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In an age of competitive and aggressive digital upgrade, getting left-out is a major turn-off.
Next, you need to look into the L1 and L2 cache, which indicates the level of your CPU memory.
A computer has ceased to be a personal leisure, and has become a tool for social networking.
With it, you can enjoy videos and music in the comfort of your desk, plus share them at your discretion. This entry was posted in Gadgets, Games, How To, Guides, Tips, internet, New Technology, Software, Top 5 and Top 10 and tagged computers, computing, GNOME Environment, Google Apps, Google Chrome, internet, K Desktop Environment, LXDE, Mozilla Firefo, MS Office, online and LAN games, OpenOffice, RocketDock, Ulteo, VLC Media Player, Zoho by Michael Gabriel. The L1 specifications are incorporated in the microprocessor, but the L2 may range from 128 KB to 2 GB.

It is the best alternative you can get regardless of your PC’s Operating System (OS). A good browser like the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox can spell the difference between speed and champion.
The interface you choose will greatly depend on your personal taste, but if slick is in your mind, then the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment or LXDE can provide a great array of features for your PC. RocketDock is a launcher that automatically minimizes inactive windows and restoring inactive ones with its easy drag-and-drop feature. Various online and LAN games are available for users that would like to fuse leisure and social networking. Using any of these caches will save you more time as it directs faster access to the operation data and RAM.

It includes lightweight, yet sturdy Writer (similar to MS Word), Calc (similar to MS Excel), Impress (similar to MS Powerpoint), Base (for database), Draw (for creating diagrams) and Math (for mathematical computations).
You can also check out GNOME Environment and K Desktop Environment for comparison, and then choose! Finally a hard drive that can hold at least 120 GB is ideal to store a bulk of multimedia files. You can surf, download, chat, email, and all the added benefits of being hooked (or unhooked as some companies offer portable wireless internet access)!

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