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Microsoft also showed off the new app suggestions feature for Windows 10, which will bring that info from the Microsoft Store to the destkop directly on the Start menu. You have probably seen a few profiles on Facebook where pictures in the news feed add up to the profile picture and form a face or another composition. Hello, there!We are building a free shopping app that will help you get discounts on the products you like. With Windows 10 seemingly just around the corner, Microsoft plans to fix one of its most egregious mistakes with Windows 8: the missing Start menu.
In hindsight, leaving out the Start button in Win 8 (or at least not implementing an option to turn back on) is a definite FAIL. It’s a brute force way of getting a larger portion of their PC User share into their tablet and phone markets. Even though win8 was released probably too early and it really sucks for desktop, it is a very good starting point for touch laptop. M$ knows that desktops for the majority of their home users are going away replaced by smart phones and pads. But what is definitely annyoing is the constant switching between Metro apps and Desktop apps. So, I have a perfectly great laptop that doesn’t have a touch screen and your solution is to go out and buy a new one so that I can effectively use Windows 8 as is? Actually the Nokia line of Windows phones are very popular, reasonably priced, and work perfectly. However Windows 8.1 has fixed it yet in new interface you have to waste time scrolling those idiotic big tiles to find out what you need.
Since then they’ve improved the UI so that we can better use the mouse and keyboard on the Start screen, I appreciated that. But then I am 70 years old, I couldn’t expect everyone to be as quick to accept change and learn new stuff as I am.
Once one can get around the Metro UI (I go weeks without even looking at it thanks to a nifty add-on), the underlying system is just as good, probably faster, and includes an internal antivirus (Windows Defender), rendering third-party antiviruses obsolete.
Well, why can’t people like you just accept the change and move on and not be so afraid of learning new ways to do things? That’s not even remotely a fair comparison and just proves how lost some people get when the simplest things aren’t exactly the way they’re used to. Yes it’s very complicated to click a corner or the windows key and instantly see what want and click it. I don’t think it has anything to do with arrogance, they simply made it clear that Windows is headed towards touch. I think Microsoft listens to their users but seeing all the mad bitching, false claims and hardly any constructive criticism over these 2 months it’s not shocking that they pay more attention to windows developers than regular users. Wow thats funny I hear they are the most popular apps, and how would you know they uninstalled them.
Windows 8 Metro screen is the worse implementation of a Desktop UI that I can even imagine. We’re not headed towards touch on the desktop anymore than we are headed for a mouse on tablets and phones.
I have used home computers with most every opsys since the beginning, and I don’t know a single person who likes or wants a touch screen on a desktop. No its complicated when its hidden by default, and not explained explicitly on system start up that its been changed after 20 years of doing it the other way. Anyway, I (still) love Windows 8 on my desktop and touch brings me an extra dimension in productivity. You HAVE a touch screen, the whole question here is people who do NOT have one not wanting a touch oriented OS. My favorite things about this app are the art (so stylish!), the interactivity (so many different layers), and the brilliant attention to every detail, from multiple perspectives. As much as you raved about the stylish art, why didn’t you mention who the illustrator is?
The way that children of different ages approach the app is completely different, with each age-group getting something different out of the experience. Wow, Kate, what a lot of food for thought… the idea that PBs could appeal to a far WIDER audience via apps.

PS I think MaryZ was wondering why Mary hadn’t mentioned the illustrator, rather than the app itself. WRITING IRRESISTIBLE KIDLIT: The Ultimate Guide to Crafting Fiction for Young Adult and Middle Grade Readers is available now from Writer’s Digest Books! If you’d like more in-depth and personalized advice that I can give on this blog, please visit my Mary Kole Editorial website, to learn how you can work with me directly on your query letter, manuscript, or other writing-related project. Just a note: I will only answer general questions about the craft of writing, agents, editors or publishing. A site for writers, readers and fans of children’s literature written by Mary Kole, freelance editor and consultant! Leicester Square is the centre of entertainment with cinemas, restaurants, theatres and clubs all around and sometimes a funfair in the middle!
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By now you may know the story, as the company has gradually backtracked throughout various updates since the OS launched in late 2012. A few companies had the smarts and courage to understand they need to change their core solution while they maintains 95% of the user base in order to survive in the long term.
Steve Jobs did away with the classic Apple menu and to this day you still have to use a program to get it back.
Some of us found earlier versions of windows much more user friendly for our needs and purposes! And for your information there are people who eat with their feet because life left them no other choice, they accept it, learn to cope with it and get on with their lives without complaining but that’s not relevant here. I understand that most people don’t see it that way, at least yet, but it’s better to have both worlds at once and be able to choose which you prefer. It’s OK that you have a choice to go between both the desktop and the touch experience, but when other people complain about the start button then they are just bitching?
Since this well-known story has kid appeal and no licensing fees, many developers have come up with offerings.
Readers can flick characters to make them jump and flip, trigger dialogue by touching hot spots, and help the pigs build their houses. On one spread, for example, we’re told that the wolf is trying to blow the brick house down.
Everything has been thought through and through and I would recommend you check out this app today.
It is also a different experience for a younger child to read it with and without adult intervention. I’ll primarily use my list to keep readers up-to-date about upcoming events and workshops and I will never, ever sell or rent your information to anybody.
You can also add widgets to Pokki, such as Gmail or Facebook, which display your latest email or status updates. Where I doubt that touch desktop with our current technology will ever be viable since our hands are usually too far from the screen, it is actually truly applicable to a laptop. Look at IBM, Western Digital… So while I disagree with some of their design choices and their decision to launch it too early (major missing apps or functions), I am also willing to wait for them to get it right. I believe we may see true benefits out of this that will change the way we interact with computers. You could fill a city the size of Denver almost 20 times over with all the people who use Lumia devices. And then after their updates those Apple Menus don’t work, so they have to continually update them.
I use the start screen now just like I used to use the old start menu – and then some so now everything I use is more ready at hand and my desktop has about one third of the crap it used to have.
The options you speak of aren’t necessary because third parties have provided numerous options just for that.
Having played a lot of these, though, recent and not so recent, I have to venture and say that Nosy Crow’s take is the best yet.
A lot of the other Three Little Pigs apps available have cartoonish art that, to my picture book-honed sensibilities, looks cheap and one-dimensional.

And it really does feel 3-D, which is all the rage for movies, TVs, and even phones these days.
The coolest part is that kids are encouraged to blow into the iPad’s microphone to help the wolf in his nefarious scheme! I firmly believe that quality, visual appeal, and innovative functionality will be the hallmarks of the next generation of app developers, nay, artists. I hope that apps don’t toss illustrators into the anonymous world of back stage technology. If children spend a longish time on one scene exploring the extra dialogue and the animation, then there was, we felt, a risk that they wouldn’t hold the thread of the story in their heads, so we tried to keep the narrative in blocks in which a complete incident was described, to keep the narrative coherent.
Eg, the extra dialogue from the first two pigs is anxious BEFORE the wolf falls into the pot (oops – should have provided a spoiler alert there) and celebratory after that incident.
I would say as a children’s publisher with 25 years experience that I don’t know of any print books that hold the attention of children with such a wide age-range! But that’s not happening any time soon, plus there are a few review sites out there already, so I’d LOVE to read more of your reviews!
For several years now, every Windows desktop and laptop sold in a store comes with Windows 8.
By default, Pokki will configure your Windows 8 system to boot straight to the Desktop — and there is an option that will just completely disable the hot corners, if you so desire. I recently bought my wife a mac book air and an asus 31a touch not knowing what she would prefer. I have seen many people switching from an ipad and a laptop to intuitively reach out to touch the screen on their laptop. Instead they were arrogant and said use what we think is best because we are the ones who know what you need.
What’s interesting is that many end up uninstalling them after 2 weeks because they realize they’re not needed.
Alternatively you can move all of your coworkers and all of the equipment you have from work to your home.
We are therefore crediting lots of people – the software engineer, the audio producer, the sound recorder, the composer of the original music and the kids who provided the voices. I also think that there is something great about providing a version of traditional stories that’s cool and interactive enough for 9 year olds to enjoy! I believe win8 is prime to capitalize on this intuitive gesture and to my great surprise it truly change the way you interact with your device. Instead of having dinner with your family have dinner with the entire crew from work and their families. All the start button solutions are 3rd party, have yet to see M$ give people that option back. In fact, not only does Ed Bryan’s art and animation have its own charming and quirky aesthetic, but it is very much three-dimensional.
Microsoft is the only Company I know that has been able to NOT listen to the customer and get away with it.
The three piglets also have several phrases of dialogue on each page that they cycle through.
In this case, the new version is nicer, with plenty of sizing options and the ability to create shortcuts for documents, music, video, websites, and other tasks. It also embraces the Windows 8 tile design, without completely taking over the UI the way Windows 8 Metro does. Sometimes, though, the pigs will seem to speak out of order as they loop through their soundbites. But I’d rather have an app that’s too engrossing rather than a flat, boring, and one-dimensional experience! ViStart includes a blurred, translucent menu that integrated well with Windows 8, as well as a Windows 7-like Start Menu skin that we imagine some people will want to head straight for.
As you can see in the screenshot above, StartIsBack even detects if your system needs to restart to apply some patches; it really is just like the Windows 7 Start menu.

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