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Family Entertainment Guide "Doctor Who" Looking for movies and TV shows the whole family can watch together? Warning to the unconverted: This article contains spoilers from Season 1 of Stranger Things. The scene where Eleven flips the van over the kids clearly is heavily reminiscent of when E.T.
The scene where Nancy and Jonathan lure the monster into the trap and light him on fire is very similar to a scene in the original Nightmare on Elm Street, where the final girl sets booby traps for Freddie around the house and eventually lights him on fire.
Many of the creepy elements of the upside down world also seem to be taken from the Engineers’ ship in Alien. Probably the most direct scene taken from Poltergeist is when the Department of Energy sends one of their men through the portal on a lead to presumably find the monster.
The whole idea of a bunch of kids setting out on a dangerous adventure to solve a problem without the help of their parents gives the series a Goonies vibe. The idea of a band of nerdy kids hunting for a monster who snatched one of their own is also a direct reference to the Stephen King classic It.

The Eleven character seems to be a cross between the girls in Firestarter and Carrie (both Stephen King, of course).
CEOs get huge pay packets, drink public cash – and often do precious little to stop the problems they decry.
Holding a mysterious attachment to their mother, Sophie (Maria Bello), the supernatural entity has returned with a vengeance to torment the entire family. Emma: [to Rebecca] Your brother fell asleep in homeroom this morning, for the third time in the past week. Stephen King and Steven Spielberg are the most obvious treasure troves of references, but the showrunners of Stranger Things drew upon many stories to weave together their strange tale of disappearances in a small Indiana town. In Firestarter a couple partakes in a secret government hallucinogenic experiment while the wife is pregnant.
In Poltergeist the daughter is sent through the portal tied to a rope — except in that case she survived. Coupled with teenagers and younger kids working together, despite earlier treating each other poorly.

But this time, as Rebecca gets closer to unlocking the truth, there is no denying that all their lives are in danger, once the lights go out. Now her little brother, Martin (Gabriel Bateman), is experiencing the same unexplained and terrifying events that had once tested her sanity and threatened her safety.
Stranger Things may be a hodgepodge of easily identifiable references and plot lines from our favorite 80s horror books and Sci Fi movies, but it’s a wonderfully entertaining hodgepodge nonetheless.
The daughter is eventually captured by the shady government agency and experimented upon to test the extent of her powers.

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