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In my very first article, Learning My Way To Millions: The Quick and Easy Way To Master the ABCs of Personal Finance, I have revealed to you a sure fire way to discover how any ordinary man can turn himself to a millionaire (without the risk of being scammed and losing any more money).
In the same article, I have also promised to share with you the top 5 personal finance books I have read and loved.
So, in this article, I will be outlining the titles of my favorite personal finance books and their respective authors. Not only that, I will also add a few more details on how these personal finance books made me fall inlove with them (not fall asleep with them). Honestly, I tried reading other personal finance books but I can’t really finish them.
But before you scroll down and read what these magical personal finance books are, let me just give you the top three reasons why I have so much respect for these books. Now that you know what got me hooked in reading these gems, allow me to introduce you to the Top 5 Personal Finance Books I Have Read and Loved (in no particular order). This book will shock you in so many ways and so many times that you literally can’t put it down. What I Loved Best About This Book: Ramit is very particular when it comes to saving money, but not with small purchases but the big ones, like a home and a car.
Look at the woman in the mirror, say her name, and make a pledge to take care of her with your whole heart and soul. You don’t get rich in days; you get rich in decades by creating a system that makes it so that you literally can’t fail. This book greatly emphasizes the power of money by introducing the very famous Latte Factor. The authors of this book have wowed me again and again for their interest and dedication to knowing what makes the rich rich. They allocate their time, energy, and money efficiently, in ways conducive to building wealth.

They believe that financial independence is more important than displaying high social status.
One of my favorite books is Save Money at the Grocery Store with America’s Cheapest Family.
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Edel is a Filipino Personal Finance Advocate, a work-at-home wife and a graduate of the University of the Philippines.
Elvin is a loving husband, an MS Excel Guru and the one who enjoys lurking at the comment section to answer readers' questions. REAL Phonics reading lesson plans guide you every step of the way with Teacher's Notes included on each page, so you and your child can use the same book together. Farnoosh suggests that you save for your short-term goals (like your house, wedding, child, or business) in advance, little by little. You can buy Toyotas and Hondas, as they are said to retain their value more than other brands. So, I can’t thank her enough for explaining just how these two important documents work together to protect our assets and our loved ones. David makes you realize how much of your hard-earned money goes to waste; making you understand how better off you can be if you only make the right choices in spending your money.
Just like them, who wouldn’t want to know how America’s millionaires think, feel, and do? As I have said in my previous article, these best selling personal finance books have already proven their worth.
These best selling personal finance books give you the big picture of what a solid financial foundation is.
Ramit’s humor and brutal honesty is so heart-breaking and inspiring all at the same time.

Nonetheless, Ramit strongly suggests that you negotiate, negotiate, negotiate like an Indian do (or even walk out if you have to). Her aim in writing the book is to help women face their financial challenges head-on and to transform women from financial weaklings to financial super powers!
Unlike Ramit who focuses on saving on big purchases, David suggests you to identify where you unconsciously put your money and redirect those little expenses (that add up through time) into financial vehicles that would make you financially free. Fortunately, there are these books that can really keep you hooked, you wouldn’t want to end the night without finishing them. They are written by publicly acclaimed authors that spend their entire lives learning and teaching people how to become wealthy. They make you cover all your bases first and make you sleep sound at night, knowing that you have both a plan for your immediate needs and your future needs. The authors really wanted to reach out to you and me, the newbies in personal finance, so they chose the language that we are most comfortable of using: plain English.
They leave no stone unturned, touching every important aspect of earning, keeping, and growing your wealth.
Ramit covers practical ways of choosing the best credit card companies, banks, investments, houses, cars, and more; definitely, he’ll make your financial literacy shoot up in a heartbeat!
They have already rated these books as reliable sources of information on personal finance, information that have been carefully reviewed, revised or edited for your benefit. Thomas and William will surely bust the myths surrounding the good life of the wealthy and open your eyes to the core principles of building and maintaining wealth.

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