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2014 produced a diverse lineup of new gardening books, ranging from native plants to gardening in small spaces to Bible lessons geared for gardeners.
Whether there's a gardener on your holiday gift list or you're looking to bone up on your own dirty knowledge, 2014 produced a variety of interesting new garden books.
What it's about: Native-plant advocates can make gardeners feel guilty for planting an "exotic" rose or daylily. This book brings peace to the two extremes, pointing out the practical benefits of native plants (to humans and wildlife) while granting permission for non-natives to be part of an ecologically sound yard.
A good choice for: Neatnik gardeners who pooh-pooh native plants, native-plant fanatics who condemn rose-growers, and really anyone who's concerned about the plight of bees, butterflies and other pollinators.
What it's about: This is a full New International Version of the Bible with devotionals and essays planted throughout that offer insights that gardeners will readily understand. Written incredibly insightfully by a Texas housewife, the essays relate Bible teachings to the garden (i.e.
A good choice for: Christian gardeners or Bible students looking for down-to-Earth ways to understand the verses. What it's about: You might recognize Matt James as the host of the British "City Gardener" TV series that once ran on HGTV (back when the network actually had gardening shows). This book is a sort of hand-held version of the show – filled with creative ideas, examples, tips and instructive photos, whether it's adding a focal point to a city patio or building a rooftop meadow. Even if you're not locked into a postage-stamp lot, you'll no doubt find design inspiration (and maybe even a direct full-scale "borrow") in these pages.
A good choice for: Small-space gardeners or anyone looking for ideas on how to creatively plant garden rooms.
Each entry includes photos of the five plants, names specific varieties to buy (including alternates), shows how to arrange them, and gives a season-by-season rundown on how the garden will perform.
My favorite part is the "Digging Deeper" boxes in each design that help you think along with the why's and how's behind the projects.
A good choice for: Any beginning gardener but also homeowners who'd like to add some flower color but are pretty sure they'll mess it up without help.

The biggest benefit is that you'll likely end up saving money on products that don't do much of anything. A good choice for: Any gardener who leans toward research-based advice and especially those who get most of their gardening tips from neighbors, online forums or Jerry Baker books.
No matter how rich the internet is with gardening information, I still find the need for a core set of library books to refer to for all of those questions that come up while I’m working in the garden.
Along with books by Eliot Coleman, this one gave me the nudge to extend my vegetable growing year round. While I have found this book quite inspiring, I would have preferred to have a lot of the information presented in reference charts. That said, it gave me the boost to get started in year round growing plus ideas for new greens to grow, so I recommend it. I’m in southern Ontario, Canada (not the Maritime Northwest) but this book is still very useful for guidance on how to grow and protect veggies throughout the seasons. Once the bounty of the garden becomes delicious to you, the circle is complete and life is rather beautiful indeed.
If you want detailed instructions on how to get into seed saving and starting, this book has what you need.
This pretty and practical book walks you through, month by month, showing what you can be planting, doing, and eating from the garden. There is a wealth of new gardening books to inspire you this spring, each packed with pages of design and planting advice, projects and musings.
The Art of Making Gardens, Luciano Giubbilei (?45, Merrell)The designer describes his approach with reference to his work at Great Dixter, his Best in Show garden at RHS Chelsea 2014, and the roles of water, colour, texture and craftsmanship.
The Making of Place, John Dixon Hunt (?25, Reaktion Books)A tour of gardens around the world, revealing ways in which they reflect or reinvent society and express characteristics about global cultures throughout history.
365 Nature, Anna Carlile (?25, Hardie Grant)Reminding us of the calming, restorative effects of time spent at a slower pace in the great outdoors, this book is full of simple, season-based projects and activities for “making, doing, growing and cooking”.
RHS How to Plant a Garden, Matt James (?25, Mitchell Beazley).If your fingers are not quite as green as you would like, this guide will take you on a journey through the garden design process, from choosing a theme or style to unravelling the mysteries of picking the best plant species for your space.

Tallamy is chair of the University of Delaware's entomology and wildlife ecology department and author of 2007's "Bringing Nature Home," often considered the native plant bible.
After all, Cramm points out, one of the first things God did on Earth was design a garden, while Jesus often talked about mustard seeds, pruning grapevines and the like. A book of photos and examples of eye-grabbing garden designs and plant combinations, but more importantly, accompanied by discussions of exactly what makes them outstanding. A rundown on some of the best cool-climate plants for the shade along with how to design, plant and care for them. The nuts and bolts of success with perennial flowers along with 62 sample garden designs and 74 high-performing, low-care perennial plants. Once you taste cold weather salad greens fresh from the garden, there’s no returning to the store.
There’s lots of recipes and ideas in this book along with some garden plans, seasonal checklists, and growing tips. If you want a more accessible form of this information, you might prefer NIki Jabbour’s Year Round Vegetable Gardener. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Tales of rooftop oases and thriving living walls will inspire you to create your own mini meadow or blooming balcony.
You'll get a ton of them in this fun read from a Chicago radio host who writes a garden-humor column (i.e. A look at what's attracting younger folks to gardening along with basic, hands-on tips to get these fledglings off to a successful start.

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