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With Amazon Prime Day being today, we thought it would be a perfect time to poll some of our favorite influencers to see what their top summer book picks are. On a side note…The Shopping Mama is sharing their favorite deals all day on Facebook and Twitter, so make sure you head over there for some great recommendations! And here are some bonus picks from my friends in my favorite NYC moms group…because you can never have too many book recommendations!
Audio books are a mom’s best friend, a constant companion for carpool and running errands.
The Forgotten Room by New York Times bestselling authors Karen White, Beatriz Williams, and Lauren Willig is a historical fiction gem.
Remembrance: A Mediator Novel by #1 New York Times bestselling author Meg Cabot is the long-awaited seventh book in the fan favorite Mediator series. My Name is Lucy Barton by Pulitzer Prize-Winning author Elizabeth Strout is a truly unforgettable story about a mother and daughter’s relationship.
The Newsmakers by New York Times bestselling author Lis Wiehl with Sebastian Stuart is a fast-paced suspense novel set in the heart New York City. The Swans of Fifth Avenue: A Novel by New York Times bestselling author Melanie Benjamin depicts the scandalous relationship between literary giant Truman Capote and socialite Babe Paley.
KateBayless on Learn How to Live your Best Life with the Belong Tour { Sounds like an amazing event!
Susan Pertierra on Best Back to School Trends & a Giveaway { I start at the beginning of summer looking for bargains for standard items and then during no tax week shop for clothes, etc. In this particular week in late August of 2010, the top two bestselling non-fiction works are two different paperback versions of the same book, Eat, Pray, Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert (Penguin), an incredible phenomenon that has sold well over 5 million copies since it was published in February, 2006. Now let’s turn to the business category where there are very few books turned into movies (quick quiz: can you think of any business book that became a good movie?
What did it take to make it on the top 50 business bestseller list that publishers are so focused on? In the last week of August, a period that used to be the kiss of death for business publishing (because the whole publishing world was on vacation), the 50th bestselling business book sold almost 850 copies. As former Vice President and Publisher of McGraw-Hill's trade business books division, Jeffrey Krames has personally edited and published more than 275 business books, including many award-winning, best-selling titles on business luminaries that include Jack Welch, Michael Ovitz, Ross Perot, William Paley, Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Herb Kelleher and Lou Gerstner among others. David Louis Edelman, a writer and web programmer, is the author of the Jump 225 trilogy (Infoquake, MultiReal and Geosynchron).
It’s worth reminding folks that the book comes out in late February, 2010 (but is already available for pre-order at all of your favorite book shopping venues). Were you (or your literary agents) in any way influenced when choosing the title, by William Gibsons latest work that features Geo Syncronisation as a term and practice of 3d artwork with refernce to Geo location?
Trapdoor Travel: Eleven-year-old Coraline pries open a portal and crawls into a parallel universe filled with fantasies and nightmares. Home Rules: Mike Gerzevitz, assistant cameraman, takes a measure on Coraline and her friend Wybie between shots.
Into The Woods: Coraline crosses a snowy forest, with an assist from animator Chris Tootell. Henry Selick talks to The New York Times about how color and perspective drove his visualization of Coraline's two different worlds. See more striking on-set shots in The Making of Coraline, part of the Los Angeles Times' "Hollywood Backlot" series.
One of the earliest surviving stop-motion movies is The Enchanted Drawing, made in 1900 by British animation pioneer J.
Fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas or Wallace and Gromit know that stop-motion animation has evolved considerably since the days of the TV Christmas classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.
The Fringe Hours…Steering away from fiction for a moment, we also love this book from Jessica Turner which gives busy moms the tools they need to find more time in their day to do things they enjoy like reading.
The Language of Flowers…Whitney Wingerd of Mommies with Style recommends you give this intense novel about a woman who spent her childhood in the foster care system and confront her past in order to find happiness a try!

I Let You Go…Speaking of thrillers with lots of twists, this is a blockbuster must read! The Light Between Oceans…When I hear that a book is being made into a movie typically that means the book is worthy reading. Listening to the latest book releases is an easy way for moms to stay connected with the literary world.
The story takes place in a certain room in a New York City mansion spanning three time periods. Lucy Barton is slowly recovering from an operation when her estranged mother comes to see her.
Erica Sparks leaves her eight-year-old daughter in the care of her ex-husband in order to follow her dream as a reporter at the Global News Network.On her first assignment, she witnesses a terrible tragedy which catapults her career to the forefront.
Celebrated and adored for her beauty and style, Babe along with her socialite swans- Slim Keith, C.Z.
However, sales of the two editions of the book had fallen by almost half, to about 73,000 units (a dramatic fall-off that we see more often with movies than books).
Art, of course, by the peerless Stephan Martiniere, cover design by Prometheus’ Jacqueline Cooke, back cover copy by Yours Truly. After reading this question over I feel I must add that I?m not accusing you or your literary agents of anything, just curious about influences. What better way to chill than with a juicy read? Since I know many of you are probably putting in an Amazon order today to take advantage of those amazing deals, why not add a few new books to your shopping cart? This fascinating reimagining of New York City’s high society women in the 1950’s and their relationship with Truman Capote will not disappoint! Everyone we know seems to be reading this book that’s equal parts razon sharp wit and . If you’ve always wondered if you could make being both an entrepreneur and parent work wonder now more…You can and Mom Boss can show you how!
By clicking and shopping, you help support Momtrends and allow us to keep reporting on trends. My personal faves run the gamut for I like to read women’s fiction, romance, mysteries, and historical fiction. The two begin to connect while chatting about childhood friends and family which leads to a deeper conversation concerning painful aspects from Lucy’s past.
Guest, Gloria Guinness, and Pamela Churchill- is the heart of Manhattan’s elite with her glamour and jewels.
Since my specialty is business books, I will devote much of this blog posting to that subject. In August of 2010, a movie version of the book was released starring Julia Roberts, which put the book back in the epicenter of the publishing world once again (there is even a preview of the movie that you can watch on the Amazon site). On this particular week in August, the bestselling book of the week more than doubled the second bestseller. On the business book front, StrengthsFinder 2.0 kept its #1 status and actually increased in sales, to almost 10,000 copies, a nice 10 percent pop from the previous week.
First published in 1990, it is one of my favorite business books of all time, selling many hundreds of thousands of copies before it was turned into an engaging, fast-paced HBO movie starring James Garner in 1993.
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It’s a great reminder that our choices have consequences and sometimes they change the lives of someone others! Olive’s daughter, Lucy, is an independent, young woman working as a secretary in 1920 looking for answers about her family. Soon tensions unleash surrounding Lucy’s departure from her troubled family, her marriage, her love for her kids, and her dream of becoming a writer.

However, I will also give you a more macro-view by comparing business to the larger non-fiction bookshelf. The #1 book, which has topped this list many times since it was published in early 2007, is StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath (Gallup Press).
There are various online options to download or purchase talking books, but I have found the public library to be the best source. But when Suze accepts a  job as a guidance counselor at her alma mater, vengeful spirits along with her scheming ex-boyfriend show up hoping to spoil her wedded bliss.
Ultimately, he causes unforeseen trouble through his elaborate storytelling that she never would imagined.
On this particular week, this fabulous book sold just over 9,000 copies, and just under 300,000 for all of 2010 (to date). Those that still have their jobs are searching for books that can make them more effective at work.
Scholars have pointed out that Selick's use of mass puppets and his fantastical films seem to place him in Ptushko's lineage. So, go ahead and check with your local branch online or in person today and reserve a few of my recommended audio picks. All three of these women live in the Pratt mansion at different times, and each struggle with issues of the heart. The title character, aged 11, lives in a gloomy old house with preoccupied parents who've just started a gardening-catalog business.
Of course, and I will cover this in a future posting, it’s the velocity of sales that ultimately determines whether a book makes it on to a bestseller list or not. She discovers a passage leading someplace terribly familiar a€” a house just like hers, complete with a sweet, doting woman who looks almost exactly like her mother, and who has plenty of time to make her favorite meals and buy her beautiful clothes. This 1989 short shows William Shakespeare "auditioning" for a bored theatrical director by silently running through his plays in pantomime, using only a stuffed mannequin as a partner. She had perfect pitch, and an ability to read any piece of music handed to her, no matter how difficult. The story later came out in the press, when Kerr herself credited Nixon's work in an interview. In The Sound of Music, she plays Sister Sophia, one of the nuns singing "How Do You Solve a Problem like Maria?" Nixon never became as famous as the actresses she worked with. With the help of 30 animators, Selick produced about two minutes of finished footage a week over the course of almost two years. But she is hoping her new book will set the record straight about her very recognizable voice. Although that facial split was later digitally erased, Selick says, similar computer-driven manipulations were kept to an absolute minimum. Selick says we're used to 3-D effects punching us in the face; for Coraline, he wanted the effect to be lovely and immersive.
And 3-D sort of fit the bill." So when Coraline visits her parents' garden on the other side of the passageway, she discovers a lush 3-D spectacle of glowing flowers rustling in the breeze, fountains sparkling in the moonlight and contraptions flying through a starry sky. It's all stop-motion a€” though it might as well be CGI, it's gotten so smooth and perfect.

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