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Foam darts no longer satisfy your violent desires in the workplace?  Not a problem.  Just pick up one of these USB Sniper BB Guns and inject a new dose of excitement into your 9 to 5 life.
Sold by Japanese retailer Donya, the toy gun draws power from your computer via USB, allowing it to fire plastic BB bullets up to distances of 8 meters.  Whether you want to attack the intern sitting next to you or the dude competing with you for that promotion who sits a few cubicles down, this will do the trick. As more companies move into the bowhunting market, big-name manufacturers are finding it harder to maintain their position at the front of the pack. The overall scores of the compounds and crossbows are the sums of scores of three objective and seven subjective categories, each of which has a grade range from 1 to 10. The Velocitip Ballistic System measures arrow velocity, arrow drop at 40 yards, and kinetic energy at 20 yards. Once the data is gathered, testers shoot the bows and grade each on a number of performance- and design-related criteria (scroll to the bottom for full results). Testers raved about everything from the Obsession’s back wall to its top-notch vibration dampeners. Obsession’s machining prowess is evidenced in the fine detail work on the roller cable guard and string stop. It’s rare for our testers to select two Great Buys in one category, but the Influence and Deploy both stood out as bows of exceptional value. A synchronized binary cam system delivers surprising performance, delivering arrows downrange at 314.2 fps from a compact and nimble package. The test team had difficulty justifying the Mamba’s price tag after observing its middle-of-the-pack speed and noise scores, and the poor vibration score. The Phenix Inferno 33  was hurt by its scores in all three objective categories (speed, noise, and vibration). The Lightning Strike Fire Starter was invented by Darrell Holland and I believe it to be the absolute best, most reliable emergency fire starting system I have ever tried.
The Lightning Strike Fire Starter is a completely self-contained system with a water-tight compartment that stores 10 extremely effective tinder pucks.
I used the Lightning Strike Fire Starter last year at 12,000 feet in the Colorado high-country.
This is brillant easy to use,very well made,everything you need to start a fire first time.

Ah, the mighty bean bag chair, a throwback to the 1990?s or a fixture in a spotty teenagers room. If for any reason you decide that your purchase just isn't for you, simply return the item within 30 days of receipt and we'll cover the cost of return shipping. This is due in part to computer-aided design software, which has helped level the playing field. For compounds, the 100-grain Velocitip head was affixed to a Victory VForce HV V1 350 arrow (350 grains total), and crossbows fired a Victory XBolt (422 grains total).
A bowhunter’s mecca, the facility is equipped with multiple indoor ranges, a pro shop, and a massive showroom.
The radical riser defies traditional design, but its geometry is spot-on, making this a sweet-aiming bow with just-right balance. Although the Halon 6 (the 6-inch-brace-height version of this year’s flagship model) was the third-heaviest bow in the test, owing to its beefy riser, some testers liked the heft. Bowtech’s flagship model for 2016 features a new Micro Sync Dial that allows you to tune cam timing without a bow press. Reviewers were pleased with its improved performance over last year’s model (the Arena), but they felt its top-end price was a bit too high for what shooters would get in return. At 312.6 fps, the Xception was the third-slowest bow we evaluated this year, and our testers could tell once we got it off the Hooter Shooter and into our hands. In past tests, Elite models have been knocked for lack of speed, but the Impulse 31 sent arrows downrange at a respectable 330.5 fps, ranking it among the fastest we clocked this year.
In fact, it tied for quietest bow with the New Breed GX2, and was one of the fastest bows at 335.5 fps. The Influence is infinitely flexible, adjusting from 20 to 30 inches in draw length and 18 to 70 pounds of draw weight. It sports accessories like a built-in broadhead wrench and blade sharpener, and a pair of fang-like protrusions on the riser that were reminiscent of a bottle opener.
It was the longest bow in the test, with a 35.5-inch axle-to-axle length, and felt somewhat unwieldy compared to the other models. Whether you're looking for the latest hunting rifle review to survival tips, Outdoor Life has it all.
Pull one of the pucks out, fluff it up, hold the bottom of the fire starter close to the tinder (you can even use the fire starter to hold the tinder in place in extremely windy conditions) and use the attached metal striker to strike down the flint rod. Because of the thin air, with every other fire starter and tinder that I tried I had to be super careful and patient to coax a small flame and baby a fire into life. However, the humble bean chair need not be the definition of old school or uncool, especially if you get one of these distressed leather bean chairs. Today, compound accuracy is typically limited to the shooter’s ability to release an arrow without error. Compounds are mounted to a Spot Hogg Hooter Shooter and triggered via a shutter-release cable, while crossbow triggers are tripped remotely as the bows sit in a Caldwell Lead Sled.
The company’s resident cam wizard, Kevin Strother, has created masterly two-track eccentrics, which combine blistering speed with a silky draw and tame shot.
And those cams feature Bowtech’s PowerShift system, which allows you to adjust the cam setup to one of three settings (Performance, Classic, and Comfort), each for a different feel and draw cycle. After you get past the slower speed, however, you find a bow that handles well and is enjoyable to shoot. Every reviewer gave the Impulse favorable subjective scores for overall feel and appearance, and were all surprised it didn’t ultimately rank higher once all the scores were tallied.

The GX2 received mixed reviews from the panel, with one tester questioning the bluish color scheme and harsh draw cycle. The grip was blocky, but that’s a small quibble on an otherwise shooter-friendly bow. But this sleek bow jumped out of hand when shooting with an open grip, and the poor vibration score confirmed what each shooter felt. The shoot-through carbon riser and center-mount grip launch arrows effortlessly, with little hand shock (the Achilles’ heel of diminutive bows). This range allows the Influence to grow with a young shooter, fit a small shooter, or be passed from one archer to another.
For those who want to get into the woods without mortgaging the house, the Influence is a smart option.
Looking suitably classy and high end, the Distressed Leather Bean Chair ($850+) is made by Restoration Hardware and comes in a variety of color options.
A sound-level meter measures peak decibels at the shot, while two accelerometers (mounted to the compounds’ risers and near the pistol grip on crossbows) measure vibration in meters per second squared. That’s reflected in its high marks in vibration and noise, which kept it among the top-scoring bows. The only factor that prevented the Impulse from finishing near the top of our overall rankings was its 5 out of 10 noise score.
Anchored on a 26-layer carbon-­fiber weaved twin truss riser, the T24 can be shot left- or right-handed with little modification.
It was reasonably well balanced, however, thanks in part to its weight, and testers appreciated its sound back wall. The first time I tried it my hunting partner and I were absolutely blown away at how much more effective it was. We love that this lazy furniture would not look out of place in a contemporary living space or high concept bedroom. And it shows: This test was the closest yet, with some bows outscoring others by fractions of a percentage point.
It delivered top-end speed (335.1 fps) yet maintained one of the best overall draw cycles, with a solid back wall and an ample valley.
Testers also noted attention to detail in the grip, durable finish, and well-­designed cable guard. This bow shot 320.3 fps and tied for the quietest bow in the test, although testers noted some felt recoil and hand shock. Right then and there I knew the Lightning Strike Fire Starter will always be my go-to emergency fire starter.
The side-by-side parallel cams are striking, and Prime says this setup eliminates issues associated with cam lean, although we’d need to do more testing to confirm this. It's also the funnest and easiest way I have found to get a camp fire going in a non-emergency. It’s truly the first shootable sub-compact bow capable of being carried on the hip or transported to any remote locale.

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