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Next to my 12 Gauge Mossberg and my Ruger 10-22 sits a very cool and collected Benjamin Sheridan 392 .22 caliber Multi-Pump Pellet Gun and I treat it with the same respect as it is a very specialized soldier in my arsenal. I hope this has been useful information and as always I would love you hear your thoughts and comments. I have a Benjamin 392 pump air rifle, as well as the newer Trail NP break barrel .22 caliber air rifle. I miss having an airgun, I had a pair while living overseas that I got in Texas, a Crosman 66 Powermaster with a 15x scope and their top pump .177 target pistol. You actually need a firearms license to have a pellet gun you could get at Walmart in Australia – and the licenses are hard to get! When I go out I keep a spare tank for each, and carry my charging unit for weekend trips(looks like a bike pump), they take up minimal space in my pack, quick to swap out, 70 or so shots before I have to swap out air cartridges or repump (which only takes a minute or two). If something goes wrong with your gas piston, you cannot repair it in the field (unless you carry a spare, which I would encourage). Also, almost any breakbarrel air rifle will outweigh a similarly powered multipump pneumatic, so there is the added consideration of carry weight. I have over 200 air rifles (I have been collecting since the early 1980’s), and they include PCP, CO2, spring-piston, Nitro-piston, and multi-pumps. Hi been reading your web site and have wanted to start a survival school in the Seattle area. Let’s consider some of the best survival vehicles you can buy that help you get out of dodge when SHTF during TEOTWAWKI. The SUV is often a good choice for a survival vehicle; it can carry a lot of supplies, is available in a 4X4, can tow, and can carry 7-8 people.
An enduro motorcycle is designed to take on the streets, the gravel, and everything else you can throw at it.
Don’t forget that you can also travel on foot which is why we always encourage our readers to maintain good physical fitness in the event they have to bug out. Survival International continues its high-profile campaign for the Awa, by collaborating with world-famous Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado. A place of extraordinary beauty and biodiversity, the Amazon is home to the puma, jaguar and anaconda. This unique gallery is the result of a collaboration between Survival and world-renowned photographer Sebastiao Salgado, who recently visited the tribe to document their world, and the threats to their lives.
Today, the 450 members of the Awa tribe are surrounded on all sides by ranchers, loggers and settlers who have invaded and killed with impunity.
It is thought that there are around 100 uncontacted Awa who still live in the rainforest without any interaction with outsiders.
They live by hunting for wild pigs, tapirs and monkeys, traveling through the rainforest with 6-foot bows, and by gathering forest produce: babacu nuts, acai berries, and honey. Some foods are considered to have special properties; others, such as vultures, bats and the three-toed sloth, are forbidden. Animals are only hunted at certain times of year, ensuring that their numbers can replenish. If my children are hungry, I just go into the forest and I can find them food, said Peccary Awa. The tribe nurtures orphaned animals as pets; they share their hammocks with raccoon-like coatis and share mangoes with green parakeets.
Awa women breastfeed capuchin and howler monkeys and have also been known to suckle small pigs.

As nomadic hunter-gatherers, the Awa are always on the move, carrying everything they need with them: bows and arrows, children and pets.
The Awa also travel by night, lighting the way with torches made from resin that Awa women extract from the Brazilian redwood tree (macaranduba tree).
Today, Awa forests are disappearing faster than in any other indigenous area in the Brazilian Amazon. Satellite images have revealed that over 34 percent of one Awa territory has already been destroyed, despite the land being legally recognized.
Loggers and farmers work day and night to chop and sell the wood and clear land for cattle pasture. The Awa are finding it increasingly difficult to find game in the forest, and Awa have been brutally attacked by loggers whilst out hunting. The uncontacted Awa are particularly vulnerable, and face catastrophe unless their land is protected.
They could be wiped out by violence from loggers who steal their land and resources, and diseases like flu and measles to which they have no resistance.
This is in spite of protests from ranchers and loggers, who have called for the Awa’s land to lose its status as an indigenous territory, with some claiming that the Awa do not even exist. Soldiers, field workers, Environment Ministry special agents and police officers are now entering Awa land to notify and remove illegal settlers, ranchers and loggers, many of whom are heavily armed. This development follows a high-profile campaign by Survival International, backed by celebrities such as Colin Firth, Gillian Anderson and Vivienne Westwood.
This is a momentous and potentially life-saving occasion for the Awa, said Survival’s Director Stephen Corry.
For two years Survival International has fervently campaigned for the Brazilian government to remove all non-Indian invaders from the Awa’s territory and to protect the Awa and their lands. A host of 57, 000 messages, from 38 countries, showered down upon the new Brazilian Minister of Justice and campaigners also wrote to Congress, their MPs and their MEPs. In an unprecedented success the campaign incited the eviction of all non-Indian invaders from the Awa’s land by the Brazilian government.
Survival is now urging the Brazilian authorities to put in place a long-term solution to stop the invaders from returning, and to guarantee the safety of the tribe. The Awa deserve the right to live as they choose, on their own land, without the threat of violence or encroachment from the outside world.
The evictions were really important for us, the Awa,’ Tatuxa’a, an Awa man, told a Survival researcher, in a stoic understatement. We help tribal peoples defend their lives, protect their lands and determine their own futures. I have always said to have a muzzeloader was a plus for a number of reasons but this tops that easily.
I have been shooting with a Benjamin .22 pump pellet pistol for years and have even hunted small game on numerous occasions. Like you have to have a farm and a reason or be a member of a shooting club and store it in a safe on club premices etc. I have a ton of air rifles and yes you are absoultly correct on all the points you make for carring a .22 air rifle. The authorities in Eastern Europe used to keep a tight leash on arms and ammunition in the Cold War era. For the most part this vehicle can get you anywhere you need, paved or unpaved and can also be used every day.

In this same respect it can’t exactly carry as many supplies or people in the event you need to bring a lot of passengers or gear with you. Just type in the words “Enduro Motorcycle” into Google and you will see articles on the BMW R 1200 GS. After all, a sailboat requires limited fuel, can carry multiple passengers, the ability to make its own fresh water and offer the freshest food all the time. A mountain bike is also a good means of self-propulsion that you can use to go off-roading or on the pavement. Hundreds of soldiers, police and government agents flooded the Awa’s territory, locating and destroying sawmills and logging camps and expelling invaders, who had been given 40 days’ notice to leave and had been offered compensation. I’ve been thinking of getting one for the problem creatures around my property but now I have another reason to get one. Come check out the air rifle hunting section on There are alot of hunters out there who will have full bellys when the super market is burnt down. Air rifles escaped their attention and were used to boost meagre rations by hunting or poaching.
I am looking to use it for squirrel, & rabbit hunting in October when small game season opens!
These are generally considered great for quick get-a-ways where limited protection from the elements and limited number of passengers is not a prerequisite.
This bike is designed to be easy-handling off-road and on, is able for touring, and can carry one passenger as well as moderate cargo.
You may also consider a bug out truck, camper truck, RV, Humvee, or tank, whatever floats your boat. Articles appeared in the media on both sides of the Atlantic and dozens of celebrities pledged their support, including fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and actor Colin Firth. Among these is a good quality Pellet Air Gun and it’s not just because I still have it from when I was a kid. Their nickname for crow is church chicken; they would pick them off the roofs with their air rifles. Sail boats can be equipped with battery powered desalination devices, solar power, full kitchens, private quarters, and an endless range provided the wind is blowing. In other words, we have an abundance of rabbits on my street and I can easily hunt them with my Benjamin without getting the cops called on me for firing a firearm within the city limits. If in the open, fire so that the pellet passes between trees and by boulders to help redirect the report away from the target. Any report in the woods that is heard in a survival situation is going to bring others and they will eventually get you if they think you have something they want. If I were going to hunt with a rifle of any kind it would be a single shot and only carry one or two bullits. No matter what, if you’re trying not to draw attention, check your surroundings before you shoot and then make a point of hitting the animal with the first shot to make it harder to localize the sound. I know a few people that can throw the hawk fairly well but teaching it is another matter I have developed a system to do that (and at different distances) which works I can get any one that is willing to try and to listen to my instructions to do it. But you had better bring your brains and patience because with out those you are one lost Turkey.

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