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In Emma Thompson's new book, Peter Rabbit decides he needs a change of scene to cure his mopey mood. Interview Highlights On how publishers asked Thompson to write a new Peter Rabbit book "It wasn't a formal letter as such. On channeling the voice of Beatrix Potter "I think it was a question of just allowing her influence upon me as a child to speak to me as I worked. On tips for parents reading her book to their kids at bedtime "Take it slow, much slower than you think.
Cat detective John Blacksad investigates the disappearance of a famous pianist in Blacksad: A Silent Hell. This triptych of satisfying graphic novels is set in late Victorian Europe, in a world rich with steampunk gadgets and lingo. If our parents are good stewards of our educations, we read Art Spiegelman's Maus, with its Nazi cats and Jewish mice a€” the sine qua non of anthropomorphic graphic storytelling. Jody Arlington is a communications and policy strategist for the independent film and documentary community, and the owner of a truly astounding number of graphic novels. The extended interview above includes parts one and two of the Morning Edition interview, plus additional material. Thompson authored the 1995 film adaptation of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, and now she's taken on another period project a€” reviving the classic children's book character Peter Rabbit. I was in Scotland when I was writing, and she was very much influenced by Scotland, and I believe that landscape enters you when you're little in a very particular way, and very much affects your development. Give them plenty of time to look at the pictures and sort of extrapolate from the pictures. Hard-boiled, with brooding investigators, sharp wits, danger, crazy fights, bullets, chases and loves lost, unrequited, or dripping with passion. Written by Spaniards for French audiences, the award-winning series has been published in more than 20 languages. Iron, with its tale of prey animals resisting the oppression of a predator regime after a long conflict, evokes both Maus and Animal Farm. Rowling is taking her first steps into the world of adult literature after the immense success of the Harry Potter series.
And with this book, you can do things like a€” there's a page where he comes up on a sign which reads, 'Keep Out,' and I've written, 'I imagine it will not surprise you to hear that Peter did not keep out. NPR reserves the right to use the comments we receive, in whole or in part, and to use the commenter's name and location, in any medium.

Or perhaps tempered by darkness in a cold, post-revolutionary world filled with intrigue, conspiracy and a resistance hanging in the balance. The stories closely resemble American pulp fiction, with the titular PI a big, black, burly kitty in a trench coat, more Philip Marlowe than Sylvester in his mien.
What lends this story its power is the simplicity of the plotting in contrast with the complexity of the characters as they come to grips with their pasts and the paths before them. I think the first words that enter you when you're very small have a hugely powerful, potent impact on your relationship with language. Blacksad investigates all the underbelly society has to offer in 1950s New Orleans, the perfect setting for racial tensions, abductions, murder mysteries and beatdowns.
This holds true whether they are chasing the resistance, carrying out a well-laid plot, or claiming the mantle of a fallen comrade with disastrous results. And the child part of me, I think, actually believed it had come from Peter Rabbit himself. Servant class "Doughfaces." History is set on its head, with Britain having lost the Napoleonic wars to France. Wars a€” in this case the specter of WWII and the height of the Communist Red Scare a€” make cameos, and Blacksad bears it all with stoicism, when he doesn't get seriously pissed off.
She's rather disruptive in school; there are just a lot of aspects to her situation that interest me," Rowling says. Not surprisingly, it opens with Peter Rabbit contemplating an adventure in which he's sure to break a lot of rules.
And that got past my defenses and my fear for long enough for me to say, 'OK, well, I'll have a go.' " On being read Peter Rabbit as a child and reading the books to her own daughter "The Potter oeuvre consists of lots of different kinds of books. What, now we say, 'cheese and pickle sandwiches.' But there's something about 'excellent sandwiches of cheese and pickle' that's very Potter-esque. After a long occupation, Britain is independent, but Anglophobia, revolution and growing restlessness abound. Beautifully painted panels and sharp pacing will keep you turning pages, as will the many mentions of key historical moments a€” and oh so many unsavory characters and hot dames a€” woven into the storylines. Some are very much for the younger child, because they've only got about two or three words on each page. Paris, now the capital of a French empire, is Grandville, and most of the action revolves around British and French imbroglios threatening the Pax Francia.
She came from a well-educated, lower-middle-class background, she says, but as many biographies have noted, she ended up on welfare after her first marriage broke down.

Enter Detective LeBrock, the hard-bodied badger detective who travels with barbells, deploys Holmesian deductive reasoning and has a tragic past.
As teens, we're turned on to the political satires like Animal Farm, with its pigs and dogs playing out tableaus of politics and human cruelty far more expressively than actual humans.
He and his posh rat partner track down assassins, revolutionaries turned murderers and a cabal of wealthy industrialists led by a heinous toad plotting another war.
There's no magic in Vacancy, though readers of the Potter books may well recognize Rowling's acute and often painful observations of human nature.
I think you could ask 10 English people the same question about class and get a very different answer. You lose your individuality a huge amount when you have no money, and I certainly had that experience," she says. It's also the first authorized Peter Rabbit story to be written by someone other than Beatrix Potter. And the Grandville books are full of grimly funny set pieces a€” like a disheveled Snowy the dog, found in an opium den muttering about his Tin Tin adventures in a heroin-induced hallucination. Thompson shares her childhood memories of reading Peter Rabbit and discusses how she went about preserving Potter's singular writing style. Tod, you know, which in bedtime story terms is only a little bit shorter than The Satanic Verses, you know, it's a lot to read at night.
Plutarch wrote essays about it ("On the Use of Reason by 'Irrational' Animals" a€” definitely not beach reading, by the way).
It's not my story, but it does address themes, subjects that are very important to me." Rowling got the idea on a plane, while touring the United States to promote the last Harry Potter book.
I had been cutting shamelessly because I wanted to get downstairs to my glass of chardonnay. Vidaurri and duo Juan Diaz Canales and Juanjo Guardido all deliver with their anthropomorphic creations, wowing us with their words and art, and this very important message: Don't make the kitty angry, trust toads or give bunnies explosives.
She wasn't old enough when we left a life of real poverty to remember some of what I can remember, and I suppose this book brought it home to her, what kind of existence we could have had." But Rowling says she hasn't thought much about the reaction of professional critics.

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