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Firearms General Discussion Rifles, pistols, shotguns, scopes, grips and everything in between. I'm not talking about the Special Forces, or what the troops would be able to use once they are able to use something else.
If I were in A-Stan, I'd want a semi-auto .308 with a 20 round box mag and a good scope setup. We don't really get a choice with standard issue stuff, so soldiers work with what is issued. So I was watching some old world war 2 movies and it got me wondering, would a good bolt action rifle with iron sights be a good prepping gun? If you are concerned with legality - in most places only the .243 is legal for deer pre-apoc.
Basically the Democrats, under the control of Ted Kennedy and Jimmie Carter, slashed all the budgets dealing with national security, military forces, the Civil Defense Program and so on. Because of all these reductions and stuff, higher ups in the military began to push our science geeks to come up with new gear to augment or supplement the weakness in our manpower.
At that time, if the balloon had popped, the battlefield in those days would have been a lot different than most people would have thought it would have been.
So the priority had changed after Viet Nam from Asia as the primary concern to going back to Europe as the main headache.
One of the leaders who helped to design some of the new inventions that our military forces are using was a man named General Wayne Downing.
In one of my old units, we used to practice rifle marksmanship using .22 adapters in our M-16 rifles in our indoor rifle range. So, Lone Star, tell us about your days as a combat potato peeler on a submarine or whatever you did.
I spent 2 years in the guard in an Air Defense Artillery unit using the venerable M-42 Duster.
I am A Graduate of New Mexico Military Institute where I studied Military Tactics and a Graduate of the Air War College. The concept of what most consider a main battle rifle is based on an army's needs, not an individual or small group's.
The bolt gun is a viable weapon against modern military forces with modern select-fire rifles and can be employed with devastating effects when used appropriately.
For instance your details dont fit the context of the conversation regarding NATO infantry weapons in current use. Urban Survival Tip #2: You have read in many gun magazines about the importance of the three gun battery for home defense. Casting is one of the two major ways to make your own bullets.A The other is swaging and that requires different tools and methods. Casting is essentially melting lead or a lead mixture and pouring it in a mold through the bottom of the pot.
A company who has been around for many years and produces everything necessary for reloading and bullet casting is Lyman.
There are many other companies that produce molds and some are custom jobs and the price will reflect that. Lee lube and sizing kits are available in many diameters for properly sizing cast bullets..
There are several types of lube available for different applications related to bullet casting.
You can also buy alloyed metal from various suppliers but again ita€™s expensive and for general plinking ita€™s not necessary. When I cast bullets, I use at least three different molds and rotate them to avoid overheating.
Bullet casting might be better then swaging for the beginner as you can start fairly cheaply.
As you progress you will pick up more molds and sophisticated equipment though you dona€™t need some of the stuff right away. One thing that is important is to be sure you flare the case mouth prior to seating a cast bullet. Keep in mind that cast bullets and black powder guns just about killed all the bison by the 1880a€™s. Someone might wonder why large caliber cast bullets are so effective in spite of their pedestrian velocities? Since they are traveling relatively slow, they dona€™t upset or come apart as a high velocity bullet might.
There is a lot of options when casting rifle bullets and at this time I am doing a project involving several rifles and Trail Boss powder. There are some bullets that are made for higher velocities when hunting large and dangerous game.
The gas check protects the base of the bullet from the hot gases that burning powder produces. Cowboy shooters by their rules have to use cast bullets at black powder velocities and I dona€™t think that they feel handicapped in any way.
About Bob Shell A Custom Reloader of Obsolete and Antique Ammo, Bob Shell, writes about the subject of Guns, Ammo, Shooting and Related Subjects. That said, I was on top of our building during the LA riots with scoped bolt guns, pump shotgun, pistols and a lever action.
Plenty of SDMs in my brigade wanted a bolt action .308 but were issued M16A4s and told to like it.

Mil sup ones are cheap and the ammo is cheap for proven man-killers that work in harsh conditions. Each person is different, but I prefer irons to scopes - I can get my sight picture faster and shoot more naturally with irons.
Hunting or defense, you want to see your target first and you want that supersonic round to be felt before it is heard. It's apparent that even though you might have served, and I'm giving you reasonable doubt for serving, you did not keep up with what happened after Viet Nam. For guys like Lone Star, the low intelligence voter type, RIF= Reduction In Force or a large reduction in manpower.
Training became more important in my units as we hade time and little money to do much else. Most of my service was under Reagan.This was why when the hostages got taken in Iran our side was operating in the blind. In those days there would have been a lot of wires crisscrossing the battlefields because the most powerful missiles were pretty much all wire guided like the TOW missiles and so on. By about 1983, after some more reductions and stuff, even more emphasis was placed on getting more use from less people.
Downing was one of the people who came up with the idea that we needed smarter and better people who could basically had options. There will always be a requirement for boots on the ground to phisically occupy territory they may get there on a M113, Bradley or Stryker but they dismount and do the same grunt work soldiers have always done since the invention of firearms.
This is why almost all of our military units had their vehicle numbers increased after Germany re-united: because the time was right for us to make all of our units mechanized or armored.
I spent 8 Years, as an Officer, in the US Air Force as an Air Weapons Controller and Air Surveilance Officer in E-3As. Armies want large volumes of rounds sent down range because that greatly increases chances of victory against another army. There are bolt action rifles that take magazines, stripper clips, and are quick to operate. The tools need for casting is a pot preferably an electric as it is easier to regulate but a cast iron type on a stove will work. One company that offers a complete line of molding equipment is Lee.A I have some of their products and am generally satisfied with them. Like all other facets of reloading there is a vast supply of equipment and supplies and we never have had it so good.
Badly overheated molds will produce a frost on the bullets and the bases might look odd especially if you dona€™t let them cool enough before knocking off the sprue.
Cast bullets work well on small critters without destroying a lot of meat and you get some extra practice time with your deer rifle. There are some military rifle matches that require cast bullets and military guns of the day.
We were comfortable with what we had but it was at that time that I wished I also had an AR. Just because the government makes a choice for a rifle, it doesn't mean it's the best choice. The RIF primarily affected the active forces but also hit the reserves and national guard units to a smaller degree as well. In the mid-1970s, a group of WW2 Panzer tankers were tested against a group of modern day Cobra gunships. There would have been all sorts of unexploded ordinance from artillery shells and bombs used to deliberately mine approaches to our lines. What this meant, Lone Star, was that more trust had to be extended down to the lower ranks. The idea that american troops (who are not draftees) are stupid or that today's soldier is smarter than the WWII soldier or that tactics for the foot soldier or dismounted infantryman has changed measurably in the past 120 years is truly laughable. And, to offset possible enemy vehicles, our infantrymen need to be able to knock out their vehicles as soon as they spot them.
So we did train on shooting our rifles but it was done in-house and secondary to getting our troops to think, move tactically and so on. If you don't plan to attempt a futile toe-to-toe battle with a military, a bolt gun is a fine option for nearly every situation.
While there are M-240's that are 7.62 they are vehicle or tripod mounted and there fore not the SAW carried in infantry squads moving on foot.
A When you drop the cast bullets out of the mold have a cloth to catch them to avoid dents, as they are a bit soft until they cool completely.
Bullet casting low velocity rifle bullets will save you a lot of money and can be used for general target practice.
The other thing is they are large calibers so they put a big hole into something in spite of little or no expansion and they generally penetrate very deep which enables them to contact and destroy more tissue and organs. I have found that most military rifles such as the 30-40 Krag, 303 British, and the 8 X 57 among others take to cast bullets like a duck to water. It is easier to push down a barrel especially one that has been shot a few times and is more accurate as it tends to grip the rifling better. If you have a good source of casting metal raw material then you can make ammo for almost nothing except your time. Now we had a crisis and the Democrat president stood around with his thumb stuck up his rear end not able to do anything. The idea behind these academies was to teach the upcoming sergeants and NCOs the new concepts that they needed to help increase their survival chances in combat.

That meant that our military forces needed more intelligent or better educated people than they had been recruiting.
Since the day doctrine changed from maneuvering en mass units on a well defined field of battle following Napoleonic style tactics tactics have changed little.
Pure lead is desirable for muzzle loading projectiles both for accuracy and ease of seating.
You can drop them directly into water from the mold and that will harden them to an extent if thata€™s important to you. With the price of components going through the roof casting is a viable option for any shooter. I have also shot some small game with them and they are effective without destroying a lot of meat. Many molds are set up to install a gas check and both Hornady and Lyman make them in various calibers. You can load a cast bullet down to 600 fps or even a little less but doing that with a jacketed bullet is dicey at best.
For the record I recently completed a test on the new Winchester model 70 in 7 mm-08 and it shot two types of cast bullets quite well.
Space prohibits me from going into a lot of detail but perhaps at a later date we can go into rifle bullets and muzzloading projectiles. That's why the recruiters were banned from recruiting people who did not have their high school diplomas or at least a GED. Any water dropped into a lead pot of melted lead will result in a shower of hot mix going all over the place including you. Since you use less powder, they are easier on the ears and pocketbook as powder cost more than the best steak Lb.
His buddy also shot a grizzly with a 45-70 loaded with a 400 grain LBT bullet and like the other bear one shot did it. The military guns made from the 1860a€™s to the 1880a€™s use large caliber lead bullets and they work quite well. 5 tanks) the Cobras lost 1 helicopter while all 5 of the tanks would have been knocked out.
I got to go through the SNCO academy, while in a national guard infantry unit, before I ended up getting out and ending my military service.
In modern time, Lone Star, most modern military forces either use tanks, armored vehicles or trucks to support, carry or deliver their troops into combat.
A good friend of mine shot a bison weighing about a ton with one shot from a 45-120 with a 520 grain bullet launched at 1600 fps. If you are unfortunate enough to step in front of one even today you are in for a world of hurt. For example, for the 30-06 I use cases from WW ll and for cast ammo and blanks they are perfect.
A Colt can cost you over $1,000, but if you really want this design, you can purchase one built by other manufacturers for much less.
This test was based off of the idea of the Cobras all having the new TOW anti-tank missiles.
They are messy to work with as you have to melt off the clips and flux it but if the price is right who cares. In addition, since they operate at lower pressures you can use older cases and it easier on the gun. They typically run from 40 to 50 caliber, weigh from 3 to 500 grains and are launched from about 12 to 1500 FPS.
With 4.5 grains of 231 I obtained accuracy that will equal any jacketed bullet on the market. The unit I was in came very close to being activated, taken away from its parent battalion and turned into a Ranger company. After all, being a potato peeler on a submarine really isn't a career you list on a resume, right, Lone Star?
If you have been eating canned beans and corn meal every day for two weeks, an opossum, Rabbit, ground hog, or racoon will be a fine addition to your meal. You can harden it with a little tin which can be bought from various suppliers but it might not be cheap or necessary.
I also make it into other calibers such as the 7.7 Jap and the 8 X 57 Mauser instead of using new brass.
For the type of shooting I was doing, it gave a perfect combination between accuracy, velocity, and controllability. It was at that time higher ups decided that all reserve and national guard personnel would meet the same exact standards as active duty military personnel. Those conversions are not safe to shoot with full power loads but a 140 grain cast ahead of 5 grains of Red Dot is perfectly safe to shoot in this firearm. That way the strain of going into combat would be spread out over the entire system and not across one part.

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