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Nouveau !Fallen's Rising est desormais compatible avec l'extension disponible pour votre navigateur. Diablo 3 is played by millions of fans each day and those who compete for their name on leaderboards or want to do well in Conquests spend a significant amount of time playing. However, due to botting such players don’t have much to show for from their time spent playing the game.
The issue was raised by YouTuber and Twitch streamer MeatHead Mikhail and latter an open letter turned up signed by various fans who want to raise their voice and hope that Blizzard would listen.
Blizzard has regulations to control bots but the main problem here lies in the time it takes to enforce it. The letter purposes that since taking immediate action against bots is likely infeasible, it should be done two weeks before the end of each season. Blizzard is yet to reply or release a statement regarding this letter or the issue of botting.

Monk Active Skills in Reaper of SoulsThese charts list the most popular Diablo III Monk active skills by level 70 Monks in patch 2.3 in Reaper of Souls.
Avec cette extension, verifiez s'il y a des nouveaux sujets sur ce forum en un clic depuis n'importe quelle page ! Most of the stuff from vanilla WoW can be solo’d, a lot from BC can be solo’d, and some Wrath gear can be solo’d. Greater Rift tiers require total dedication and grinding for Keystones, crafting materials, Infernal Machines, or Ancient Legendaries. It has come to a point where it is quite obvious that certain high profile streamers are botting off-stream and some are even admitting so themselves in public chat rooms.
They are calculated from data gathered on more than 6 million Diablo III characters.The skills and runes in these charts are based on the choices of level 70 Monks using the best Monk builds for end-game content. They are updated daily, and rank Monk active skills from the most popular down to the least used.The chart on the left has data from level 70 softcore Monks, who are in the bottom 75% of elite monster kills.
However in every tier, even vanilla, there are bosses that you just can’t do alone due to fight mechanics.
And those who use bots skip the grinding part to get to hundreds of Greater Rift Keystones, Legendary crafting materials, or Infernal Machines each day.
It has been months since the last major action taken against botters and, consequently, Season 3 was dominated by them.
These players are viewed as examples by the community, so what kind of message does that send? The chart in the middle has data from the level 70 softcore Monks who are in the top 25% of elite monster kills.

Our friends lists contain more and more people who are online for more than 20 hours a day, despite them having to go to work or school. To us, it sends the message that not only is it apparently legal to bot, but that the game even requires it to be competitive.
The best builds for the Ultimate Evil Edition on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 are found in the Patch 2.0 Data Archive.
The chart on the right has data from all hardcore Monks regardless of elite kills.See the Popular Builds and Skills overview for more information on this data. That is undoubtedly not how you want Diablo III to be seen, especially with how far we’ve come since the issues of the original release.
View the Monk Most Popular Runes chart, or mouse over any active skill, to see the most commonly used runes for the skill. They are updated daily, ranking the Monk passive skills from the most popular down to the least used.The chart on the left has data from level 70 softcore Monks, who are in the bottom 75% of elite monster kills. See the Top Monk Legendary and Set Items for all the best Monk equipment!These are the most popular softcore Monk builds.
A kind of in-between set for AQ, the first set that had a bunch of attack power rather than just agility.

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