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It was a show made timeless by bringing cheesey, classic, campy, and horrible science fiction and horror movies to the small screen awhile making fun of them. One lab monkey of a man was sent into space by mad scientists who were using him as an experiment.
Mike Nelson took over the role for another 97 episodes and one film until 1999 when it all came to a close.

When all the ‘pistons were firing,’ I think MST3K offered a pretty good model for how to survive the cheesy movie you sometimes have to live through. If you have a few friends that you think are funny, and who share your worldview, riffing can make the whole thing tolerable. Is it too much to say that MST3K was about friendship?To bring it back there are a few of rewards being offered.

From coffee mugs to postcards to posters to the big spenders getting a shot to be on the show or owning the actual puppets of Tom Serveo or Crow T.

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