blade. Fallkniven is a Swedish based manufacturer of military and outdoor knives and A1 is one of the best product they ever launched.
When you feel like going on a survival adventure that involves dressing in your finest pimp gear, this is the knife you pack. The handle is a waterproof, stainless steel tube, perfect for matches, garrotte wire, fishing line, or a little Peruvian nose candy.
This 11.3 inch tool is so sharp right out of the box you should take extra care with first few uses.
The only modification you will want to get is a knurled handle so that it doesn’t slip or cause blisters from extended use.
It has AUS-8 steel sunk into a glass reinforced nylon handle that is easy on the hands, grippable, and offers maximum endurance. The serrated edge helps accomplish sawing jobs, while the main blade can hold an edge for ages. With more than 750 reviews on Amazon alone makes it not only well-tried, but also well reviewed by knife enthusiasts. When generations of them swear by a single knife, you ignore their advice at your own peril. Made from durable 10950 crovan steel guarantees it won’t rust over or loose its edge as time passes. The USMC KA-BAR is thought by many to be the original survival knife and time has proven that few things can compare with a classic. When it comes to survival knives, this isn’t just the gold standard, it is the only standard. The blade is made of Carbon Steel hardened to an RC of 59-60 and has a thickness of 0.125?. If we consider the quality and performance alone Mora companion wouldn’t have found its place in top survival knife list. This latter part includes a built-in diamond sharpener tool, a fire starter, a guidebook for survival and more. Another interesting feature is the emergency whistle connected to the handle, which helps one send off signals when lost. The pommel is shaped in such way so you can hammer nails with it and tent stakes, but also to crack nuts.
Concerning the blade, there is one side to it that’s just perfect for scraping various materials.
It has two holes in its handle, making it possible to transform it into a spear by connecting it to a stick.
Its sturdy, fixed mid-size blade will also help you light a fire by generating sparks through hitting the magnesium rod. Close to the handle, you can see serrations, which can cut not only through rope, but also through wood, wire and even metal sheet. Together with the sheath, it weights 1 pound.This knife is excellent in harsh conditions and also comes with an emergency whistle. It is waterproof and this certainly enhances its durability.Ontario Air Force Survival KnifeAn outdoors enthusiast will find Ontario Knives to be rather short, but so reliable and robust. The US Armed Forces use it and this fact alone shows that such knife is made to handle all tasks and all the survivors’ needs, up to self defense. It is a 1095 carbon steel blade and the knife has no other rusting parts, features a steel cap, saw teeth and a blade of 5 inches. The sheath has a built-in sharpener which will prove to be very efficient, as the blade will be in need of sharpening at times.
Also, here is a tip for sealing the knife entirely: soak the handle and the tang, as well as a portion of the blade in hot beeswax. The standard knife is outstanding through its fixed carbon parkerized blade, riveted leather sheath and a most useful combo edge. To count other benefits, this will be easier on your budget, also being a really hardworking tool.
The blade length is of 10 inches, which places these among the longest survival knives that will never let one down.
Military survival knives are often purchased by hunters, outdoors sports enthusiasts and hikers. As a distinct feature, these come with a handle-incorporated compass, fishing tools or a watch.
Many prefer this type because the built is highly durable and it can take them through many tasks. We encourage future survival knife owners to get acquainted to all existing features and styles. Also, remember you will ultimately have to choose based on your circumstances, because there is no absolutely perfect survival knife that will handle all jobs and conditions. Your environment and especially your activities will dictate which kind is more appropriate in your case.
If you get the details right, you will be happy with your purchase and you will enjoy your knife for a great deal of time.Have some questions?
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