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I have done mba finance and graduation in accounts hons , Please suggest me the papers for me of net .
In our opinion you should appear in Management Sciences, its syllabus covers all of what you have studied.
I have done mba in finance and graduation in accounts hons please suggest me the paper of net exam.
I have passed MBA marketing with 1st class and is planning to do Phd in consumer behaviour. Kindly advice the best book I can count upon for the same and the procedure to enrolling into the program. Can you Please just let us know, what exactly one should go through properly while appearing in the exam.. I have done mba (Marketing) and graduation in science(Mpc) please suggest me the paper of net exam.

Sir,I am doing Post Graduate Diploma in marketing management one year diploma course in IGNOU in distance mode,please suggest me which course or paper I need to take to write UGC-NET Exam. Considering the fact that each lady does her best to sparkle on het r big day we represent the best elegant hairstyle for all brides.
List Of South African Slang Words - Wikipedia, The Free - List of South African slang words Afrikanerisms. Top 100 Most Beautiful British Slang Words And Phrases - I’m British and I’m young, and I use loads of these words on a or higher class people saying it. Old Folks May Hate The Way Young People Use Slang, But Who - Old Folks May Hate the Way Young People Use Slang, these words are just misuses of existing words.
Money Slang History, Words, Expressions And Money Slang - (The slang term coppers derives from pre-decimalisation days when pennies and ha'pennies of money slang words below.
Top Ten Dumbest Slang Words - TheTopTens® - Top Ten Dumbest Slang Words that a lot of these idiotic words and intentional everyone sounds stupid saying it but I don't know y people still .

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