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Fisher-Price® Medical Kit is a doctor kit from Fisher-Price® with which children can play with different doctor’s equipments and pretend to be a doctor. In the last few articles we have seen why pretend play is important for children and some concerns which parents have on pretend play. Fisher-Price® Medical Kit allows the children to pretend to be a doctor and develop their own imagination while imitating doctor’s profession. This educational game also helps to keep the imagination of children within the well-defined boundaries of a doctor’s profession.
With the stethoscope which is included in Fisher-Price® Medical Kit, children can hear the heart beat when they try listening through the stethoscope. The Blood Pressure cuff which is included with this educational game is big enough to be properly wrapped around grown up people’s arm. But you might have to put on some more velcro on it so that it can fit properly on arms of small children also.
The Syringe is spring-loaded so that your child does not hurt anyone by accident and also gives the children a feeling of injecting a real injection to their patients.

The bandage which comes with Fisher-Price® Medical Kit is obviously not real and is bracelet style so that it is easy to put on. Fisher-Price® Medical Kit also comes with a soft bag which can be used to store all the items included in this educational game. But however even without the Lab Coat, Fisher-Price® Medical Kit does a pretty good job of stimulating a child’s brain. We don’t think this disadvantage of the soft bag is a big concern on the game play but it can become a bit difficult to travel with this game. Interestingly some parents use Fisher-Price® Medical Kit to educate their child on the different equipments that a doctor uses so that their fear of going to a real doctor decreases.
Fisher-Price® Medical Kit is a useful educational game to develop your child’s imagination. The blood pressure cuff does not fit on small children’s arm if you do not add extra velcro to it. If you are considering a startup doctor kit for your child then Fisher-Price® Medical Kit is a good option to buy especially because it comes from a trusted brand like Fisher-Price® which makes good quality plastic products.

Basic Electronics Tutorial for Children and AdultsI had been searching for a basic electronics tutorial for a long time. Though it accommodates all the items inside it, it just has a small piece of velcro to close the bag. You can put it to good use by having your child come up with different ideas to imitate the doctor. The same professional grade medical supplies that are used by EMS and first responder teams nation wide.
It has been designed as an all-purpose first aid solution and is good for the home, outdoor use and the car.

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