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July 15, 2013 By Sheila 15 Comments The first half of 2013 is over, which is a great time to look back at what have been the top books I’ve read so far this year.
Love memoirs, especially food memoirs, and this is up there as one of the best I’ve ever read.
Was not expecting much from these genre-bending fractured fairy-tale mish-mash books, but they were so. I see so many of these that I’ve added to my to-read list because of your recommendation, Sheila. I’ve got an idea for how to share spoilers on the site where only those who want to read them will.
Don’t know how that would work on mobile devices, though, or how possible it is with your system. Ursula Todd was born in 1910 and is fated to die and be reborn over and over until she “gets it right.” Does Ursula’s apparently infinite number of lives give her the power to prevent two world wars?
Elizabeth and Darcy take a backseat in this retelling of Jane Austen’s beloved Pride and Prejudice. Following the death of their mother, Australian sisters Naomi and Sally Durance volunteer as nurses during World War I.
In a matter of days, Jack Parker loses his parents to smallpox, his grandfather to murder, and his sister to kidnappers. January 2, 2014 By sheila 18 Comments Today I’m sharing the books I thought were the best-of-the-best for the entire year.
Early readers are awful, but they do make my son happy when he can read them by himself, so I guess that’s something. Actress Graham takes on the alter ego of Franny Banks in this story of a struggling young thespian set in mid-1990s New York City.
Amanda, who lives in New York City in 2007, finds the journal of a woman who lived in the city in 1907 and quickly realizes the two have much in common despite the century that separates them. After forming a bond in high school in the 1960s and being dubbed “the Supremes,” three African American friends share life’s ups and downs over the course of 40 years at Earl’s All-You-Can-Eat. After losing the most recent in a string of restaurant jobs, Queenie Wade returns home to live with her sister in the small Texas town where they grew up and were ostracized because of their mother’s reputation. Lorca, a troubled teen with a penchant for self-harm, forms a bond with an elderly widow who teaches her how to cook an Iraqi dish so Lorca can impress her distant mother. Bu aksam ise liste yapan bu ekiplerin ortak kararlar?n?n ne oldugunu merak ettim ve en iyi kitaplar listelerinden ortaya c?kan bir en iyi kitaplar listesi olusturmaya karar verdim. Robinson Crusoe 389 ya da Pandora yukar?daki kitaplar? getirse de Amazon’a para kazand?rmasak ne kadar guzel olur. Ben de gecen sene daha guzel ve etkileyici kitaplar okumustum ama bu sene de Karanl?g?n Sol Eli ve Olum Bir Varm?s Bir Yokmus’u okuduguma cok memnunum. Fan favorite Blackstock launches another suspenseful series with a crime blogger determined to prove her brother innocent of murder. A drunkard, a priest, and their companions flee assassins as the medieval fantasy world they inhabit faces opposition to the ascension of a new king. With a fresh, sympathetic re­interpretation of a familiar biblical character, Lee steps out of coauthor Ted Dekker’s shadow to examine Judas Iscariot’s life from childhood through his years as a disciple and to his fateful decision to betray Jesus and its aftermath. When a single woman in an Old Order Mennonite community becomes pregnant, she is shunned for keeping the father’s name secret. Beginning with a list of several hundred books that have earned stars throughout the year, SLJ‘s book review editors commenced the grand task of winnowing down the best of the best. Gr 3a€“7 a€“Two raccoons, a boy in need of a boatload of cash, rampaging feral hogs, and an alligator wrestler are just a few of the oddball characters that populate the Sugar Man Swamp. Gr 9 Up a€“Having survived two years in captivity and a maiming (her tongue), 15-year-old Judith returns to her small, isolated colonial village only to be shunned and reviled. Gr 9 Up a€“Tana wakes up at a party to discover that she, her ex-boyfriend, and a mysterious boy with red eyes are the only survivors.
Gr 5-8 a€“Three friends steal into the night on a perilous quest to satisfy an unquiet spirit inhabiting a creepy doll.
Gr 4-8 a€“The archetypical tale of an orphan abandoned in an enchanted forest is elevated in this vividly imagined fantasy.
Gr 4-6 a€“Serafina dreams of becoming a doctor, but getting an education may be impossible in poverty-stricken Haiti. Gr 9 Up a€“When he was five years old, millions of viewers saw Gerald Faust defecate in his mothera€™s shoes on a reality TV show. Gr 8 Up a€“Rich and standoffish Amy Fields, 17, is forced to confront her grief over her mothera€™s suicide when pirates commandeer her familya€™s yacht off the Somali coast. Gr 6 Up a€“Studious Jeremy Johnson Johnson, whose best friend is the ghost of Jacob Grimm, and saucy Ginger Boultinghouse set out to discover why children are disappearing from the small town of Never Better. Gr 9 Up a€“When he wakes up alone in his childhood home in England, the last thing Seth remembers is drowning off the Washington State coast.
Gr 3-6 a€“In 1908, Henry Harrisona€™s life is forever changed when a young Buster Keaton visits the boya€™s small Michigan town with his vaudeville act. Gr 9 Up a€“Two outsiders from very different homes are thrown together on the school bus and a romance is born, fueled by a shared appreciation of music and comics. Gr 9 Up a€“Twins Cath and Wren write fan fiction for their favorite fantasy series, a€?Simon Snow.a€? Now in their first year of college, extrovert Wren is ready to leave the fantasy worlda€“and possibly her sistera€“behind.

Gr 4-6 a€“Found floating in a cello case on the English Channel, Sophie is taken in by a bachelor who encourages her to wear trousers and speak her minda€“much to the dismay of her stuffy welfare agent.
Gr 9 Up a€“In this riveting sequel to The Raven Boys, Gansey continues his search for the mystical grave of a Welsh king, Ronan hones his ability to take things from his dreams, and Adam falls apart while Blue tries not to fall in love.
Gr 5-8 a€“An intricately woven plot, complex characters, and a carefully crafted post-World War II New England setting distinguish this odyssey story.
Gr 9 Up a€“Rose Justice, 18, is an American civilian pilot working for the Air Transport Auxiliary in 1944. Gr 4-7 a€“The Gaither sisters return to Brooklyn after their revolutionary experiences in One Crazy Summer (HarperCollins, 2010).
Gr 8 Up a€“Ita€™s 1918: the Spanish influenza pandemic and World War I have killed countless young men and women. Gr 9 Up a€“This two-volume graphic novel tells the story of the Boxer Rebellion through the eyes of Little Bao, a Chinese peasant boy, and Vibiana, an outcast welcomed by Christian missionaries. By SLJ Book Review Editors: Kiera Parrott, Trevelyn Jones, Luann Toth, Marlene Charnizon, Daryl Grabarek, Chelsey Philpot, Shelley Diaz, and Joy Fleishhacker.
Use the categories below to search through more than 200 standout titles selected by NPR staff and critics.
I’m excited about reading the rest of the series and how it incorporates the other fairy tales. But it’ll involve some testing to see if my idea will work, so it might be a bit before I can implement it. On other book discussion sites (I’m thinking mostly of the Harry Potter fan sites from before the last few books came out, ha), they would put spoilers in a font the same color as the background of the screen. And remind myself how to set up a CSS style for it so I can then add it to any post easily in the future without having to type it all out every time. Love it or hate it, this darkly comic novel by the winner of the Whitbread Award will stick with you. Instead, the focus is on the servants who keep the household running smoothly, for the most part. It isn’t often that war is presented through the eyes of those who care for the wounded and dying.
With the help of a cunning bounty hunter and an ex-slave grave digger, he sets out on an epic journey across turn-of-the-20th-century East Texas to rescue his sister. He maintains this disguise for years while riding with Brown as “Little Onion.” McBride’s retelling of the events that led to the tragic raid at Harpers Ferry is enthralling. I read 232 books for the year, so there were a lot of choices, but I’ve managed to cull it down to six per category. If I ever write my favorite-novels-in-verse post I keep thinking about, it’ll be on the list.
I find myself hoping that she continues to write her way through all the stages of her children’s growth.
This debut explores “with warmhearted humor and salty language” the power of female friendship. A beautifully told story of a relationship that nourishes and enriches the participants as their friendship deepens. Yukar?daki listelerin ortak alan? kurgu eserler oldugundan listelerde s?ralanan bu dala ait kitaplar? s?ralad?m. Ayr?ca, 2013, y?llar once kitaplar?n? okuyup sonras?nda unutmay? tercih ettigim baz? yazarlar?n senesi olmus, bu da benim ad?ma ilginc bir durum (Kate Atkinson ne yazm?s da bu kadar begenilmis, yar?n kitab? al?p okumaya baslayacak kadar merak ediyorum).
Eger linke t?klayacak olursan?z blog sahibinin kisisel 2013 listelerine bakmay? da unutmay?n. Bu verimsizlik icinde liste yapmam pek anlaml? olmaz ama ilk iki s?ray? s?ras? ile The Sense of an Ending ve The Remains of the Day’in ald?g?n? soylemem yanl?s olmaz. Petersheim makes an outstanding debut with this original and inspirational retelling of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter. The volume of outstanding novels for young adults continues to grow, yielding characters that are fully realized and stay with readers long after the last page. Employing a thick Southern patois and mouth-watering details, the narrator gathers readers close for this rip-roaring tall tale. This powerful novel about loss, resilience, and recovery has a tender and uplifting romance at its core. She decides that driving into the quarantined city of Springfield is the only hope of saving them from the global vampiric pandemic.
Nestled within this atmospheric ghost story is a poignant exploration of friendship, growing up, and growing apart. Jinxa€™s world of unpredictable magic, cantankerous wizards, and menacing trolls evokes classic fairy-tale lore, while his journey from undesired child to budding apprentice is freshly told.
In the wake of the devastating 2010 earthquake, Serafina learns to hope against hope, overcoming physical and metaphorical obstacles.
When Flora Belle Buckman witnesses her neighbora€™s super-powered vacuum suck up an unsuspecting squirrel, an unlikely friendship is born. Griggs becomes deathly ill in 1854 London, a 13-year-old a€?mudlarka€? recognizes the symptoms of cholera and goes in search of Dr. It certainly does for Flora, who leaves the pigpen and sets off on a most improbable journey to Antarctica.

Mortain (aka Death), Lady Sybella is charged with killing Count da€™Albret (aka her father), a cruel nobleman.
The teen must make sense of his seemingly abandoned world and come to terms with a past betrayal and his guilt over a family tragedy.
The fictional story of their lasting friendship is beautifully told through Phelana€™s spare text and soft, yet vibrant watercolor illustrations. The heady validation that comes with first love allows Eleanor and Park to come to take charge of their futures.
Rowell offers charming characters, crisp dialogue, and all-too-real situations that will resonate with teens. Rundell transports readers from the streets of London to the moonlit rooftops of Paris as the indomitable Sophie searches for her long-lost mother. When a freak accident takes the lives of her parents, a most unlikely ad hoc community embraces Willowa€™s odd ways. Jack, a boy struggling with grief and isolation, travels the Appalachian Trail with his strange new friend Early.
Armed with poetry and Black Panther pride, the girls contend with Big Maa€™s rules, Uncle Darnella€™s homecoming from Vietnam, and Paa€™s lady friend. Mary Shelley Black, 16, is visited by the ghost of her first love and must uncover how he really died to help him find peace.
I’ve picked five each of my favorite nonfiction and fiction reads, although I do cheat a bit with the last fiction pick.
And let me know, what have been your best books from the first half of 2013 – any ones you’re raving about that I need to read soon? You could highlight it with your mouse and read it or leave it hidden if you didn’t want to. That’s ok though, it keeps them enthusiastic about it, and I just take them back the next time and try again.
Her children are just enough older than mine that I can use her books as a look-ahead at what is coming my way. Bu sene hicbirini okumad?g?m bu kitaplar?n baz?lar? 2014 y?l?n?n ilk aylar?nda benimle birlikte olacak, bir k?sm? ise olmayacak, bu karar?m? da simdiden size bildirmis olay?m.
This year also saw a rise in the number of distinguished books for middle grade readers, and while a fair number of the selected titles deal with serious themes, there are also books on the list that will leave readers chuckling aloud.
This gripping novel, with its appealing, quick-witted heroine, is modern dystopian horror at its chilling best. Burga€™s poignant novel in verse offers a distinct perspective and will inspire young dreamers. DiCamillo expertly balances the comically absurd with the quietly philosophical while Campbella€™s graphic-novel-style illustrations add punch to this instant classic.
Readers will root for plucky Summer as she comes into her own in this tenderhearted, multigenerational story.
In this honest and unflinching portrayal, King grapples with issues of identity, love, and self-acceptance. Energetic black-and-white illustrations highlight Floraa€™s gutsy spirit in this chapter book that can be enjoyed independently or read aloud.
Mid-assignment, she rescues a superhuman knight and learns the power of love and redemption.
Piddy decides to be just as mean and nasty as Yaquia€”even if it jeopardizes relationships with friends and family. Elliot lives in the Kingdom of Cello, where things have gone awry since his fathera€™s recent disappearance. Rowella€™s endearing characters are smart and funny, and their heartrending story is unforgettable.
Without an ounce of mawkishness, Willowa€™s narration unfolds with poignancy and integrity. Their journey provides readers with engrossing adventure as well as a hopeful and satisfying conclusion. Despite unspeakable conditions, she bonds with her fellow prisoners and draws on her inner resources, especially her love of poetry, to survive. Authentic details bring late-1960s Brooklyn to vivid life, while laugh-out-loud drama delights. We need to figure a way for you to put spoilers up so you only have to read them if you’ve read the book, lol. Bu listeleri benim d?s?mda merak eden olursa diye Guzelonlu’ya da eklemeye karar verdim. With the help of the boy, the epidemiological scientist proves that the source of the disease is contaminated water from the local pump. In this companion to Grave Mercy (Houghton Harcourt, 2012), LaFevers plunges readers into a reimagined 15th-century Europe complete with avenging nuns, a sumptuous setting, and fast-paced action. The teens exchange letters through a tiny portal, and readers will be caught up in the ways their lives intertwine.

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