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Southbank Centre’s first ever Young Adult Literature manifest is fizzing with talks and workshops from some of the best writers, poets and spoken-word artists, including Holly Bourne, James Dawson, Sally Green, Femi Martin, Natasha Ngan, Garth Nix, Chibundu Onuzo, Mal Peet, Clare Pollard, Non Pratt, Bali Rai, Samantha Shannon, Holly Smale, Alexander Gordon Smith and Scott Westerfeld.
You can also meet some of your favourite writers, get your books signed, take part in The Dystopian Book Club, get free goodies from The Everything Market or just chill in the reading den. The weekend is curated by young people living, reading and writing in London and is recommended for anyone aged 13 to 25. 1pm – 2pmThe Everything Market and Book SwapEverything you need to know, from what to read to how to become a writer. 4.15pm – 5pmScott Westerfeld and Garth Nix in conversationDon’t miss this event with Garth Nix, author of the Old Kingdom series and new book Clariel, and hit US writer Scott Westerfeld, who has flown over from America especially for the Young Adult Literature Weekender.
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Demon Dentist, the sixth children's novel by comedian David Walliams, came top of the Younger Readers category at the 2015 Red House Children's Book Awards' ceremony in London.
Each shortlisted author and illustrator receives a portfolio of childrens’ writing and artwork inspired by their book. The remarkable story of gangster Whitey Bulger begins in the housing projects of South Boston and ends with his capture by the FBI in 2011 after his 16 years on the lam. On the legend and reality of Whitey Bulger Cullen: "He went out of his way to build this reputation, the idea that he was a benevolent gangster, that he was a good bad guy.
Though Louisa May Alcott is often associated with the sweetness of her characters in Little Women, she was a tough woman, shaped largely by her experience growing up in poverty. Let's get one thing straight about Louisa May Alcott: "She's not the little woman you thought she was, and her life was no children's book," says Alcott scholar Harriet Reisen.
In The Woman Behind Little Women, Elizabeth Marvel plays Louisa May Alcott, who loved to run.
Thank you very much indeed for your card wishing me luck in the Guardian Children’s Fiction competition. Three-time Emmy Award winner Martha Raddatz is chief White House correspondent for ABC News. Chapter One: Eleven Hours Earlier 0800 hours April 4, 2004 Camp War Eagle, Sadr City "Where the hell is Aguero?" Captain Troy Denomy had been in Iraq only four days and already he was irritated with his soldiers.
Lexulous has premium squares a€” double and triple word and letter scores a€” but the squares are located in different places than on the Scrabble board.
There will also be a range of other activities on both days, run by young people, that you can take part in.
Meet the key organisations and publishers to get top tips, and don’t forget to bring a book if you’d like to be part of the book swap. Take a look at poetry with her in this workshop, in association with the Young Poets Network.
The book, in which children who leave a tooth under their pillow for the tooth fairy wake up to find earwigs, live spiders and slugs in its place, is the second of Walliams' books to win the prize.
By then, Bulger was wanted for 19 murders, extortion and loan sharking for leading a criminal enterprise in Boston from the 1970s until 1995. And what we found from talking to some of his former associates is that one of the things he did was drive over to Brookline a€” to President John F. She has covered national security and foreign policy for more than 15 years, including five years as the Pentagon correspondent for NPR.
Each week, we present leading authors of fiction and nonfiction as they read from and discuss their work. In ten hours the seven hundred-soldier infantry battalion to which Denomy's company belonged would officially take over command in this huge, impoverished Baghdad neighborhood of two and a half million people called Sadr City. He experimented for years with the size of the board, the number of letters and blanks, and the spacing of the premium squares. NPR reserves the right to use the comments we receive, in whole or in part, and to use the commenter's name and location, in any medium. Part of her story is a real Horatio Alger rags-to-riches tale." From the time she was young, Alcott vowed that she would see to it that her family would not be poor. At exactly 1,800 hours the 2-5 Cavalry battalion flags would be unfurled, salutes exchanged, and the transfer of authority completed. Last year, the popular, albeit unauthorized Facebook version of Scrabble known as Scrabulous disappeared in a puff of lawsuits a€” leaving hundreds of thousands of word enthusiasts in the lurch. Part of the motivation was Ted Kennedy at the time was a very outspoken proponent of the need to desegregate the schools. ABC White House correspondent Martha Raddatz aimed to change that with her painstakingly reported narrative, The Long Road Home.
Twenty soldiers from Denomy's First Platoon had been assigned security duty that morning for Iraqi sewage trucks, escorting the "honey wagons" through ankle-deep liquid waste that ran through the streets. Their Humvees were supposed to be lined up and ready to head out the gate of Camp War Eagle, the forward operating base on the city's outskirts. The New York Times #1 bestseller, written by Daywalt and illustrated by award winning Jeffers, tells the anarchic story of a boy who finds he cannot draw a picture as his crayons have gone on strike.
If you look back and you go through the studies, there was just as much drug abuse and just as much drugs flowing around South Boston, if not more, than other neighborhoods. First Calvary Division, when they were pinned down by thousands of members of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr's militia on April 4, 2004. The bloody battle in Baghdad's Sadr City, which killed eight Americans and wounded more than 60, marked a ratcheting up of the Iraqi insurgency.

Lieutenant Shane Aguero was a solid soldier who had worked under Denomy back at Fort Hood for six months prior to this deployment. And they did put a report in the FBI national computer database listing her as a missing person, and then mysteriously, suddenly there's an update to that report that she's no longer missing.
So the idea that Whitey kept drugs out of South Boston is a joke and a myth, and is just the opposite: He actually took millions and millions of dollars in tribute and extorted money from drug dealers in South Boston.
Among those who fell was Casey Sheehan, the son of Cindy Sheehan, who became one of war's best known opponents. Aguero was familiar with the routine of these sewage runs, having arrived in Sadr City several weeks before his captain.
He was friends with some of the most influential thinkers of his time a€” and yet he never managed to earn a living or take care of his family. This teeming Shiite neighborhood had suffered more than any other during the Sunni-dominated reign of Saddam Hussein. Once called Saddam City, its infrastructure was rudimentary at best; the principal means of sewage removal here was evaporation. Previous winners of the award include J K Rowling, Malorie Blackman, Anthony Horowitz and Suzannah Collins. It goes back to Southie again, and he did things and said things that made me very uncomfortable.
One of the things I found about a lot of these men and women is that sometimes they're more afraid of how they'll act when they are afraid than actually being afraid." The Washington Post says the book "rivals any war-related classic that has preceded it" adding that the book "might well be the Black Hawk Down of the Iraq war" a€” with the crucial difference that The Long Road Home also tells the story of the soldiers' equally unprepared families who remained in Fort Hood, Texas. Securing honey wagons wasn't exactly warrior's work, but it was part of the effort to improve the quality of life for Iraqis.
He just kept praising Whitey and telling me how wonderful he is, and then my cousins are telling me he's killing people and he's pushing drugs all over the town, so it really bothered me. Even with 24-hour cable and the war zone often just an e-mail away, they didn't know what had happened until they got a knock at their door. It didn't seem to bother him that his family was literally starving." Still, Bronson Alcott's friends included the likes of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry David Thoreau, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Ralph Waldo Emerson.
The brothers reportedly wanted several million dollars to sell the game to Hasbro a€” Hasbro declined. And it created its own version of Scrabble, an authorized version, that you can get on Facebook. The author says she's often asked how she got the people she writes about to talk in such detail. Before that he'd been a history major at a small southern college, where he was captain of the soccer team and a regular at his fraternity house. The last eight years' service had been paybacka€”a fair exchange as far as Denomy was concerned. There's a grid and tiles and premium squares a€” double and triple words and letters a€” but it's not Scrabble. And how did you keep going on?'" This reading of The Long Road Home took place in May of 2007 at the Politics and Prose bookstore in Washington, D.C. Almost all the buildings looked alike on the barren terrain of this forward operating base. This matters not only aesthetically, but it also matters in terms of what your brain does when you play this game. The decaying rows of rectangular barracks had once housed units of Saddam Hussein's intelligence service. Mottled buildings that smelled like rotting cream lined up next to wide dirt paths packed with dried weeds.
He was irked but, on second thought, not surprised: It was a chaotic time, to say the least. Denomy's battalion was moving into Camp War Eagle at the same time the battalion from the First Armored Division was pulling out. The heavily armored Bradleys, the few that had been brought on this mission, were still rumbling through the camp that morning, and massive supply trucks were being unloaded near the motor pool, where the vehicles were housed, after the long ride in from Kuwait. He experimented for years with all of these issues a€” the size of the board, the number of letters and blanks a€” and he didn't realize just how right he got it.
Gear and ammo and the few personal items that the soldiers were allowed to bring were dumped wherever space was available. Some of the new arrivals were sleeping inside and on top of vehicles; others were in a maintenance bay until the departing soldiers cleared out. So when you have eight letters on a rack a€” and I just played a game of Lexulous today a€” it feels unnatural, and trying to anagram those eight letters feels more difficult.
His superiors had allowed him to stay behind in the battalion's home base of Fort Hood, Texas, until the birth of his first child in March, a boy named Merrick. Five days later, Denomy found himself in the middle of the Kuwaiti desert, preparing to enter Iraq with most of the 136 soldiers under his command. A handful of junior and mid-level officers had gone into Iraq early to start the transition process, Shane Aguero among them. But 90 percent of Denomy's men had arrived in Sadr City with their captain just four days before.
Scrabulous was, indeed, cleaner, sleeker, more user-friendly than Hasbro's online application. Because his wife, Gina, had had to have a cesarean section, she couldn't leave the hospital until the following Monday.

But if you're a hardcore Scrabbler who's used to the real game, you're going to want to find a place to play Scrabble. She arrived home with the baby midday, sore and exhausted; by four in the afternoon the Denomys bundled up Merrick again and headed for church. A friend had helped arrange a hasty baptism for Merrick because Troy was scheduled to leave the next day. It would be the only night he would spend with his wife and son at home before his yearlong deployment. Especially when have you an old analog company like Hasbro trying to navigate a digital world.
Hasbro has been unable to develop a game that satisfies the competitive player a€” the person like me who memorizes words a€” as well as the casual but Internet-savvy player, while at same time meeting what it considers its own commercial needs. There had never been any cause before, she reasoned: Nothing bad had happened, no one close to them had ever died, and they had never been apart for more than a few weeks.
And there are no bugs there a€” like one I encountered yesterday when the Hasbro game refused to let my friend Austin play a€” and I'm serious about this a€” play the word "scarabaei" which is the plural form of scarab, a beetle. To make matters worse, all departing soldiers were to gather with their families at the Fort Hood gymnasium, the "Abrams gym," to say goodbye later that evening. So I am going to give you the biggest kiss of your life, and then I want you to walk away with the baby and not look back." Gina didn't argue. Hours later, standing in the refrigerator-cold air of the gym, Troy kissed his wifea€”yes, the biggest kiss of her lifea€”and then Gina turned and walked through the crowded gym, past all the sobbing families, and out into the steam of the Texas night. And now, just days later, here he was living in an enormous tent with twenty other soldiers nearly eight thousand miles away. Mercifully, the tents were air-conditioned: even in these days in mid-March, the temperature was reaching eighty degrees. The showers and bathrooms were in portable trailers, as clean as one could expect with so much sand and dust. A handful of computers had been set up in a trailer so the soldiers could keep in contact with their families. The lines were long and the connection was slow, but Troy was determined to get a message to his wife. Gina provided updates on Merrick's progress, right down to how many diapers he was filling a day.
But Gina knew what was about to happen when Troy told her during a late-night phone call, "I might not talk to you for a few days." She was a nervous wreck for the week after that, fearful whenever she watched TV and saw news of a convoy attacked en route from Kuwait to Baghdad. On the second day of April the tears came again, when Troy finally managed to get a phone line to let Gina know he'd arrived. Since then he had been so busy he hadn't had another moment to call, and the lines for the computers were so long that he did not even try e-mailing. Gina was just happy he was safe, starting a mission that had been described to the wives as largely a peacekeeping mission, in an area of Iraq that had seen little violence since the war began one year before.
It had a feeling of seeing history a€” the same buildings we watched on FOXNEWS getting tomahawked were right before my eyes, and as we traveled further there were huts, next to BMWs and rusted junk cars.
The neighborhoods are so dirty and street markets have live sheep and sides of beef (the live sheep are chosen as a lobster might be in the US and slaughtered on the spot a€” the head set on a table). Life here seems to be less meaningful or death more commonplace as evidenced by the dead body from a car wreck I passed todaya€”bloody and in theopen on the highway, no slowing of traffic, just common. To make matters worse, a directive from the Office of the Secretary of Defensea€”that no soldier should have "boots on the ground" in Iraq for more than a yeara€”had had the unintended consequence of depriving Denomy's unit of a carefully coordinated transition. The soldiers from the 2-2 Cav (Second Squadron, Second Armored Cavalry Regiment) had been in charge the previous year, but they had reached the end of their twelve-month deployment and left weeks before the main body of Denomy's unit arrived; the 1-2 Cav (First Squadron, Second Armored Cavalry Regiment), responsible for another part of Iraq and with little experience in Sadr City, had been sent to fill the gap for a month until the 2-5 Cav took over. The result was that Denomy's soldiers never had a chance to conduct the thorough going"right seat, left seat" rides that allow for the experienced unit to pass along to its replacements what they need to know before assuming command.
On that occasion, between fifty and a hundred Iraqi insurgents had ambushed a scout platoon, killing one soldier.
He was the only soldier to die in hostile action in that area during the entire first year of the Iraq war.
His father, a revered Shiite cleric, had been murdered along with two of his older sons in 1999 by Saddam Hussein's government.
Denomy's interpreter explained that the Mahdi Army was protesting the closure of al-Sadr's Al-Hawza newspaper by Paul Bremer, the director of the U.S.
Office for Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance as well as the head of the Coalition Provisional Authority; Bremer had charged the paper with inciting violence.
When Denomy tried to keep his convoy moving, the militiamen lay down in front of the vehicles and formed a human chain ten rows deep, locking arms and preventing them from passing. On the other side of the rows of militiamen, huge groups of protesters were coming into view. Men, women, and children, thousands of them, were carrying poster-sized portraits of al-Sadr and banners written in Arabic. Denomy had no idea where the marchers were heading, but his gut told him to turn his convoy around and head back to camp.

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