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My list is a little heavy on Patricia Polacco and Jacqueline Woodson, but they are birds of a feather. I have 34 Haunting Holocaust Books for Kids including picture books, chapter books and graphic novels but I chose these two for 5th grade. If you want to learn more about the Danish king who saved his people from the death camps, this picture book is the perfect (gentle) place to start. And they do … through a class project turning junkyard parts into something else and by reaching the fullest potential.
Patricia Polacco, in her autobiographical picture book, has dyslexia and she can’t read until her remarkable teacher 5th grade teacher Mr. On visiting day, a little girl and her grandmother get up early to prepare for a long bus ride to visit her father in jail. Daniel Beaty says that “as an educator of small children, I discovered how many of my students were also dealing with the loss of a father from incarceration, divorce or sometimes even death. Because their mother disappears for days on end, Johnson and his sister are taken by Miss Roy, a social worker, to live with their Gracie Aunt.
The year is unclear but the men are fighting the war, so Ada Ruth’s mom sets off for Chicago to find work because they are hiring colored women there.
So begins Fly Away Home which tells the story of Andrew and his dad with detailed honesty of what life is like to be homeless and living in an airport. The drum beat lives inside the African people as some are stolen from their homelands and brought to America as slaves.
I have additional chapter books and picture books for kids on the Civil Rights Movement here and here. The fence that seperates Clover’s town into a white section and a black section actually runs through her backyard. One day, after a lot of watching the girl, Clover leans in close to the fence to talk to her. This picture book makes you realize how prejudice is a learned thing and something that we don’t need to pass on to our children. Baby hippopotamus Owen is the lone survivor of his pod after they are washed out to sea from the 2005 Tsunami in Kenya. Christian the Lion is the true story of a lion cub, purchased from Harrods, bonds with his human parents and eventually is taught to return to the wild.
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I think that you know how important I think picture books are in teaching children (and possibly even adults) in a fun and effective way. I would be remiss not to mention two books closest to my heart because they are appropriate for 4th and 5th grade. I think picture books are wonderful for all ages and they have messages and information that is hard to come by in other genres. Enchantment, The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions, is Guy Kawasaki’s tenth book. Guy is not only reviewing different psychological mechanisms that are necessary in any persuasive process, he gives you a set of practical tools (personal, social and technological ones) with vivid examples, in an easy to digest, easy to implement layout. Personal note: I was fortunate to take part as a contributing reviewer of this handy and practical book. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (effective January 1, 2014) and Privacy Policy (effective January 1, 2014). Autofocus: car news, new and used car reviews, photos and, Create discussions, compare vehicles, write reviews, and more! New movie releases, reviews, news for upcoming movies in, Check out the latest movie reviews, news & trailers.
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OVERVIEWSince 2006, Killer Nashville has been an advocate for beginning and mid-list writers, as well as a resource for platform-building for established authors.
FICTIONFiction stories can be of any genre, but must at least have sub-elements of mystery, thriller, or suspense.How does this translate? HOW TO ENTERYour first choice will let us know the type of work you are entering: fiction, nonfiction, children’s (up to age 10). I found teachers in 4th and 5th grade sharing their favorite picture books and this gave me the courage to add to their list with my own.

In Warsaw during WWII, the Gestapo have forced all Jewish men, women and children into a ghetto where they are being ravished through disease and starvation. In this true story, Patricia actually reaches the moon by way of a treasured photograph sent to the moon via Apollo 11 because it turns out that each child in that Junkyard classroom was very special indeed! In Knock Knock, Daniel Beaty is still working through the trauma he suffered as a result of his father’s imprisonment.
Over time, the milk thickens or curdles into a yogurt-like substance with a strong, sour flavor.
As the layers of the onion are peeled away, Xavier learns why Chris tries so hard and this opens his heart to let Chris in. From there, they never lost their beat as they fought in wars both at home and abroad including the one for Civil Rights.
Glory Be also has the town pool and Freedom Fighters as the focal point around desegregation so it’s an interesting parallel with Freedom Summer. Even if your girls have no interest in leading workers to unionize or become an inventor, books like these help girls realize that, yes, girls can do that too.
Rescued and put into a wild animal sactuary, the orphan hippo befriends a the 130-year-old giant tortoise. I find that I have to lure my middle school kids back to picture books because they don’t read them on their own but if they hear me reading aloud, they linger and will read it or ask for the picture book! Little Miss HISTORY Travels to Mount Rushmore fits with the US fifth grade curriculum on American history, and Little Miss HISTORY Travels to THE STATUE Of LIBERTY is also middle grade, but especially appropriate for fourth grade in New York State curriculum in which the focus is on local history. Advanced picture books have a special place in my heart because I loved reading piles of them when my oldest was learning to read in 2nd grade. As a former fourth grade teacher, I found many great picture books in which I could use for examples in Writing and Reading Workshop lessons.
Guy picked up the phone and called me several years ago, and I can assure you it made an impression on me. Can’t wait to have a little down time and really get into this book and gain some serious knowledge from Guy.
Your California Privacy Rights The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. It is a community of genre and non-genre writers whose work contains elements of mystery, thriller, or suspense.The Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award™ is committed to discovering new writers, as well as superlative books by established authors and, upon discovery, sharing those writers and their works with new readers. Whether on this planet or another, something must have happened that the reader and protagonist(s) need to figure out (mystery), or something is about to happen that we dread (suspense), or something is indeed happening and our protagonist must escape or save the day (thriller).Fiction can be written for any age group (usually denoted by the age of the protagonist).
All can produce a series of unfortunate events…and problem-solving hope and analytical skills for every child’s future.This category includes fiction AND nonfiction books and graphic novels for Young Readers, birth through developing readers of age 10. Not only does the Silver Falchion Award set nonfiction authors apart in the minds of readers and booksellers, it also generates a new niche market of researching writers.One wouldn’t expect a fiction author to necessarily buy a book on antique glass bottles, but cozy antique shop mystery writers would love that resource. Our Killer Nashville Conference attests to our success stories, catapulting the unpublished into rewarding careers.If this is your first fiction or nonfiction work, please note that in the sub-categories. An anthology is considered a new publication when the content of the anthology has never been previously assembled in a specific order.
Sure, there are advanced picture books but does the list have to hit the Core Curriculum agenda?
Eve Bunting has the gift of telling other people’s stories with great sensitivity as if they were her own history.
Those who can escape and pass for Aryan must use their ingenuity to find a way to bring food to their friends.
I was suprised that her teacher read picture books to them but delighted as well that picture books have a place in all classrooms! Polacco has many wonderful picture books that draw on her own life celebrating teachers and educators. They had always played a wake up game of Knock Knock and now that his father is gone, he feels lost.
Told in a series of twenty rhyming poems, this is a poetry book that will appeal to all children, even those who don’t think they like it. The drum beats on and today it helps create musicians, artists, scientists, teachers, leaders and entrepreneurs. Here a friendship between a white boy and a black boy bring to focus the racial tensions in the Deep South during the Civil Rights Movement. He’s excited when new laws are passed and he wants to show the town pool to John Henry but when they arrive, they find workers filling the pool with asphalt. They’re really some of my favorite books to get for Fen, and I think they really appeal to kids in a multi-media sort of way.

My older kids in middle school still like them but they have to be lured into them because they are focused on YA and chapter books. I particularly like The Yellow Star and each year found that I would get choked up reading it again. We listened there, as well.And now the Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Awards are open—fiction and nonfiction, anthologies, essays, collections, and more—to self-published and traditionally published writers throughout the world. A valuable glass bottle provides great motivation to do wrong from the perspective of a mystery writer.
Don’t 4th and 5th graders want to read solely chapter books, having left picture books behind in 1st or 2nd grade?
His life spanned from Shogunate Japane to WWII and Allen picks up where his grandfather left off; traveling back and forth from California to Japan.
As the generations progressed, Jacqueline’s could focus on telling stories using words. And an additional sale is a great thing from the perspective of the nonfiction author who writes about glass bottles!Have you written a biography on a baseball player or any other nonfiction subject? The third choices are subgenres that will make your entry distinct from other entries.Known subgenres for various genres have been included.
Of course, if you have physical copies of your e-book you may submit two (2) copies instead of uploading the book.SENDING PHYSICAL BOOKSIf you wish to enter a book for the Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award™ you will need to submit the appropriate form, and mail the email confirmation with two (2) physical copies of your book to the entry address. Even if you have to use stealth to get picture books in front of older kids, it’s well worth it! In this story of courage amid horrific inhumanity, Hesse celebrates the Jewish Resistance and the cats who helped as well.
That will provide a valuable inside look into your world for the writer writing a fiction story within his or her fictional world.Written a book on desktop publishing or self-help motivation?
If you are not familiar with a particular subgenre, it is likely that your work is not right for it anyway. Falker was their favorite picture book and I could tell that it moved them to be a kinder person. Bookstores and authors both would be very interested in learning from and selling your book for you.Explore our categories and see how your books can find a new audience, and bookstore validation, through the Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Nonfiction Awards honoring the best resource, information, and essay books from the previous year.
Box 680759 Franklin, TN 37068-0759DO NOT send your books in such a way that a signature is required.
Same with an established children’s fiction author who might write her first Young Adult or Adult Mystery Novel.Self-published works are eligible for entry. And by all means, you would also check, “First Book”!What if it is “The Berenstain Bears and the Missing Honey”?This would be a First Reader Book. You can also verify delivery through the tracking number provided by the post office by mailing it Priority Mail and adding delivery confirmation.BOOKS TO CHARITYFollowing the close of the contest, books will be donated to needy libraries, universities, and charities. Because a novel may be a historical romance, but it also might be an historical mystery or even an historical thriller.
There are detective elements here and the characters are bears, but the story (as are all Berenstain Bears books) are about “Family” (as opposed to the Hardy Boys, which are all about the “Mystery”, or specifically “Amateur Detectives”).
The sub-elements would be “Detective Mystery”, “Animals Bears”, “Comedy”, and—because this one is in meter and also rhymes—we could even select “Verse.”Why are we so specific about the categories and subcategories?
In the judges’ determination of an absence of quality books during a particular year, certain categories or subcategories may also be eliminated and no award will be given for that category. It’s not fair to you.)When making your selection, you might select adult fiction>romance>historical>regency to truly define your books category and increase your chances for winning as the judges compare the proverbial apples against apples.
Because we want to ensure that the best readers—the ones who like your type of book—are the ones who judge it. Or, you can certainly leave it at adult fiction, but realizing you are in competition against all adult fiction.Will entering more entries give a greater chance of winning? When a book is moved into a more appropriate category or established sub-category other than that in which it was entered, an attempt will be made to notify the person nominating the book, but not required. The decisions of the judges and the voters are final.Enter the Silver Falchion Award™Good Luck!We Wish You All the Best!

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