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On 2017 August 21, a total eclipse of the Sun is visible from within a narrow corridor that traverses the United States of America. The path of the Moon's umbral shadow begins in northern Pacific and crosses the USA from west to east through parts of the following states: Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and South Carolina. The Moon's penumbral shadow produces a partial eclipse visible from a much larger region covering most of North America.
This special web page contains preliminary information about the 2017 total eclipse of the Sun. The following map shows the overall regions of visibility of the partial eclipse as well as the path of the Total eclipse through the USA.
An implementation of Google Map has been created which includes the central path of the 2017 total solar eclipse. This allows the user to select any portion of the path and to zoom in using either map data or Earth satellite data. The following maps show the path of the 2017 total solar eclipse in maximum detail for the United States and by state. Within the path of totality, curves of constant duration have been plotted for the total phase.
All eclipse calculations are by Fred Espenak, and he assumes full responsibility for their accuracy. The rest of the museum walked you through the different areas of Georgia: swampland, mountains, etc.
One of the most breath-taking sites in the museum was the giant dinosaur skeleton replicas. We even watched an IMAX movie called Into the Arctic, which was beautiful–polar bears, caribou and gorgeous ice waterfalls. So, the entire movie was about the poor polar bears who are dying because of the melting ice.

It was just so odd to me that the entire museum was based, built and centered on these evolutionary phases. Grab my free ebook, Praying God's Word for Your Kids when you sign up for my monthly-ish newsletter! To answer one of your Qs – I think the migration of black bears occurred quite slowly, so they had time to adapt to the new environment. I try to teach my kids about different theories – I want them to grow to understand, communicate with and respect everyone (regardless of their beliefs).
I don’t think there is a solid line that exists between evolution and creation, and my kids and I talk about both. I think their love and awe and wonder for the design of their body will come from my own love, awe and wonder. We encounter the same questions and discussions at the natural history museum and I feel so inadequate to explain these things to my kiddos!
For this homeschool year, I bought the Museum Guide from Answers in Genesis to take along to the museum.
Grab my free ebook, Praying God's Word for Your Kids when you sign up for my monthly-ish email!
You will have to scale the print size in your printer dialog to fit them to the page size you are printing. We took one of Lydia’s friends (who goes to our school and church!) with us and had an absolute blast. But once you got inside it was much more—the areas and decor mimicked areas and foliage of Georgia. Or you could stop, look a little closer and see animals, geodes and specimens embedded into the play area.
There was a shell exhibit, artifacts from Georgia, an interactive 5 senses exhibit and cultural relics.
There were paintings of animals in between their different evolutionary stages (like a giant elephant with a crocodile’s snout and a 8 foot tall furry duck).

The first line of the movie explained that black bears migrated to the Arctic and eventually adapted to live there–turning into what we now know as polar bears.
Evolution (or even macro- or micro-evolution) can be summed up with a devotion one of my Science professors in college did (he was a Doctor of Genetics). We loved exploring the animals and landscape of Georgia, we loved imagining dinosaurs and fossils. The changes happening in the Arctic are occurring very quickly, leaving little time for adaptation.
Therefore I cannot question it or understand all of it with my limited human understanding. I haven’t used it yet but I know it explains lots of natural history museum exhibits from the creation standpoint!
There were high-tech microscopes, puzzles built into the walls and interactive video games. But this is where the museum of natural history turned into a conversation about Creation versus Evolution. That’s where I depend on the holy spirit to step in and give me a better understanding. He didn’t haphazardly make creatures that would shed their parts to become something different. I am just so passionate about my kids’ knowing their Creator and focusing on Him even before the amazing creation that surrounds us!

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