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Moving on to the next in the series of Best gardens around the world, we have Exbury Gardens which is located in England. Some people come down to Exbury Gardens to enjoy the steam railway, which is again one of the most visited places in the here. In different season you are bound to see many different varieties of flowers, plants and shrubs in the Exbury Gardens.
To be able to fulfill all requirements, one of the best  garden idea is to divide it in areas. Very important is the the area in which is socialized, which is table that meets the whole family. A swing, a slide, a tower in which to climb and through tunnels to the country whose knees gives children many ways to express themselves through play. However this can take place without the most expensive and most sophisticated objects or garden flowers. Regarding the flowers that should beautify the garden you should choose something that all the members like because sometimes flowers can cause some allergies, but also they should be arranged to look nice and hospitable.
The Exbury Gardens along with the steam railway is considered to be a magical place which will just attract your undivided attention for a while. Once you are here, you will just feel like you are in some paradise filled with many different colours of flowers, shrubs, and plants.
Two areas has been earmarked for picnic purpose, where you can come with your families and friends and enjoy the garden. All the plants and shrubs are taken special care so as to protect the look and feel of the gardens for the visitors. Quiet location, specially designed for relaxation and dreaming include disconnection and play areas.
Today we spotlight six exciting gardening ideas that will give your outdoor space a fresh, new look.

Counted in some of the top most beautiful and exuberant gardens in the world, it is situated in the New Forest National Park in England. In summers the gardens are in a very vibrant mood with grasses and shrubs covering a part of the garden.
Irrespective of whatever season you happen to come to the Exbury Gardens, you are sure to enjoy the sheer beauty of the garden and its serene environment. Young children feel better if their parents can be seen at the playground, and they in turn are having its little quieter around. From cutting-edge design to the latest in garden and patio furnishings, we’ve got you covered…Not much space outdoors?
You will be amazed to hear that it has a collection of over ten thousand varieties of flowering plants, which will hold your breath for a while, if you happen to visit the place in May-June when the flowering season is at its peak.
Due to this amazing interest, millions of tourists from around the world today, visit Exbury Gardens and enjoy it.
Don’t miss out such a beautiful place on the earth, if you happen to be in England for a while. In fact, some of today’s gardening tips can be incorporated into your indoor space, giving it a hint of fresh greenery and spring charm. Let the images below inspire you and even spark some new ideas of your own.Hang ItOur first gardening idea works well indoors as well as out. Imagine stepping outside and walking into a wonderland where it appears to be raining plants.
Perfect for indoors or out, they allow you to suspend plants in an upside-down, fashion, creating a truly unique display that can enhance your patio or screened-in porch.

In the contemporary San Francisco yard below, sections of gravel alternate with strips of grass, resulting in a crisp look that is truly unforgettable. And the layout cuts down on your mowing duties, as well! [from TRG Architects] Grass and gravel stripes in a modern yardThere are many ways to create stripes. In the Sydney, Australia yard below, we see a lined pathway in which stepping stones alternate with pebbles, grassy rounds border each rectangular stone, and a strip of green plants follows the path in a vertical fashion.
Reeds and silver falls dichondra rest in a pool of gravel, creating a display that is layered without seeming cluttered. [from Big Red Sun]Reeds, gravel and silver falls dichondra in a large garden planterMixing it up can also involve a mix of colors and textures. And we’re loving the subtle juxtaposition of plants in a variety of green hues in this yard designed by Big Red Sun.
Fill them with eclectic grasses, succulents and ground covers, but don’t forget that a planter containing one type of greenery can be as stunning as a planter filled with several.
Check out that low green grass! [from Big Red Sun]A modern rooftop gardenDecide on a look for your deck, then let your plant life follow suit.
Manicured grass, a potted dracaena and a window planter filled with tall grass nicely enhance the style of this outdoor space.
Below we see a bluestone-edged pool that serves as a focal point to a yard featuring grass, stepping stones and other concrete areas that add interest. Not to mention, a can of paint can jazz up tired and worn gardening pots that need some new life.

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