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Being in a foreign country already comes with a set of challenges, and drinking only adds to that. Part 2 of my backpacking packing series, this time I go more in dept and more specific with backpacking for Europe and Southeast Asia.
If you are after a good nights rest whilst you are travelling off the beaten track, Bed Bug Guard offers the best protection from those uninvited guests who could be sharing your bed!
A fine mesh net treated with Zi Technology that fits underneath a sleeping bag or sheet, will provide bed bug protection against crawling or biting insect that may be residing in the matress.  It kills bugs on contact! Bed Bug Guard includes pillow cases. This week is Emergency Nurses Day, which led us to thinking about what happens if you need medical assistance or treatment abroad. First stop should be the Foreign Travel Advice pages at GOV.UK, which can inform you of any health and safety risks, and vaccinations that you might need.
The EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) is a nifty little card that’s well worth having – plus it’s free! On arrival to your destination, or even beforehand, the smart thing to do is to track down the nearest official pharmacy. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, or have an accident or illness related to your accommodation or travel arrangements, your holiday operator or rep should be your first point of contact. You should also keep your own records of incidents, which could include taking photographic evidence, keeping a log of medical treatment, obtaining a crime number and arranging copies of any paperwork relating to your accident or illness. If you’re planning on driving abroad, take some time to research the rules of the road and driving conditions. No-one wants to think about having an accident or falling ill on holiday, but unfortunately these things can and do happen. Helpful information about booking, and preparing for a holiday, as well as how to stay safe when you’re abroad.
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An essential Safety Kit for operators of School Mini Buses where the safe transport of students is a regular occurence. This High Quality Kit meets legal requirements concerning the transport of children and young adults. Our most popular Driver Safety Kit, ensuring you are equipped with all you need in the event of an accident or breakdown.

Top of our Range and quite probably the most comprehensive and complete Driver Safety Kit on the market. Correct Tyre Pressures and Tread Depth are critical to safe driving in all weather conditions. Hi-Visibility Yellow Vest  for general use, a top quality lightweight garment ensures safe visibility in all weather conditions and times of day. We use Sage Pay to collect and process all transactional information - to find out more about their security policy click here. A fine mesh net treated with Zi Technology that fits underneath a sleeping bag or sheet, to protect against crawling or biting insects. An accident or illness can ruin your trip – or worse – so it’s important to know what to do if your health is hit while on holiday.
When it comes to holidays abroad, the more research and prep you can do in advance, the safer and better the break will be. Budget for good insurance when working out the cost of your holiday, and make sure that you’re covered for any extra activities you might want to do while you’re out there. Holders of this card will be entitled to state-provided healthcare in European Economic Area (EAA) countries and Switzerland at low or no cost. These can be great for treating minor illnesses and injuries, and may even have an on-site doctor. They may be able to help with arranging treatment and alternative accommodation, and communications between relevant parties, and should also keep a record of events. Most hotels and attractions should have accident books, so make sure that all issues are logged and that you get a photocopy or photograph of the entry. These will make it easier to claim back costs after the event using your EHIC or travel insurance. You should also take care to protect yourself as far as possible from crime, taking common sense precautions such as not carrying too much cash or having expensive gadgets or jewellery on show, sticking to safe, well lit areas after dark, using the service of a guide when going off the beaten track and avoiding conflict. Reduce the chances of them happening to you by taking all possibly safety precautions – and make sure you know how to deal with an accident, illness or emergency situation when abroad. Top quality products which are necessary in the event of an accident or breakdown and required by law when travelling abroad. High Speed Class 10, essential for use with your Smart Witness Camera, the maximum size acceptable giving up to 8 hours journey time recording. High Speed Class 10, essential for use with your Smart Witness Camera for extended use and journey times over the 4GB card yet still producing excellent HD images. High Speed Class 10, essential for use with your Smart Witness Camera to reproduce excellent HD images.
In addition, the camera features a high-quality lens capturing clear images of the driver's view of the road.The HD images provided by the camera can be used as evidence in a court of law.
Similar to our Tourer kit but with an added Camera with Accident Report Kit and Safety Hammer.

If your journey is going to take you through Spain or Croatia you will need an additional Warning Triangle, a legal requirement for Spanish drivers but very advisable for tourists as on the spot fines can and are being given by local police.
Correct pressures can save lives and will certainly save you money over the life of your tyres as well as extending their lifespan. Blue Dot approved to latest HSE requirements, a legal requirement for Commercial Vehicles and all Passenger Carrying Vehicles i.e Private Hire, Taxis, Mini-Buses, Coaches etc. In the unfortunate event of being trapped in a vehicle, this priceless device can cut through a restraining seat belt and break toughened window glass to allow an escape route.
So find time between searching for the best beaches and bars, or booking great deals on attraction tickets, to do some really important health-based research instead. Your doctor can best advise you which vaccinations might be relevant to you, as well as offering health advice for the destination and advice on managing any pre-existing health conditions while you’re away. For example, certain watersports, scuba diving, adventure activities and driving activities such as quad biking or hiring a scooter may require additional insurance.
Just be sure to carry a prescription for any medication, and make sure that non-prescription medication, such as paracetamol, is clearly labelled in original packaging, and that you are allowed to take them into your destination country. An emergency call is able to connect using any available network, so you should be able to connect even without mobile phone signal.
Depending on your destination these could include not drinking the water (or taking ice in your drinks), using sunscreen and insect repellent, choosing your holiday activities carefully, sticking within safe alcohol limits and making sure you’ve had the relevant vaccinations in good time.
Following the Boy Scout rule and being prepared will give you the very best chance of staying safe and healthy on your happy holidays! In addition, the camera features an integrated 3 axis G-sensor and integrated GPS receiver. Meets all current UK and EU standards and gives you the peace of mind in knowing that whatever the circumstance this excellent kit ensures that you are safe, visible and prepared whatever the conditions.
Fuel consumption is improved and emmissions reduced by maintaing correct tyre pressures checked once a week. Remember that health and safety regulations are often not as strict or adhered to as in the UK, so make sure you check out any activities and their operators carefully. Wherever you are going in the world, you should be able to find the emergency number online; once you do, save it in your phone. You should also know the location and contact numbers of your nearest doctors surgery and hospital (with A&E) department.
They are not an alternative to travel insurance though, so you should still make sure that you pick up a policy before you go. As well as the number for the emergency services, you should also make a note of the number for your travel rep (if you have one), insurance company and the British Consulate or Embassy in your destination.

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