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13.11.2014 admin
If you are looking for texture pack that keeps the look and feel of Vanilla Minecraft while making those same textures a lot more detailed, be sure to check this out!
Pros: Takes the idea of standard Minecraft and adds a lot more detail with the much higher resolutions! It has a similar story as the also extremely popular Dokucraft Pack, in that it was very well-received by the community, so much that when the creator stopped working on it, the community took over and kept developing and updating the pack.
The pack itself is really incredible and well-made, it has a RPG and medieval theme, and it looks great, it is very reminiscent of old-school games in a good way, and the style really fits Minecraft well.

This pack is also regularly updated, which means that it usually up to date with the newest version of Minecraft, making it all that much better.
All in all, John Smith Legacy is probably one of the best resource packs the Minecraft community has to offer, as it really looks awesome, but check out the screenshots and try it out in-game to judge for yourself, you probably won’t be disappointed! This popularity is due to the amazing look and awesome detail of this RPG-themed resource pack, that despite its 32×32 resolution, still looks incredible due to the distinct style of the pack.
If you are familiar with DokuCraft, it is similar to that look, but this pack has its own distinct look in spite of the similarities.

All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. The whole mood and the atmosphere of the game is changed with this pack, to the better in the opinion of many, if you are to look at this packs success.

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