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In a survival or emergency situation you’re going to be burning calories fast – so food will become a critical need to maintain your morale, stamina and most importantly, your core body temperature. But you can only carry so much food, and it runs out quickly if you don’t have the right tools to catch dinner on your own. First… to store, transport and protect this kit I’m using the Condor Water Pouch (just like the one I used in my recent survival water kit video). It has a large main compartment that will hold our cooking gear and emergency food, and a smaller front pocket that will hold our fishing, hunting, trapping and survival gear. Next we have the Stanley Stainless Steel Adventure Camp Cook Set that holds nearly a liter when filled to the top (although it’s rated for 24 ounces)… AND because it’s single walled, it can be used for boiling water, making stew and cooking whatever you like in the back country. It has volume marks on the side, a flip-out locking handle and a vented lid that can also be used as a strainer. This set comes with 2 nested 10-ounce (or 296 ml) cups that we’re NOT going to use in this kit… so we’ll set them aside.
Now inside our cooker we can fit a 4-ounce gas canister, which is fuel for our mini-cook stove.
With all of this stuff inside, place the cooker lid on top and snap the handle in place to hold the lid tight. To further complete this kit, I found an affordable and compact burner that easily attaches to our stove gas canister and has fired up every time without a hitch. Now let’s take a look at the Hunting, Fishing Trapping and Survival Items that go into the front pocket of the pouch. First, we have a stainless steel, 3-in-1, knife, fork and spoon kit – similar to the one I used in Boy Scouts.
And for a fire-starting back-up, I’m including the Exotac Ferrocerium FireROD with a waterproof tinder compartment and a cottonball that I’ve loaded in there.
I chose my Old Timer 44OT pocket knife because it’s small, has 4 blades and is great for food preparation, processing game and small bushcraft chores. For a fishing kit… I decided to use the Uncle Flint’s Survival Fishing Kit II which includes a nice variety of gear for catching just about any freshwater fish. Also from Uncle Flint’s Survival Gear, I picked up 2 Small and 1 Large Cable Snare, with salt for bait and a useful instruction sheet. You can grab a ready-to-go, tubular sling shot band with pouch (for a few bucks) and improvise a sling shot in the back country. I found the accurate, affordable and small Top SHOT slingshot from Pocket Predator – I’ve added an extra band with pouch and sealed it all in a heavy duty freezer bag for storage in this kit. Now I can accurately shoot the three piece takedown arrows (with expanding broad heads) that I’m taking along.
The SERE all packs up small in a freezer bag (with an extra band) and fits nicely in this kit.

If you want to pack more slingshot ammo, and feel more confident with your slingshot shooting than your trapping skills, you could eliminate the snare kit and substitute 150 rounds of .38 caliber steel or lead shot. Regardless of what sling shot option you choose… all the survival, snare, fishing and hunting gear fits into the front pocket of this pouch. We’ve just taken a look at a modular, add-on, hunting, fishing, trapping, survival food kit that you can build for bug out bags, vehicles and home emergency kits that can help you keep calories flowing into your body when you need them most. Be sure to check out the YouTube video for this kit when you have a few minutes to see David assembling it all! Many years ago Australian Army ration packs contained a sachet of curry powder and it was a welcome addition when the stores issued were multiples of the same ration pack with the same contents. The Compact Survival Fishing Kit is a great addition to any survival kit or outing into the wilderness. So, I’ve put together this guide to help you choose the best survival knife for your kit. I’ve always liked knives, even before I received my very first Swiss Army Knife when I was a kid.
Fixed Blade: Folding knives are very useful tools, but the things that make them convenient also make them unacceptable as survival knives. Full Tang: With a full tang knife, the steel from the blade continues all the way through the handle. Comfortable, Non-Slip Grip: Survival knives were never intended to win a beauty contest, and the goal is to have a knife that fits your hand and will not turn in it while you are making kindling or hacking down evergreen boughs to line your shelter.
It’s durable, has flip-out handles, is designed for using over an open fire or on a camp stove.
It comes with a protective nylon pouch and is sized to fit snugly inside the pouch, on top of the Stanley cooker pot. It’s durable and fit this kit better than any of the other spork type utensil sets that I own. They even include a list of all the components in this kit so you can replenish the kit after use AND it’s all packed into a durable tin that fits just right in the front pouch of our food kit.
I have two similar pouches from a different manufacturer and have done a similar thing with one of them.
There were times I wondered if it was a myth that any other type of ration pack even existed. Please Consider Partnering with Us to Keep Our FAMILY FRIENDLY Videos (and Website Content) Coming YOUR Way. This quality kit includes the most used items in sufficient quantities for emergency food gathering (survival fishing). Because they are made of two or more pieces there is a higher risk of breakage than with a fixed blade.

Ensure that your knife flares out a little at the back and has a good finger guard, to help stop your hand from slipping during use. The blade also has to be thick enough to stand up to heavy use which means you are going to be looking for a knife with a blade up to a quarter of an inch in thickness. You want good steel that is not too hard, as this can make you blade brittle and difficult to keep an edge.
Not only because you’ve spent good money on it, but also because you want the knife to perform at its best should you ever need it in a real survival situation. Do you have any tips on how to sharpen a knife when you are out in the wild and dont have a sharpening tool with you?
However, a couple of classic ways to sharpen a knife in the field are with a leather belt or a river rock. Mason jars have been unavoidable for the last few years, whether they’re being used to store food, create cute crafts, or hold pretty candles. If you want to make someone a more personal present this holiday season, look no further than a mason jar.
Holiday Survival Kit – give your mom an early present to help her get through the stress of the holidays.
If I may offer a suggestion, I think the inclusion of some curry, chilli or other spiced powder is a good idea. Most folding knives have short, thin blades in comparison to a top quality survival knife which makes them less durable under heavy use. Don’t get confused by hollow core survival knives, that convenient compartment for fishing line creates a partial tang knife that is not much better than a folder. When assessing your edge, look for an angle that you can maintain with a decent stone or steel. The great thing about them is they’re so versatile and they always look cute no matter what. There are so many fun things you can do with them that will result in the cutest, most thoughtful gift ever – and it’s not even hard!
The addition of one or more of these can make some food more palatable or bring a taste difference to a meal if you are eating the same ingredients over a period of time.

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