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However, I understand that beginning a story is the hardest part and the introduction is precisely that – an introduction. Things I liked: the random amazing facts Harriet likes to spew at all times, my favorite books and authors used as literary references, grammar Nazi-ness, and Nick (because however unrealistic he might be, I still fall for fictional boys just as much as fictional girls do).
Her name is Harriet Manners, she is British, is fifteen years old, knows a lot of fascinating facts, has an IQ of about 140 coupled with a complete lack of fashion sense, gets bullied for her geekiness, falls in love, and…(spoiler alert) suddenly turns into a supermodel! At its core, Geek Girl has an anti-bullying theme and a clear message to all of its readers to be true to themselves. The next G2B2 book review will be on Model Misfit (Geek Girl #2) by Holly Smale again, and will feature here on Friday, August 29, 2014. This is your friendly neighborhood Geek Girl aka Ananya, and from now on, I’ll be bringing you this fortnightly column full of super entertaining book reviews for the inner (and not-so-inner) book nerd in you.

By the time I realized that the book is part of a series, I was already too invested in the plot line and, as they say, the rest is history. Yes, the premises of the plot might be a bit unoriginal but Smale’s writing more than makes up for it.
The Geeky Girls’ Book Blog (or G2B2 as I like to call it) will feature right here, every other Friday, and will cover books that this nerdy girl reads and feels the need to share with you lot. She writes with humor and finesse, her characters are nice and relatively rounded, and she still manages to pack in a bunch of twists in the story that are quite impossible to predict. But more than that, G2B2 is part of Geek Insider‘s attempt to make our material a little more female-centric because well, we could always use extra support for girl power, right? Good story, good writing, but overdone, and very reminiscent of Sarah Dessen, John Green, and Maureen Johnson.

Most of the time, the book reads like a letter from your best friend, and the more you read, the more you want to keep going. You might not cry while reading about Miss Manners, but you’ll certainly get a few good laughs out loud.

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