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Book automated systems have a similar look but this Automated Book Scanning Robot called ScanBot seems like the scanning system it uses may be one of the best. Google Books gives users an online portal through which they can search scanned books and read excerpts free of charge.
Leval said that the snippets shown by Google Books were large enough to give searchers a sense of the context of a particular passage while still being small enough to avoid copyright infringement. The Contex SD3600 packs a huge amount of wide format value into its compact 36”, portable package.

I was thinking about how to scan books automatically atleast, and was wondering how to turn the pages. The decision by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York brings to an end a 10-year lawsuit filed by the Authors Guild, and confirms the scanning does not violate copyright law. Over 20 million books have been scanned by Google as it looks to digitize the world’s literature and make it available online. You can position an open book with the spine at the edge, the facing page hanging down, and the page you want to scan lying flat on the platen.

With its lightweight design, exceptional ease of use and very attractive price, it is a must-have scanner for any office that wants to save time and money by scanning oversized maps and technical drawings in-house. If the decision had gone the other way, Google would’ve been facing the prospect of paying out billions of dollars in damages.

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