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The first of their kind, genetically modified extra-muscular dogs are real -- and slightly terrifying.
Those huge, genetically modified, super animals you keep reading about in dystopian and science-fiction books are no longer a work of fiction.
For the first time in reported history, researchers in China have used a powerful gene editing tool to create a new breed of super-fast, extra-muscular dogs that will ominously be used for police and military operations.
Apparently, the scientists have created beagles with double amount of muscle mass by manipulating the animalsa€™ DNA and deleting a certain gene, the MIT Technology Review reported. The dogs, named Hercules and Tiangou, are currently kept at the Guangzhou General Pharmaceutical Research Institute in China. While the prospect of customized pets does not sound that awful, Liangxue claims his group has no plans to breed the super-dogs as pets. Those who are wondering how exactly the scientists managed to bulk up the beagles should take a calming breath because the canines didna€™t go through anything horrible. If that is inhibited, animals can gain significantly more muscle mass and become much stronger than usual. As it turns out, therea€™s a mutation that naturally occurs in whippetsa€™ myostatin genes that leads to the creation of double-muscled a€?bully whippets.a€? The gene was discovered in 1997.
Dogs arena€™t the only species prone to this anomaly a€“ it can also happen with humans, although ita€™s extremely rare.
Media That Matters - From the serious to the hilarious, we share stories that rise to the top. A girl falls through the ground and is found, hours later, in the palm of a giant, metal hand deep within the Earth that is not of human construction.
Seventeen years later, that girl is now a scientist in charge of a team studying these massive alien objects found buried around the globe.
Sleeping Giants is one of the most unexpected and enjoyable novels I’ve read in recent memory. The beauty of this novel is that it’s a Swiss Army Knife recommendation for me—if you like science fiction, you’ll love this novel. Before there were laptop computers and smartphones, before computing was done primarily by machines, the United States was sending brave men to space, with the eventual intention of landing on the moon. I will read any book about the American space program you put into my hands, so when I first heard about Rise of the Rocket Girls: The Women Who Propelled Us from Missiles to the Moon to Mars, I knew immediately it was a book I had to read. Holt tells a compelling story; she writes in a very readable narrative form, weaving a story that will draw readers in from the very first page. In order to research for Rise of the Rocket Girls, Holt conducted interviews with all of the living members of this group, and you can see their personalities bursting off the page. The Hopefuls was a hard read for me—a great read—but a difficult one because of my circumstances when I picked it up.

The culture of DC is hard to describe and baffling to most people who haven’t experienced it. I do accept books for review, but please take a look at my review policy before pitching me a book. Moreover, the researchers hope to create other modified dogs that mimic degenerative human diseases a€“ including muscular dystrophy and Parkinson's a€“ in an effort to understand the illness better. However, since his work is a breakthrough in editing animal genomes, others can soon create and sell mutant dogs with enhanced intelligence and no genetic illnesses.
There was no Captain America likening super-strength serum involved in the experimentation. The impacts of removing this gene have been well studied, and apparently, there arena€™t any known side-effects to it. Around 10 years ago, a child was reportedly born without the gene and had extra muscle and strength compared to an average baby.
Perhaps they will help scientists find a treatment for degenerative diseases in humans, thus proving to be a means of progress into the fields of science and health.
It’s told in interviews, in data files, in emails and discussions—a sort of fictional oral history, rather than traditional novel form.
Part of the reason I enjoyed this book so much is because I didn’t really know much about it going in.
While I know a lot about how NASA got us to the moon, I hadn’t heard of this group of lady human computers, and it was a gap in my knowledge I wanted to fill as soon as possible. And from the second she arrives, she hates everything about the city—the humidity, the political culture, the name dropping. The optimism and hope, the earnest belief in public service, mixed with a grating culture of name dropping, games of who-do-you-know, and the stories you hear over and over and over again from the same people. She likes not thinking about small-town Trumbull, PA, the hometown she left without looking back.
Towards the conclusion of the novel, it felt as if there was one turn too many, but I appreciated how Carlisle fit all the pieces together by the end.
I needed something that would capture my attention, fire my imagination, and keep me riveted from beginning to end, and it was perfect for that. In fact,  scientists only injected a chemical agent into dogsa€™ embryos to destroy a gene called myostatin that occurs naturally,and is known to restrain muscle growth. It makes it a lot easier to read and digest than if it were presented in a regular narrative. I was surprised, delighted, and shocked at every twist and turn of events, and I couldn’t put the book down because the narrative tension was so thick. If you like mysteries, you’ll like this, but if you prefer to stay away from them, you’ll still like this.

A story that isn’t as well known is the women behind these endeavors, who worked as human computers, to help NASA achieve its mission of a moon landing.
We get to learn about their skills, their capabilities, their hopes and dreams, what they gave up in order to do this job, but also what they achieved. As she tries to make a home for herself in DC, Matt finds himself increasingly unsatisfied with his job.
The atmosphere of this novel is also very well written; dark, gritty, and ominous, she nailed the vibe of a decaying small town. I loved the small-town world that Carlisle built, and I’m hoping the author will choose to revisit it in sequels. I’ll try it—and came up for breath, hours later, having read the entire novel in one sitting.
It also brings you much closer to the characters because you’re hearing the story in their own words.
It can’t be defined or described with just one genre; at its core, it’s just a good, well-written, suspenseful story, and one that I can’t recommend highly enough.
The two connect with a Washington, DC, couple on the rise, but the jealousy and professional intrigue may end up tearing Matt and Beth apart for good. And then I read this novel, that pinpointed so many of the things I don’t like about DC in such a smart, witty way.
They remember the strangeness, feeling like an outsider, not sure of the social norms in this entirely new world. Close develops her characters in such an interesting way—Beth is the only fully developed character in the novel, but that’s on purpose. But you can’t help but root for Beth, to hope that she finds belonging in her marriage, and in the city she wants to call home.
It’s so well done and gripping, and readers will be captivated by the mysteries presented within the book. It should be considered a must-read book for anyone interested in the history of the American space program.
It felt like my last, frayed nerve endings being stomped upon, but it was incredibly worth it. Gin seems to be a success in every aspect of her life, but her problem is that she doesn’t let people in.

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