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Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. The download contains 2 layered PSDs with red and white variations of the icon along with 6 PNG icons in total. Most of us keep a basic first aid kit for people in our homes and possibly our cars, close at hand and easy to find and get to in case of any emergencies or minor bumps and accidents. It is always best to be prepared, and keeping a canine first aid kit alongside of your regular first aid kit is a great idea for all dog owners. First of all, you will need a suitable container to house your first aid equipment, which can consist of anything from a large Tupperware box to a specially designed first aid kit bag or case. A simple reference guide to canine first aid and accident management is a great place to start, as this will provide you with an at a glance guide to most of the minor problems and accidents that you might face. Alongside of the book, keep a list of the phone numbers and contact details for your local vets- both the vet that your dog is registered with, and if possible, the details for an alternative practice in case for any reason your own vet is unobtainable in an emergency. You may also wish to keep your pet’s veterinary records and vaccination papers in your first aid kit as well. Keep several pairs of latex gloves (or latex free for allergy sufferers, either canine or human) within easy reach in your kit. A tick twister tool is useful to have, to quickly remove any ticks that your dog might acquire when out walking. A pair of slanted-edge tweezers are handy for many reasons, including removing splinters and thorns. A packet of cotton wool balls is always handy, although these can shed fibres so should not be used for dressing wounds. A roll of gauze and some gauze-covered pads are essential, to dress wounds and apply dressings with. A gentle but effective dog-safe skin disinfectant and cleanser should be near to the top of your kit for cleaning wounds.
A large bore sterile syringe (without a needle) is handy to keep, in order to enable flushing or irrigating wounds or eyes. A bottle of a good quality antibacterial skin wash such as Chlorohexidine is important, both for washing wounds and cleansing your own hands before and after touching any wounds. A jar of Vaseline or petroleum jelly in order to comfortably use the thermometer on your dog. A small jar of honey (the type of size that is often provided with breakfast in hotels and restaurants) in case of any blood-sugar emergencies. A range of bandages, wound dressings and pads that can be used to stem the flow of blood from wounds while you seek veterinary help. Other useful equipment to keep in your kit can include a torch, a spare lead, a blanket and possibly, even some emergency funds such as a £20 note in case you need to take a taxi to your vets in a hurry. Veterinary surgeons will treat pets as required in an emergency and arrange for payment to be made later in the day or by arrangement, but taxi drivers, unfortunately, will not usually work under this same arrangement!
Once you have your kit made up and ready to use, make sure that you keep it somewhere accessible and easy to find; and that you remember where it is! While I can’t help with making the daily grind pleasant, in this article we’re going to explore some things you can do to make sure that the events that happen in and around our cars are less stressful – and that’s a good thing, because less stress = longer lives = more time spent in cars.
All deserve to be considered when we pack our cars with gear and our heads with the skills to mitigate these emergencies.  Keep in mind that these lists are going to be extremely short, as our everyday carry (EDC) structure will take care of quite a few of these problems. There are a few occurrences that will show you the ‘weak points’ in your defensive driving curriculum.
This is going to depend on your level of skill and comfort with working around common automotive problems, but being able to take care of some of these ‘easy fix’ issues will go a long way in getting you out of the Type 2 hold-up and on your way to bigger and better things. By the nature of the “Understanding Emergencies” structure, there is no framework for a “vehicle-specific” Type 3 Emergency. The third line equipment is generally your backpack and contains the type of equipment you’ll probably not use unless you’re displaced; a benefit of this line of equipment is that it’s easy to pack and keep in your car, and it’s portable in case you have to move away from your vehicle.
However, keeping a kit in your car also allows you to quickly move in case of an emergency such as a flood, fire, riots, or earthquakes – all of which could potentially be Type 3 Emergencies. The backpack contains equipment to cook, collect, and purify water, build shelter, and stay warm.
Between these two additional resources, you can use your vehicle third-line kit to tailor your mobile third-line to your specific needs, if you find yourself in an emergency. Vehicle-specific equipment: This is the stuff that is carried to keep the vehicle moving for as long as possible over as much terrain as possible. Augmented equipment: The equipment we can use immediately that will be no great loss if we have to leave it behind. Keeping yourself fed, especially by the time you realize there’s an emergency, is going to start becoming more and more tricky as the demand for food articles increases.
While it’s nice to have some things stuffed in the pantry, having some in your car is a good bet as well.

This applies to both aluminum and plastic containers, and this is speculative on my part, but I don’t trust BPA-free containers either. Layering your equipment in this way will supply you with a fast, reproducible, and modular way to organize and use your kit. It is highly recommended that after reading this article you evaluate your current vehicle preparedness supplies and everyday carry items based on your skills and possible needs.  And regularly check on the condition and quality of your preps stored in your car, as they are subjected to considerably harsher conditions in Summer and Winter while enclosed in your vehicle compared to sitting on a shelf in your garage or home. Great article , BUT If there is an EMP None of this means squat unless you have a vehicle that will still operate .
I think the idea above all others is that your survival gear needs to be rotated and fresh. Your article has given me some things to think about for revising my vehicle and Get Home kits, which is something I was going to do this summer anyway. I am going to get the Mainstay bars too because I have heard from others as well that they taste better. We would be pleased to discuss your needs on AED's - Automated External Defibrillators - giving advice on models, ease of operation and cost as best suits your specific needs. We can also supply first aid kits for your business or group and we would be pleased to discuss your requirements. Top 8 Baby Grooming Kits--> For caregivers of babies and toddlers, having the basic healthcare and grooming items on hand is essential.
To keep baby's gums healthy and promote good oral health early on, this oral care kit has everything that caregivers need. With an ergonomic design that makes these baby care essentials easy to use, the Deluxe Baby Healthcare Kit simplifies basic infant care, whether at home or on the go. Combining the essentials for baby's healthcare and grooming needs, the Safety 1st Baby's 1st Deluxe Healthcare and Grooming Kit makes a great gift. This fun health and grooming kit from Graco offers a colorful, animated twist to basic infant hygiene accessories. For soothing teething pain, trimming little fingernails, taking temperatures, and cleaning baby's gums, the Summer Infant Complete Nursery Care Kit combines 21 essentials for basic healthcare and hygiene. Take the stress out of giving baby necessary medicines with the Nuby 7 Piece Medical Organizer Kit..
Complete with a colorful rattle to distract little ones, the First Years Deluxe Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit includes necessary items such as a hair brush, comb, nail clippers, nasal aspirator, medicine spoon, and an extra-soft toothbrush designed especially for sensitive toddler teeth and gums. The transparent icons are resized in popular sizes, but you can resize the Photoshop files to fit your design need. It is also a great idea to keep a basic first aid and emergency kit for your dog too, as dogs are just as likely to be prone to minor accidents and the odd scrape!
If this seems like a sensible idea to you but you are not sure what should be included within your kit or how to organise it, read on to find out more.
It can be easy to underestimate the size of the container that you will need, in order to fit everything into it and make sure that everything in your kit is easy to find in a hurry.
It can be helpful to keep everything together and ensure that if you need to grab the kit in a hurry to accompany your dog to your own vet or a new practice, all of their health data and vaccination history is to hand as well. Honey is preferable to raw or refined sugar, as it is more easily digestible and gets to work faster. This can be useful to stem the flow of bleeding if your dog damages a claw, as claws often bleed profusely when injured. Many dog owners will immediately discount this suggestion due to their dog’s usually good natured temperament, but a hurt, frightened dog that is in pain may well lash out or bite, even when faced with someone trying to help them. Hopefully you will never need to use it, but even so, the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are prepared for any emergency involving your dog makes is eminently worthwhile. We can apply these same templates to our vehicles, to make the most unpleasant moments on the road a little more manageable. That’s okay, though, because these challenges still fall into our previously established categories of emergency “types.” In doing this, we can maintain some consistency, while only modifying our metric of how protracted the event is.
These happen in the blink of an eye and produce an overwhelming amount of pandemonium – and then they’re over. Your ability to manipulate things like your seatbelt or clutch are likely to suffer, so it’s important to make sure you have a mental outline of what you’re going to do, and practice it. Note: This allows you to keep the vehicle running, in case you need to move again quickly, and minimizes the chances that the vehicle won’t start again if you’ve been in a collision.
There’s really not much about a flat tire that’s intense, and it’s usually resolved in a matter of hours. These are core proficiencies that will keep you alive; the notion is that with these supplies, I can scavenge for food and collect what I need from the environment. Our vehicles can carry more than we can, but we can maneuver in places our vehicles cannot. This is the “get home” equipment that you could live off for several days without any scavenging or energy-intensive labor.  Of all your equipment, the third-line setup is the easiest to exaggerat, and make unappealing to carry.

I don’t care if it’s from a Boy Scout – learn how to start a fire, collect and purify your water, and build a decent shelter.
If you’re in Alaska, you should probably not try to survive with just a Mylar bag and extra set of socks. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, for example, looting cleared the shelves of anything potable and palatable in short order. Water is a bit trickier, as not all plastics are food-grade, and in thermal extremes, you begin to get leaching where the container actually starts depositing chemicals into your Dihydrogen Monoxide. For this reason, I restock my water out of my home each day, and carry my water containers to and from. This way, if there is an emergency, I can ditch the contents of my typical carry bag (books, etc.) and grab the necessities.
I picked the Mainstay as the lemon flavor was better for me than the coconut of the Datrex but I’m sure either will work just fine.
The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of anyone else.
Many parents decide to purchase multiple grooming and healthcare kits to keep one at home, one in the diaper bag, and even leave one with other caregivers. The five-piece set includes one fingertip toothbrush, one gum stimulator, one infant toothbrush, one toddler toothbrush, and one toothbrush holder, along with a storage pouch.
The kit includes a nasal aspirator, digital thermometer with case, soft-tip medicine dispenser, comfort-tip medicine spoon with protective cap, and infant nail clippers. Healthcare supplies include a three-in-one thermometer with case, toothbrush, nasal aspirator, medicine dispenser, five probe covers for the thermometer, five alcohol wipes, and an emergency information card. Little ones love the giraffe toothbrush, alligator nail clippers, turtle hairbrush, polar bear comb, salamander medicine spoon, and digital tiger thermometer. With items such as the Sure-Dose medicine dropper and spoon, caregivers can rest assured that the dosage is accurate every time. In addition to a soft brush, comb, nail clippers, digital thermometer, nasal aspirator, medicine spoon, emery board, and nasal aspirator, this handy little kit also includes a Boo Boo Pack to help soothe minor bumps and scrapes. Having the tools that you will need readily available to take care of any minor incidents or to take care of your dog while you get help or contact the vet is important, and can help to ensure that you do not waste time searching for equipment or panicking if something untoward should happen. You might find it easier to collect together everything that will include within your first aid kit first, and then later on source a suitable container to hold it all. Car accidents take on a variety of levels of severity, but we can easily say that if you’re in a car accident, the accident doesn’t “last” for hours (even if the impacts do). But, there are things you can do to prepare during the intermittent 12-year stretch of life that you’re going to be spending on the road, just in case you’re away from home and something significant happens. It’s also the most dependent on your level of skill and savvy with packing energy-dense foods, lightweight equipment, and water.
We can go over individual kits for your vehicle here, or if you want to tailor a specific set of equipment to your circumstances, here. With that said, I still keep all the 1st, 2nd and 3rd necessity items in my bags at all times – so I have a bare minimum of equipment even if I’m walking around campus, grabbing lunch, or hiking. The author may or may not have a financial interest in any company or advertiser referenced. The nail clippers have an attached magnifying glass so caregivers can get a better look at those tiny fingernails and avoid nicking baby's delicate skin. Grooming supplies include nail clippers, a brush and comb set, a cradle cap comb, and five emery boards. Other pieces include baby scissors, medicine syringe, nasal aspirator, tweezers, emery boards, finger toothbrush, and toddler toothbrush as well as a zippered pouch.
Pieces include a pacifier medicine dispenser, forehead and digital thermometers, nail clippers, a nasal aspirator, and emery boards. For maximum convenience, the nasal aspirator does duty as an ear syringe and a digital thermometer as well. Establish one for yourself as well, based on your vehicle and your comfort level with the above situations.
In everyday life, the Type 2 Emergency challenges our resourcefulness and our ability to adapt and provide for ourselves.
Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader. So when we look at these problems, the key point is that these situations (like our “original” Type 2 Emergencies) expose us and increase our likelihood of finding ourselves in a situational Type 1 Emergency (such as being struck by another motorist while changing a tire.

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