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Between the Lines, subtitled an "Expert Level Coloring Book," is impossible to color properly with crayons. Illustrated by Peter Deligdisch, the book contains a variety of artwork, from pieces that look like some kind of Polynesian tribal design to a mess of junk metal hanging off a ceiling to ornate decorations that belong up a castle's walls.
The book contains 22 different artworks, all hand-drawn and selected to provide a diverse coloring experience. Literary quotes of famous authors such as Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allan Poe, Ernest Hemingway, Jane Austen, … illustrated by New York-based graphic designer Evan Robertson for a poster series. Similar Topic: Buy graphic art prints and illustrations of the WE AND THE COLOR Poster Collection. Following the success of Between the Lines, Jodi Picoult and her daughter and co-writer, Samantha van Leer, have teamed up for their second young-adult (YA) novel, Off The Page. Sixteen-year-old Delilah is finally united with Oliver—a prince literally taken from the pages of a fairy tale. I was daydreaming in French class (I know, I should have been focusing…) when I started to wonder what happens when a book is closed. But we had far more fun creating the modern-day sections, where Oliver gets to be himself and where Delilah gets to crush on him. When Sammy called me on book tour two years ago with her idea, I thought it was a great one. Collaborating with another person may sound challenging -- two minds and conflicting ideas -- but the truth is writing Between the Lines was one of the best experiences I will ever have.
When there is “suddenly a blinding light, and our sky cracks open along a seam”, what is happening? When Delilah closes the book, then re-opens it to page 43, she is crushed to see Oliver is gone. What does Oliver have to do for Rapscullio to get him to paint Delilah’s room on the magic easel? How does Seraphima’s inability to tell the difference between real life and the story add humor to the book?
How does Delilah’s mom react when Delilah calls her at Jessamyn West’s insistence? Sammy: When it came to editing, we were again sitting at the computer together, going through the editorial letter to figure out what needed to be fixed. Jodi: Sammy reads a lot of YA stuff but sometimes comes to me for suggestions for adult literature.
Did you have beta-readers for BTL, or did the draft go directly from you to your agent and editors? Sammy: My favorite singers are Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, Jason Mraz, and Jack Johnson. Sammy: A few of the characters are named after my pets, but otherwise there’s no relation!
Sammy: I do contemporary dance, play softball, act in musicals, and volunteer weekly at a homeless shelter. Sammy: I have a long list of Miley Cyrus songs from when I was in middle school that I cannot figure out how to delete from my iPod, but I am proud to say I do not own a single Justin Bieber song. Jodi, some people love the smell of baking, others crave lavender… what’s your favorite scent?
Jodi: I do, but I also believe you can fall in love at first sight several times in your life. Sammy and I thought it might be fun to interview each other about BETWEEN THE LINES, the book we cowrote. Jodi: I’m Jodi Picoult, and this is my daughter Sammy, and we co-wrote the book BETWEEN THE LINES! Jodi: How did you come up with the idea for this book, and what did you do once you had come up with it? Jodi: If you had to be marooned on a deserted island with 2 characters from this book, which ones would you pick, and why? Sammy: Yeah, it kind of connects to what you were saying about how not everybody can be a writer, although everyone can write. Sammy: What was it like to spend years writing alone and then having to write with another person? Jodi: It was cool to be able to write towards that moment because we knew exactly what was coming. Jodi: Yeah, especially when you described that visual imagery -- seeing things like a movie.
Sammy One last question: If you were to write a theme song to your life, how would that go?
She’s pretty, I suppose, with her silver hair and eyes the color of bluebells in the meadow near the castle. As if he’s conjured it, there is suddenly a blinding light, and our sky cracks open along a seam.
We created a list of 20 inspirational quotes found in children's books (great for boths kids and adults!). Regardless of the theme, each illustration is filled with a ridiculous amount of detail, making the job of laying down color feel like solving a complicated maze. Difficulty for each piece will likely vary depending on your preference and approach, although we're almost certain you'll pull your hair out at some point with any one of them. I will probably throw it across the room in frustration occasionally, but i still want to buy it. A teenage bookworm discovers that the fairytale prince in her favorite book is very much alive — and wants her help escaping his literary existence. Of my three children, Sammy has always been the one with an imagination that is unparalleled. What if the act of reading was just these characters performing a play, over and over…but those characters still had dreams, hopes, wishes, and aspirations beyond the roles they acted out on a daily basis for the reader? Sammy immediately named the prince after our dog, Oliver; and his committed teenager reader became Delilah, after one of our miniature donkeys.
What would happen if a character manifested itself in the real world – would he be like Flat Stanley?
Sammy and I took two years to write this book because I insisted that we be sitting together at the computer, taking turns typing, and literally speaking every sentence out loud. It was toward the end of the school year, and I was in one of my last remaining eighth grade French classes. When she called to see how school had gone, I told her that I’d had an idea for a story. It’s important to say that I would have never had the chance to do any of this if not for my mom.
How do these items help Oliver later, making them “treasures” when he needs them most?
There was a lot of brainstorming involved in the editing process since we had to add characters and change existing ones, and if we changed one scene it sometimes changed others later on in the book. So: at first that meant for a few hours each weekend, and then when it was summertime, for entire days at a time. I actually read a lot of fairy tales as a college student, and learned how to deconstruct them psychologically.
We created so many rules about the way the book functioned that in a way it was virtually impossible to get the ending we wanted. We thought it would be fun to ask each other some questions about the book, and some others that are not about the book, so you can see what we’re like. When other kids would just play with their stuffed animals, you would hide yours all over the house.

I never knew how much work it was to sit and write because I couldn’t believe how distracted I got. You were always talking about what the mermaids looked like, or what the writing on the rock wall looked like. You might have the grammar rules down (well, not me), and spelling and stuff like that and be able to craft a sentence, but not everyone can come up with stories. When I wrote Wonder Woman for DC Comics I was working with an editor and with a penciller and an inker – we all had a hand in the story so we had a lot of collaboration during that process. But she didn’t even have anyone her own age to confide in, which made Jules a great addition.
I found this weird bin of random stuff on your shelves and every time you turned around from typing to ask a question I’d be wearing bunny ears, or a Dr. A lot of teenage girls would rather die than go on a multi-continent book tour with their mother. Queen Maureen suggested I see Orville about my strange dreams, and ask for a sleeping potion. Everyone else in this book seems to be perfectly happy with the fact that they are part of a story; that they will wake up and do and say the same things over and over, like a play that gets performed for eternity.
The pixies who were our chess pieces rise like sparks and write the words SEE YOU LATER in the air before me, a trail of light as they zoom into the woods.
If I dawdled or stopped to smell the lilacs at the castle gate, so that I wasn’t in place when the book was opened? But suddenly I feel a magnetic tug on the front of my doublet, propelling me through the pages.
Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. Filled with intricately detailed lined drawings, you're going to need steady hands and some finely-sharpened colored pencils (preferably with this Clockwork Sharpener we love so much) to properly do the trick.
Seriously, talk about a way to kill time -- we bet this will kill a lot of it (and maybe dash some hopes and dreams, too, when you mess up while finishing the last few uncolored spots).
One metaphor I remember her contributing was in Delilah’s section – she describes the popular girls in school as a cluster of grapes, because honestly, do you ever see just one?
Both are brilliant women, but as a writer, it’s bad enough to get one editorial letter, much less two! Fairytales were meant, historically, to be morality lessons, and to illustrate the darkness of the world beyond childhood that one steps into when growing up.
Yes, I should have been paying attention to Madame C., but somehow my train of thought arrived upon an idea.
My mom was interested and intrigued by the plot and began adding her opinions and thoughts. When you dream at night, your brain creates a world for you -- every last detail, down to each strand of grass beneath your feet.
The characters and voices and scenes pop into my mind, fully thought out, and ready to be written down. It feels like that moment you’ve been swimming under water for a long time and you finally burst through the seam between ocean and sky and suck in a giant, satisfying breath.
133) To what extent do both of these characters have trouble fitting into their respective worlds? My favorite fairytale is probably Cinderella – who doesn’t want to be a princess?
Which meant that for about 100 pages, Oliver had stuck a book, a dagger, and various other items in his crotch. If you read the transcript of that interview, below, you’ll have a pretty good sense of the relationship I’m lucky enough to have with my daughter! To me that means that even though you may not recognize a comma if it hit you between the eyes, you have an unerring sense of conflict, resolution and character. I don’t know what made me actually look it up online but it turns out a doublet is actually a pair of medieval pants. Do you see the action unfolding in your mind before you put it on paper, is it like a movie?
I’m writing in my office and then I go on tour by myself -- so to be able to share any of that is really exciting. Frump’s history is a great addition too, we really enjoyed being able to take that editorial comment and spinning his backstory. When we figured out what a doublet was, that was funny – I mean, we’d accidentally written about a unicorn goring him in his pants! Their whole history of dragging sailors under the water, trying to keep them alive to have husbands or lovers, it’s almost like a creepy reversed version of The Little Mermaid. But it’s going to be so much fun because we do a lot of the same things and we have the same humor and things like that. He has a really strong drive to find out more about his life and how he can break free of it. It’s hundreds of times, over and over, every time someone opens up the pages of this dusty old book. And that in order to play it, there had to be another party involved – namely one of those large round flat faces that blurred the sky above us every time the story began.
These giants stacked bricks made of wood, with letters written on their sides, creating monstrous buildings. Although he snorts and stamps with the confidence of a stallion on the pages of our world, when the book is closed he’s a nervous mess with the self-confidence of a gnat. A girl hurries past me, her dark hair whipping behind her like a flag, and in her haste she crashes into me.
For example, she honestly believes that just because I save her over and over again as part of my job, I must truly have feelings for her. If you finish a page successfully, though, the combination of the intricate illustrations and your masterful coloring could be pretty enough to frame and hang up for display.
Full of humor and witty commentary about life, Off The Page is a stand-alone novel as well as a companion to Between the Lines, and is perfect for readers looking for a fairytale ending. In fact if anyone knew how many times she has read and reread the sweet little fairy tale she found in the library, especially her cooler than cool classmates, she’d be sent to social Siberia . Having a real, live teenager at the writing table was an attribute, when it came to creating Delilah and her motivations.
Sammy and I spent an entire summer addressing their concerns, which were particularly difficult, because pulling out one thread of plot led to unraveling of narrative throughout the entire book. Likewise, Delilah is in an uncharted territory – and yet, it may seem awfully familiar to you.
When my mom and I came across details we couldn’t figure out, or tried to decide what to write next, I had to wait until an idea graced me with its presence. While writing scenes my mom and I sometimes tumbled into an adrenaline-rushed flurry of words, tripping over each other’s sentences to get to the next line. By teaching me how to work toward a goal, my mom made a simple daydream grow into a remarkable book, and turned me from a writer into an author. We’d literally sit at the computer together, staring at the screen, and each of us would take turns speaking the next line out loud. My favorite YA books are The Hunger Games, Elsewhere, and anything written by Sarah Dessen. Add to this the general unease Delilah and Oliver feel about not fitting in and frankly, it’s very similar to the things I address in my adult books. Everest so he needs a team of wolves to rescue it,’ and you would go from room to room with all your stuffed animals. And we had written ¾ of the book with Prince Oliver apparently hiding things in his pants, taking charcoal and sticking it down his pants or taking a book and sticking it down his pants.

The act of collaboration was kind of fun but an added wrinkle was that I was collaborating with my teenage daughter – which made it very rewarding but also difficult. They dug their hands into a deep table filled with same sort of sand we have on Everafter Beach. I guess I find it hard to believe that readers get up at the same hour every morning and eat the same breakfast every day and go sit in the same chair for hours and have the same conversations with their parents and go to bed and wake up and do it all over again. The fairies are doing crossword puzzles that Captain Crabbe creates for them, but they keep cheating by looking into the wizard’s crystal ball.
What must it be like, watching me pretend to fall in love with the girl he’s crazy about, day after day?
Into your positions!” He runs off to help the trolls dismantle the bridge, only so that they can rebuild it again.
I can hear Socks whinnying in his stall at the royal stables, and the splash of the mermaids as they dive back into the sea, and suddenly, I am standing where I am supposed to be, before the royal throne in the Great Hall, at dispute court.
Would Oliver have a working knowledge of things like television, high school, swim meets…or was he a victim of the time period into which he was created?
As a result of all that hard work, though, some of the best characters and scenes became part of the story. After all, the novel takes place at the crossroads of happily-ever-after and reality, but at heart, it’s really just a love story. Most teenage daughters enjoy their five-minute discussions about their school day with their mothers, and are set for the whole week.
Admittedly there were times when…perhaps you were not as focused as you could have been! In the end though, I agree with everything that the editors said and the book is so much better now.
They stood in front of easels, like the one Rapscullio likes to use when he paints, but these artists used a unique style – dipping their hands into the paint and smearing it across the paper in swirls of color. When I went home I called my mom, who was on book tour, and told her I had an idea for a story. It was Sammy who suggested that the prince in the fairytale be afraid of battle because his father had died fighting. Through the rest of French class, I tossed around the idea of what would later become our book. If you ask my mom about how distracted I was, she’ll laugh and probably tell you she was ready to super-glue me to the chair. Although I write humor into my grownup novels, it isn’t as broad as some of the jokes in here, and I rarely have characters like Socks, whose job is purely to lighten the mood. Finally, one of the Others, who looked to be as old as Queen Maureen, leaned forward and frowned. I wonder all the time what that would be like: To start the day not begging the queen to let me go on a quest.
She was intrigued and started adding her opinions – and suggested we write the book together. He sent it home with my daughter and I fully expected a rambling stream of words – instead, I wound up reading a very cohesive story about a duck and a fish that meet on a pond and become best friends. I remembered a children’s book she used to love, The Paper Bag Princess, in which a very confident princess outsmarted a dragon, and I suggested that Oliver use his wits instead of bravery to get out of tight scrapes. I think the reality of writing something as big as a novel hit home for her, when we spend weekends, school vacations, and summers slaving away in front of an iMac. Sammy had this vision of an element called Pandemonium bouncing off the walls and the ceiling and destroying everything in its midst – and accidentally breaking an unbreakable curse upon Frump. There is a scene where Oliver, who after all is a fairy-tale trope, proposes to Delilah, and she freaks out. I knew that being a writer meant you had to have imagination and perseverance, but I learned that you also have to have patience. She was intrigued and started adding her opinions – and suggested we write the book together.
However, there were other times when we were having such a good time writing because things were really flowing . She had very clear visions for the fairies (like mean girls in school, she suggested) and the mermaids (anorectic and very, very creepy). That said, we had some moments where we laughed so hard we couldn’t catch our breath.
The character of Jules was a late addition, too, but I love her snarkiness and her willingness to forgive Delilah’s selfish behavior.
My mom would set a goal of twenty pages per day, and sometimes as we approached the third hour of work, I was ready to burst through the window just to remember what walking felt like. She’s more of a best friend to me than a strict, overbearing parent, which is why writing Between the Lines was so much fun.
Once a story is read, can it ever be changed, because it lives in that previous incarnation in the mind of whoever’s enjoyed it? When we began to write the scene that has the unicorn meadow in it, and I described the waving silver grass in the field, Sammy told me it sounded like Oliver was having a bad drug trip. Most fun, though, was rewriting the fairy tale to make it darker and creepier – in particular, the mermaid scene. To all you readers, I hope you enjoy reading Between the Lines as much as I enjoyed writing it. In other words, we all have lives outside the lives that we play when a reader opens the book. When we needed to figure out why a teenager like Delilah who should be reading The Hunger Games was obsessed with a fairytale, I suggested having her feel a kinship with Oliver over his lack of a dad. I think Sammy and I can both very clearly see the movie image of a closet of skeletal suitors who didn’t survive the overbearing possessiveness of these sea sirens.
These crazy, rushed moments of creativity were intense and exciting and sometimes painful – but that only made the moments when we knew we had written a perfect scene that much more fulfilling. Ultimately Between the Lines asks to whom a belongs: the person who writes it, the characters who inhabit it, or the reader. You are either born a storyteller or not, and my daughter seemed to have an intrinsic sense of how to craft literary tension. Would the act of simply opening the book again “reset” any edits made by Oliver from within? Once a story is out in the world and a reader reads it, can you ever change it, because that original version lives in someone’s mind? They’re happy repeating the story endlessly, and staying trapped onstage even when the readers are gone. Ducharme, a nod to Prince Charming, because she so badly wants a fairytale ending for her mom. We were writing a book about a girl who is falling for a prince who is a character inside a book but who has a rich and varied life inside the book. It stands to reason that if I have a life outside of this story, so do the readers whose faces float above us. I wouldn’t mind doing anything other than the same old things I have done for as long as I can remember.
As a teenager, she has written poetry that made me hunt down my own poetry journals from way back when – only to realize she is a much better writer than I ever was at that age.

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