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Even if the way human societies treat their dead is not often a matter of philosophical speculation, Laqueur shows, in this huge, searching work of scholarship, that the question was there from the beginning of Western culture, when Diogenes suggested that his own corpse should be flung over the city gates to be devoured by dogs.
In an Election that Pits Inspiration Against Evil, How Should We Treat Political Dissenters? The Legend of Pale Male is also a fascinating documentary showing how this hawk enthralled so many residents of New York City.
Small city ponds, or water features, may contain fish, or frogs (in various stages of development), water insects, even turtles, and salamanders.
These are drinking and bathing sources for birds, waterfowl, reptiles, amphibians and mammals. Maria is a nature, creature and dog lover who grew up near a farm in New Hampshire climbing trees, smelling maple syrup clouds, and slapping cow patties for fun! I am an Amazon affiliate which means if you buy anything through my blog, I get a very small kickback at no cost to you. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. My girl does love birds, but it was an author visit by Jacqueline Davies with her book THE BOY WHO DREW BIRDS that got her really interested in looking at them closely! And thanks again Mia for inviting me to post on a topic that I’m so passionate about! We love Just Ducks by Nicola Davies so it is great to have some more of her books recommended.
Jessica Valenti combats a nation’s virginity complex, arguing that myths about “purity” are damaging to both girls and women. Cementing her place as one of the most influential feminist theorists, hooks’ Feminist Theory explores Kimberle Crenshaw’s conversation-changing idea of intersectionality: the way racism, classism and sexism work together to foster oppression. Named after the famous speech by Sojourner Truth, this must-read by bell hooks discusses black women’s struggle with U.S. This classic from the 1920s makes a devastatingly eloquent argument with a simple takeaway: For a women artist to thrive, she must have space in which to work and some money for her efforts. This master work by Audre Lorde, a Caribbean American lesbian feminist writer, collects her prose from the late 70s and early 80s. PopMatters' writers (a margin-friendly, iconoclastic bunch, for the most part) cast their nets far beyond the world of culture-production to capture some of the best non-fiction books published in 2010. Cultural matters weighed heavily in our book coverage this year, of course, with an emphasis on great bands of yore.
This book illuminates how artificial light and its twin invention, electricity, have in one way or another shaped everything that we have become. Dario Argento stands out among Giallo directors as one of the few to achieve limited success outside of Italy (Mario Bava would be another example).

We all know how critical it is to keep independent voices alive and strong on the Internet. Take a stroll with your family in your local cemetery and jot down a list of creatures you see. The texts are lovely and lyrical, a blend of interesting facts told in narrative, often poetic form. See the world through the eyes of a baby dolphin when you read Davies’s Dolphin Baby! Surprising Sharks by Nicola Davies, is fun and informative, and will indeed surprise you! We really need to try leaving cool stuff out for the birds- I keep forgetting about this idea. And summer is perfect because you have the time to observe and then find some books to read more! She is especially talented at capturing nature through her camera and that includes the most marvelous shots of birds. She points the way forward toward a world where women are perceived as more than vessels of chastity.
This book looks at the ways women today make sex objects of themselves, and she’s not impressed.
She painstakingly refutes each insidious anti-feminist argument–for instance, that feminism is responsible for a supposed epidemic of unhappiness in women.
Many of these pieces made feminist history, including her candid dialogue with Adrienne Rich about race and feminism, her oft-quoted critique of academia “The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House” and her Open Letter to Mary Daly.
She argues for the reclaiming of the tarnished word cunt, and discusses her personal experiences with self-protection, sex work, abortion and solidarity.
While books on politics and current affairs were for the most part absent from what we thought to be the year’s best (the latest slew of pro- and con-President Obama titles, like Rodger D. It follows the path of this catalyzing technology as it winds it way from the last Ice Age into present day. Please consider a donation to support our work as independent cultural critics and historians. Urban ecology is a fascinating field of study, and we can all be urban ecologists in our own neighborhoods! It really works to keep them reading when you pair up their interests with a non fiction book I’ve found. She chews out false “empowerment” based on self-objectification and offers feminist alternatives.
What’s really wrong, she says, is that equality hasn’t been achieved; in fact, the struggle has only just begun.

She reveals that simply making ends meet is a silent struggle for many Americans, especially for women with families to support. She urges all to live a feminism that finds commonality across differences and makes room for impassioned debate. For more up-to-date musical considerations, there was Zack Carlson and Bryan Connolly’s rampantly demented Destroy All Movies!!!, a painstakingly compiled chronology of just about every flickering appearance of punks in film (a task that, given the proclivities of exploitation cinema, necessitated trolling through some particularly dusty and glorious hideous stacks of VHS trash).
Hodge’s excorating The Mendacity of Hope, or either just feeding the 24-hour news-cycle gossip churn or preaching to their respective choirs), our writers cast their nets far beyond the world of culture-production. As Brox connects the dots from early humans using stone lamps for painting the walls at Lascaux, to the the whaling trade as it arose to supply the world with lamp oil, to Edison’s Menlo Park and the dawn of modernity, to the massive power grids of today, a story of evocation begins to emerge. Shapiro makes clear that more often than not a rejection of Shakespeare as the author of his plays opens onto complex belief systems and ways of viewing the world that have very little to do, directly at least, with Shakespeare or his plays. Your donation will help PopMatters stay viable through these changing and challenging times where costs have risen and advertising has dropped precipitously. She has a vast knowledge of children’s books and with the best recommendations so I asked her to please, please, please guest post on any children’s book topic! There was also punk poetess Patti Smith’s lovingly crafted and widely acclaimed National Book Award-winning memoir, Just Kids, one of the few books that our writers (a margin-friendly, iconoclastic bunch, for the most part) raved about with as much enthusiasm as the wider critical community.
Dylan found the real America, before that term had been abused by right-wing ideologues seeking to become puppet-masters to angry mobs.
Seeing the broad strokes of history laid out in front of you, it’s difficult not to see a form taking shape in the flickering candlelight.
See them grow from bald and fuzzy hatchlings to feather-sprouted fledglings—it’s a mini-biology lesson playing out right before your eyes! Bob Dylan in America collages all of these elements, tracing Dylan’s career by tracing his influences.
Brox shows that technology, as extensions of our own bodies and minds, are what shape humanity; not the messages contained in the technology, nor the petty power struggles of day to day politics and ideologies. Schiff takes her understandably limited array of credible sources and creates a coherent, believable narrative.
Throughout the work, Wilentz shows an unfailing ability to synthesize his discussion of Dylan’s music with the best history lesson you are likely to ever get on left-wing populist art and thought. He surely and deftly examines the influence of figures as diverse as Copland to Blind Willie McTell on, not just Dylan’s music, but on the America he sought to evoke.

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