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My pubic library creates a great list for summer reading and this is the list I need for my rising 2nd grader. As your child works up to chapter books, a great author for 3rd grade and up is Roald Dahl. I really like the Ivy + Bean series that gently presents issues of friendship mixed with sweet little adventures that appeal to little girls.
When a little girl gets a plush stingray for her birthday, it befriends her other toys as they experience the world of real people. Teacher turned author Suzy Kline uses her years in the classroom as the basis for her Horrible Harry series.
When her second-grade classmates are envious of the three students who are going away on winter vacation, the creative and ingenious Gooney Bird Greene thinks of a geography activity to cheer them all up. My son spent a preschool year obsessed with dinosaurs and we read nothing by dinosaur books for an entire year.
When Wilfong the wolf fails to blow down the house of the Pygg brothers, he stays outside their door all winter learning their games and listening to their jokes and stories, but although he claims to be reformed, the pigs are reluctant to offer friendship. Any child who has had a beloved babysitter or nanny can relate to Eleanor, who misses her old babysitter. Spending the whole summer at the beach, Daisy, who can communicate with animals, and her new friends, a dancing crab and two baby rabbits, join forces to help a dolphin in distress. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader.
Great suggestions as it is hard finding the books in between picture books and chapter books.
Want to start with Toys Come Home and Daisy Dawson at the Beach – I think both my kids would love those! These books are great, I have introduced Amelia Bedelia series to my second graders, and they are enjoying it.
One of my favorite read aloud books for my new 3rd graders is Sideway Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar. If your kid loves it, then there are loads more books in the series that you can go through. My girls loved Rainbow fairies as well and devoured them but after I read, like 45!, of them alongside them, the repetitive plot and language started to make me crazy!
In school, your child is reading poetry, plays, and fiction, starting to complete book reports, and reading to learn. Chapter books for this age group often have pictures within them to make the transition between picture and chapter books easier. Your child is developing his own preferences for reading materials — finding favorite authors, genres, and styles — and you should allow and encourage him to tell you what books he wants to read. Award-winners, especially Newbery Honor and Medal winners, are another trustworthy and engaging option. Your upper-elementary-school child is becoming interested in the science of the world around him and about the way things work.
Guided Reading, Reading Comprehension, Leveled Reading, Developmental Milestones, Reading for Pleasure. Last month Kiddo came home from school to tell me his 3rd grade teachers were reading In the Year of the Boar and Jackie RobinsonA aloud to the class. When parents tell me their kids have trouble finishing books, I like to recommendA The Whipping Boy.
Get My Top 10 Family Read AloudsPlus, get an exclusive bookplate when you sign up to receive our famous Monday book lists by email.Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. What about the Misty of Chincoteague series, Miracles on Maple Hill, Blue Willow, The Ordinary Princess, and Caddie Woodlawn and sequel, Magical Melons? Henrietta Levitt was the first person to discover the scientific importance of a star’s brightness, so why has no one heard of her?
Follows a young Chinese American girl, as she navigates relationships with family, friends, and her fourthgrade classroom, and finds a true best friend.
Chickenhare and his turtle friend Abe find themselves on their way to be sold to Klaus, an insane taxidermist. When ten-year-old Zeus is kidnapped, he discovers he can defend himself with a magical thunderbolt. Police detective Binky investigates the theft of a golden goose, the poisoning of Snow White, and other fairy tale crimes. Offers morbidly-humorous, pun-filled, illustrated epitaphs for animals that poetically describe how they met their ends.

Lulu, who loves animals, brings an abandoned duck egg to school, even though her teacher has banned Lulu from bringing animals to school ever again.
Strange things are always happening around Archie, but after he meets Cyd and makes friends with her, he finds these odd occurrences more enjoyable.
A collection of sixteen humorous poems about such strange creatures as the stardine, slobster, and magpipe. Stick Dog and his four friends – Stripes, Mutt, Poo-Poo and Karen – will do anything to steal some sweetsmelling hamburgers from a family at Picasso Park!
A visual profile of the record-setting baseball star traces his Birmingham childhood, achievements in the Negro Leagues, and fame as a center fielder for the Giants. I am an Amazon Affiliate which means if you buy anything through my blog, I get a very small kickback at no cost to you. It seemed like PickyKidPix‘s entire 3nd grade class was happily immersed in Roald Dahl that year. I have another list here with some classics that still endure like the My Father’s Dragon series.
Her new babysitter is equally wonderful and helps her to understand that you can still accept and even love your new one. It’s a wonderful series to get girls reading but I really can not take more than, say, 15 of those books. Let me know if I am on the right track for your daughter and I’d be happy to recommend more books.
Text should be printed slightly bigger than adult books, so your child's eyes follow the lines easily.
Many chapter books for elementary schoolers have information on the book indicating what grades or ages it is appropriate for.
The subjects are varied, the vocabulary rich, and the adolescent-focused storylines will engage your child's imagination and widen her view of the world around her.
Encourage your young comedian by giving her joke books and watch her memorization skills improve as she commits a routine to memory. The poems of Jack Prelutsky and especially Shel Silverstein are both humorous and inventive in their use of language. Foster an interest in nonfiction with books about dinosaurs, bugs, outer space, volcanoes, and whatever else tickles his mind.
So far the only book that we read from it is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but I think my daughter might like Candymakers. I think they are on another list somewhere… maybe the one of old fashioned read alouds. And you can’t imagine how happy I am to see the words From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs.
Also, The Little House on the Prairie series, BFG, Trumpet of The Swans by EB White and Desperaux. This book imagines a special day spent with the celebrated writer and naturalist through the eyes of a child. Clevis, one of the most popular teachers at Washington Irving Elementary School, splits into mean substitute Ms. I like your lists because they are varied and always contain several books we haven’t read. Other characters including Horrible Harry (who isn’t that bad of a kid) are compilations of kids she taught. The cartoon illustrations help to break up the text which makes this especially appealing to reluctant readers.
Amelia Bedelia was a favorite series of mine as a child and I’m so happy to see that kids today like it too. There are a lot of popular series but so many are mind numbingly boring with repetitive vocabulary and plots. To foster a love for reading, fill your home library with a wide variety of nonfiction and fiction books that she can enjoy. Comic books will interest many elementary-school readers, though check to make sure the comic isn't too complex or dark. Poetry collections for young readers will introduce concepts of meter, rhyme, metaphor, and simile, which are important comprehension skills. He had finished reading another of Wendy Mass’ books,A Pi in the Sky, and really enjoyed it, so I was inspired to buy him this one. I would have bought the sequel, Mousemobile, but it’s only in hardback (and as an eBook) and I am too cheap, so we are getting it from the library.

The vain and snobbish Prince Brat and Jemmy, his whipping boy, are kidnapped by a pair of thieves. We listed to the audio version of this book when Kiddo was younger, and also I read it aloud, but still he chose it from the school library to read at home he loves it so much. Your lists are SO helpful, as I struggle to keep up with my son’s appetite for books! Brat Attack!” The book is being released October 27, 2015 by Andrews McMeel Publishing (Also published Calvin and Hobbes).
PickyKidPix also has a great list of chapter books she read at this same age, when she was assigned five books to read during the summer before going into 4th grade. Hyde and sweet sixth-grader Jackie after accidentally putting some chemicals into her breakfast smoothie.
This book covers all the nastiest habits of the most disgusting creatures on the planet. Finding really good easy chapter book is tough which is probably why this list is so short. As an author who visits schools, Suzy talks about story seeds, a word or a two that she jots down in an ever present notebook that become the basis of her books.
I’m always trying to find books in this age category and my public library had a great list. Thanks also for Phineas MacGuire series which is new to me and I think I have a two of the Doyle and Fossey series that I never read to my son!
I love watching his reading progression and seeing him read longer and longer books and so this list of books for 9 year olds is a natural sequel toA 8 books for 8 year olds. I’ve noticed that exposure to particular books at school is a huge selling point with kids. When 4 kids gather for the Confectionery Association Conference, they end up trying to solve the mystery of a stolen secret ingredient and create the best candy ever. A case of mistaken identity is the catalyst for lots of action, humor and interesting plot twists. When I was a kid this book was my first impression of what it must be like to live in New York City. This classic book from the 40s about a family that adopts a flock of penguins and takes them on tour is guaranteed to be loads of fun.A Also available as an ebook. You may already be familiar with this title (I just found your blog and I have not gone through all your lists yet), but if not I think your boy would love it. I hope you’ll start linking your reading lists up to our Literacy Musing Mondays Linkup #LMMLinkup. Pencil stub, yellow scarf, purple hanger, June Box are all actual story seeds that are now books in her popular Horrible Harry series which is now published in several languages. Plus, it’s aA classic from the 1980sA and a Newbery winner so you can feel quite satisfied about getting your kid to read it.
To be completely honest, this is not the kind of book that appeals to me, but Kiddo and his friends gobble them up, so I won’t complain. She currently loves the Rainbow Fairies and I was just curious why they’re not good, recommended books? If that was the case, I would be able to wholeheartedly recommend them but as a parent who read too many of them, it started to feel tortuous. This is a really wonderful story about a 10 year old who moves with her family from China to Brooklyn. I just remember the story and now I know what it’s called, I can read it to my kids!!!!
My daughter is my oldest so this is my first go-around with school, chapter books, etc… Any advice would be appreciated. In her attempt to understand American culture and be accepted, she focuses on baseball as an entry point, making new friends along the way. They manage to hang out there for a week, get caught up in a mystery surrounding a statue and and meet the intriguing Mrs. I confess, since my son is not a reluctant reader I don’t pay much attention to what his official reading level is (I find all those numbers and letter levels limiting, anyway), but I do like to have an idea of what his teachers think his comprehension level is.
As you know, comprehension and the ability to decode words is not always the same thing.A Also available as an ebook.

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