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Jessica Valenti combats a nation’s virginity complex, arguing that myths about “purity” are damaging to both girls and women. Cementing her place as one of the most influential feminist theorists, hooks’ Feminist Theory explores Kimberle Crenshaw’s conversation-changing idea of intersectionality: the way racism, classism and sexism work together to foster oppression. Named after the famous speech by Sojourner Truth, this must-read by bell hooks discusses black women’s struggle with U.S. This classic from the 1920s makes a devastatingly eloquent argument with a simple takeaway: For a women artist to thrive, she must have space in which to work and some money for her efforts. This master work by Audre Lorde, a Caribbean American lesbian feminist writer, collects her prose from the late 70s and early 80s.
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She points the way forward toward a world where women are perceived as more than vessels of chastity. This book looks at the ways women today make sex objects of themselves, and she’s not impressed. She painstakingly refutes each insidious anti-feminist argument–for instance, that feminism is responsible for a supposed epidemic of unhappiness in women.
Many of these pieces made feminist history, including her candid dialogue with Adrienne Rich about race and feminism, her oft-quoted critique of academia “The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House” and her Open Letter to Mary Daly. She argues for the reclaiming of the tarnished word cunt, and discusses her personal experiences with self-protection, sex work, abortion and solidarity.
She chews out false “empowerment” based on self-objectification and offers feminist alternatives.

What’s really wrong, she says, is that equality hasn’t been achieved; in fact, the struggle has only just begun. She reveals that simply making ends meet is a silent struggle for many Americans, especially for women with families to support.
She urges all to live a feminism that finds commonality across differences and makes room for impassioned debate.

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