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In 2009, the Academy expanded the number of Best Picture Oscar nominees from five to ten, in order to make room for big-budget, big-studio movies that were being shut out by limited-release movies and foreign films. Richard Brody began writing for The New Yorker in 1999, and has contributed articles about the directors Francois Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard, and Samuel Fuller.
And the couple are particularly keen to snap up a property near to the world famous Louvre museum. The pair kept their blossoming romance hidden from the public until February this year when they were spotted locking lips at the BRIT Awards after St. They split briefly two months later after their globe-trotting career drove a wedge between them but, by June, they were back together and have been smitten ever since. News of the wedding may come as a surprise as it has been speculated for some time that the couple actually tied the knot some time ago.

Vincent, who was born and raised in America, was nominated for Best International Female at the London ceremony.
Whatever their merits, most of the Best Picture nominees are the result of directorial obstinacy, tenacity, and idiosyncrasy, even (as in the case of Clint Eastwood) sheer orneriness. For all the handwringing about the decline of the midrange (which is to say, studio) drama, drama is doing very well, showing audacity and distinctiveness in an age of independent productions. This category would also keep the slate clear for films and performances of vigorous originality.
The best news is that Wes Anderson, from his new perch on the outside of the industry, dining with a long spoon, has an immaculately set place at the table. The Best Picture nomination—along with the eight other nominations (including Best Director and Best Original Screenplay) that his “Grand Budapest Hotel” received—is all the more remarkable, given that the film opened here in early March, on the dark side of the cinematic year.

I figured that David Oyelowo was a well-deserved lock for a Best Actor nomination, that Ava DuVernay would be nominated for Best Director, and that the movie would also be nominated for its screenplay—but in that category, there’s a rub. The very fact of pulling off “Boyhood” deserves praise, but the movie’s absurd sentimentalization of childhood and adolescence, its vision of a boy and teen without a spark of ferocity, without an evil thought, without energies to tame or impulses to master—without any wildness at heart—could satisfy the old studio system. Linklater’s version of the best little boy in the world will, I think, win the Oscar.

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