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The Future of FrightKonamia€™s Silent Hill for instance, took survival horror down a deeply disturbing route inspired by psychological horror. The use of fog created a tense atmosphere and a sense of isolation for players too, but that wasna€™t the end of Silent Hilla€™s secrets: it was the charactera€™s journey between foggy Silent Hill to a€?evila€™ Silent Hill, which took the genre to a new place. Unfortunately, while sequels to Silent Hill and Resident Evil built upon its predecessors, the genre almost seemed to wallow rather than leap forward.
Silent Hill meanwhile introduced more hapless victims into the supernatural horror of the town, reflecting back the most troubled truths of their psyche in Silent Hill 2, which the iconic Pyramid Head.
Although survival horror was seemingly in the grip of a€?sequelitisa€™, there was the occasional smattering of originality to be had. Elsewhere, the Project Zero franchise introduced players to the notion of using photography to kill ghosts; using a camera obscurer and different qualities of film stock, players had to wait until the ghosts got close to them before taking the shot.
Perhaps inevitably it was the 2004 release of Resident Evil 4 that ultimately took survival horror (and the franchise) into a new direction, shifting it away from static cameras and even zombies, to deliver one of the best games to ever arrive on Nintendoa€™s GameCube. In recent years, survival horror has become increasingly diverse, from the attempted revival of Alone in the Dark and its use of fire, to the sci-fi stylings of Dead Space. In many ways Alan Wake marks a return to traditional survival horror gameplay, with a near-constant feeling of being chased, environmental puzzles (albeit fairly straightforward ones), and the contrasting levels of horror depending on the time of day a€“ not unlike Silent Hilla€™s disparate foggy and evil versions. Both the PS4 and Xbox One have been announced, the Wii U has been launched for almost a year now and the PS3 and Xbox 360 are drawing their lasts breaths. The survival-horror genre had a great 2014 thanks to videogames like Alien Isolation, The Evil Within and PT, the playable teaser for Silent Hills. First, let’s take a look at several games that are still worth checking out even if they did not break into our top five. For new games, you can expect Soma, a PC exclusive game from the developer behind Amnesia: The Dark Descent.
The second game from the Dead Island series should be releasing in the second quarter of 2015. Until Dawn, which is expected to launch in the summer for the PlayStation 4, can be preordered with this link. Resident Evil HD will be made available on the 20th of January as a digital release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.
While Resident Evil HD is going to please old school fans of the series, Resident Evil Revelations 2 should provide a happy medium between new and old school fanatics. The first episode of Resident Evil Revelations 2 launches on the 17th of February for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Vita and PC. After the success of Dead Island, Techland decided to create a new survival-horror intellectual property with Dying Light. Dying Light is due to launch on the 27th of January on the two current-gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) along with the PC. Find Dark Horror Games 2013 List with release dates and reviews of the best Survival Horror Video Games coming out in 2013 on PC, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Wii U, Android or Apple iOS platforms. Survival Horror Games are a lot more thriller, offering an increased adventure experience and mind engagement, in comparison to conventional RPG, Shooting or Action Adventure video games.
There is an array of Scary Games, but you need to get and test only the best of them for more exciting, better fun and value of money. The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.
Best Survival Horror Video Games of 2013The gaming experience that Horror Games 2012 did present is sure to be even better with best Survival Horror Video Games of 2013 especially with the release of some of the most exciting, fascinating and scary horror video games that are sure to scream a hell out of the screens. You're not going anywhere without her. AMY offers you a tense, innovative and immersive experience in survival horror gaming.

AMY takes place in December 2034 in the small town of Silver City (Midwest, USA) after a comet strikes, wreaking havoc on humanity and unleashing a deadly virus that has infected almost everyone. The world she once identified with seems to have been torn to Hell, and most of the people she knew have now become part of a wild horde. The presence of the titular Amy, a seemingly defenseless eight-year-old autistic girl who has curious powers, forces her to make choices that will affect both their lives.
AMY was developed by VectorCell studios under the supervision of Paul Cuisset - the French creator of legendary games such as Flashback and the series Moto Racers - and published by Lexis Numerique. The highly anticipated survival horror title AMY is available worldwide on Xbox® Live Arcade for 800 MS points. AMY is rated “M” (Mature) by the ESRB for Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Intense Violence and Strong Language.
Unlike its Capcom rival, Silent Hill was set in a small US town masked in fog, and used real-time 3D to build the game world. Whereas the foggy town was haunting and eerie, the rusting and sadistic evil version of the town that players sometimes stumbled into was far worse. The proliferation of zombies in Resident Evil 3 spread to the nearby Raccoon City, and introduced the terrifying Nemesis (the fundamental rule of the game being, if you heard a€?STARSa€? growling out of the speakers, run.
Like Nemesis, Pyramid Head has gone down as something which defines the series, though the downside of that is that recent titles too often rely on that fact. Eternal Darknessa€™ a€?sanity metera€? disorientated players with whispering voices, disjointed camera angles, and most disturbing of all, simulated game-breaking errors on screen whenever paranormal forces spotted the protagonist. Very often monochromatic, Project Zero cleverly used incidental colour (red for instance in the seriesa€™ second instalment) to create a haunting environment for players.
Not only was the location overhauled (this time set in Europe), but Resident Evil 4 reinvented the series as a whole by changing the perspective to an over-the-shoulder view.
Like the platforming genre years before, the gameplay of one survival horror game can be vastly different to another, blurring the line between other genres in the process. More than that, Remedy includes gameplay thata€™s very much in line with the studioa€™s heritage, with dream sequences and flashbacks expanding on the story in a way that plunges players deeper into the fiction a€“ and perhaps marking another stage in the evolution of the genre. Time for us to check out what systems still have horror games coming up and what will be your best choice while choosing your next generation console. This year is looking pretty good as well with a mix of releases that will appeal to all sort of gamers.
In terms of ports to current-gen consoles, two open-world massively-multiplayer survival-horror zombie games, Day Z and H1Z1, should be coming to the PlayStation 4 in 2015. Visual novel fans can also look forward to Corpse Party: Blood Drive, the third and final game from the creepy trilogy, for the Vita. This won’t be the case with Until Dawn as the story will branch off based on what action you decide to take. In 2002, Capcom decided to give the revolutionary game a full remake on the Gamecube, adding stunning visuals that still holds up well by today’s standards along with other new elements like the terrifying crimson heads. While the over-the-shoulder camera made famous by Resident Evil 4 is back, the second Revelations title also retains the creepy horror atmosphere found in the earlier games.
You can preorder the disc version, which includes all the episodes along with other extras, with this page on Amazon. While the game still takes place from the first-person perspective, you will have more mobility thanks to the newly added free running elements. It would be highly fare to sample some of the top horror games of 2013 that are sure to scare, grace and glued to your screens. Play two original characters who alone are desperately fragile, but united become a force capable of confronting the denizens of a living hell.

Players take on the role of Lana, who regains consciousness in the midst of all the mayhem. Lana feels the virus beginning to infect her and knows she must run as far as possible to escape the nightmare. 2010) through prestigious partners (Electronic Arts®, Ubisoft®, Disney Interactive®, …), Lexis Numerique is one of the biggest independent games design studios in Europe. Paul is an industry veteran whose recognition began with the games he created at Delphine Software, one of the largest French Studios in the 90’s. One of the standout features of the game was the use of static noise from a portable radio as a makeshift monster radar that indicated when a demon was close by. Locations mirrored between the two versions of Silent Hill, almost acting as a metaphor for the evil underneath the skin of the town. This was survival horror breaking the a€?fourth walla€™, and it proved there were still developers coming up with new ways to scare us witless.
So what are the top five of the best survival-horror games releasing in 2015 that you should be looking forward to buying? The excellent State of Decay is also being ported to the Xbox One with the Year One Survival Edition. As a result, the adventure game should not only be fun to play by yourself but at parties with your loved ones screaming at you during every crucial decision. In the HD remaster, the company is adding 5.1 surround sound, widescreen ratio along with a refined (but optional) control scheme. Not to mention that you will be able to play as Claire Redfield and Barry Burton for the first time in years. There is also a day-night cycle where enemies become more deadly and active when the sun goes down, which should add a whole other level of intensity. Lexis has been known for its innovative games (In Memoriam, aka Missing: Since January) and its kid games which have sold millions. Paul created mythic games such as Flashback and the Moto Racer series (5 million games sold worldwide).  A large part of the Flashback team is now working on Amy along with other veterans. Youa€™d get a warning that something was coming a€“ but never what it was or from where it would approach. The sequel is much bigger than the original in terms of play area, which is now set in California, in addition to increasing the amount of co-op players to eight. Supermassive Games, the developer even went as far as to cast some Hollywood actors like Hayden Panettiere to add to the B-movie slasher film authenticity.
Needless to say, Resident Evil HD is shaping up to be the definitive edition of the classic game. Add is the ability to team up with three other players and you should have an excellent game.
Lexis is currently developing NextGen games for a mature audience and is also dedicated to become a major publisher of top quality online games. The setting was now an entire city; the puzzles were spread over several stages and there were more zombies to kill a€“ but it was the same basic structure. With the engrossing combat being streamlined as well, Dead Island 2 looks like an excellent follow-up.

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