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Will do my best ?? Not sure how well it will turn out though, before this, the only tutorial I’ve ever done was for a friend and all it was was a hidden passageway. Jak can you send me some different angle pictures of this to create it and then do a video tutorial cause using just pics is difficult as hell ?? ok? It’s a well-known fact that furniture covers are guaranteed to be one of the finest things that you can ever have, and this is known to be a very convenient product that’s a must to keep for those who have outdoor furniture because this type of cover can assure you various kinds of advantages. There are various kinds of outdoor furniture covers that you can purchase in malls and on the internet as well. This type of cover for your furniture is known to be one of a kind thanks to the quality material that made this product up. This product will assure you a great way to get rid of the dust that might flow through the furniture because it has a good quality that will never get ruined, and it comes with a good look so that it can perfectly cover up the furniture in your house. This product is the best among the rest when it comes to the fabric because it’s made of a gardelle-type of fabric system that’s capable of protecting itself from water especially during the rain, and it has elasticity which is why this is perfect for fitting your furniture in any way possible. This product is indeed amazing in terms of its functionality as a cover for your outdoor furniture thanks to the amazing fabric that made up this product. This brand is known for its high-quality fabric that assures you protection whether it may be rain, snow or even a harsh wind flowing to your garden or patio. Not just that, this product is also guaranteed to be great against the sun as well during a fine weather. This is known to be made of various fabrics that are perfect for protection and cover at the same time. This product is known to be good for its functionality thanks to the light weight that it has, and the fact that it will still cover up your furniture in a perfect way. Rest assured that when you try one or all of these brands for your furniture cover, rest assured that you will be able to have a cleaner furniture for your outdoor area, plus you will also make sure that everything will never get damaged in the long run despite of the durability that these furniture has for your home. So if you want to get these products, make sure that you try and give it a go already because these are available online and at malls for you to purchase. Once you already purchased one or all of these products, be sure to leave a comment for us to know what you felt about the convenience that these products can assure you. This is guaranteed to be one of the most amazing ones that you can get because it’s simple, yet very durable for you to have. The most common type of this product comes in green, and it’s perfect for chairs and tables. Rest assured that it’s not just dust that it can get to protect your furniture, but also for water, plus it can cover all of the parts of the furniture so that it can provide 100% protection in any costs possible.

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A notebook is always useful for keeping notes of important information, keeping a diary, making sketches, etc.31.
Very similar to my own set-up, I’ve got a heap of kit in my front room that I piled up before work this morning ready for a quick turn around before heading off to the woods tonight. I’m well aware that this is nothing like my lightest set-up but horses-for-courses is the key. I find that there is a core of essential stuff, if you are going to be comfortable, to which optional extras are added depending on your reason for being out. I find the most difficult part is getting the food weight and volume down, especially if I’m going to be off the beaten track for some time. I also keep a small amount of gun oil in a tiny hotel sample shampoo bottle to keep the rust at bay ?? great article as usual Paul ??Reply Craig FordhamJust remembered..
For keeping the Iphone etc charged I bought a small rechargeable powerpack made my Anker from Amazon. Cost about ?20 and is enough to keep my Iphone 5 topped up for a week if I’m fairly careful with the useage.
The file used to take care for the rakers is small enough to be carried around yet long enough for serious work. I love my ventile smock and when in the forest I wear it in preference over my recon jacket, it just feels so comfortable and in winter I have found it performs much better than Gore-Tex.Reply JamesThanks for sharing your kit with us. I, myself, was going to submit a simple comment that I also include a hammock and that DD Hammocks make very good and affordable ones.
But I couldn’t leave it there.So, if bushcraft is about kit, then does it deliver as a strategy?
Because, I think, it often leads to people carrying more kit and heavier kit than they need. Some of this kit has been used on ultra long distance treks, where it has to be tough.Let me give a couple of examples. A tarp, hammock, and bivi bag is always going to be a heavier combination than the latest one man tent designs. And, if you want to stick with tarps, then Cuben fibre models are much lighter (and more expensive) than the ones most bushcrafters use.Another example.
Justification for routinely carrying three or more blades (knife, saw, axe, multitool etc)?

Survival on snow shovel
Selling for survival rate

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