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It was designed to provide a lightweight and efficient hunting unit that can be folded and easily carried in a backpack, bugout bag, or even in your belt. This ground-breaking product is capable of propelling the included arrow at 115 fps on beefed-up bands that have a pull weight of 42 lbs. The exclusive pocket and paracord combination allows you to easily nock the arrow, and the patent pending adapter provides a distinct siting location that allows the hunter to hold the Pocket Hunter and accurately launch the arrow at the intended target. Hunter beast master builds have the best burst DPS of all of the trees and is often preferred for PVP, leveling and solo'n. Bestial Wrath - your pet goes into a rage causing 20% additional damage for 10 sec and cannot be feared or stopped until killed. Marksmanship (level 80 - 85) Leveling Build - Level 80 start of spec looks like this , you then take Spirit Bond and Hunter vs.
Use free Aimed Shot proc when available or use Aimed Shot to bleed off excess focus when target is >90% health.

Use Steady Shot to regen focus - Use Steady Shot in pairs to maintain max Improved Steady Shot buff.
Survival Hunters are currently the highest AoE spec by quite a bit and they are actually do well now in raids in Cataclysm. Serpent Sting - Try to initially cast this DoT at the start of the fight if the mob will live more than 12 seconds and try to cast Cobra Shot before it drops off as this adds 6 seconds to this DoT. Kill Shot - Use this whenever possible when target is below 20% health, 10 second cooldown, not focus cost. Kill Shot - if all but one or two mobs are now dead and they are under 20% health use kill shot and switch to single target rotation.
IGE is a large supplier of online game currency and currently has very good prices on gold. You also go into a rage causing 10% additional damage and reduce focus costs of all your shots and abilities by 50% for 10 sec.

Remember you can remove non-critical talents to best fit your play style or what your roll maybe in the raid. You should always try to have enough focus to do this when this shot comes off of cooldown. Your leveling rotation is just cast Misdirection on your pet, then use Chimera Shot or Arcane Shot until your target is dead. Also note Lock and Load proc will reset CD as well so make sure you cast it when it is available. You want to be able to keep your pet up for as long as possible so you can keep doing damage.

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