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A special thanks to Utah Arts Council for their kind grant that made this outreach program possible. You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown was our 2010 outreach program for elementary schools.
Our mission at KTC is to give our community quality, family-friendly performances in theatre and to provide educational and performing opportunities for children and adults to participate in theatre in a meaningful way that fosters self-esteem, respect for others, cooperative interaction, and commitment to family values. Striking collection of unattributed design; why not identify the designers who created these fine book covers?

I really like the last book cover concept for Patricia Morrisroe’s memoir on insomnia, Wide Awake.
I have mention the first three books by Russell Andrews though – Gideon, Icarus and Aphrodite.
I expect this is not particularly a function of the works themselves, but of the predisposition of the designers to associate minimalism with masculinity. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Fantasy club tagged: fantasy image fantasy creatures angel fire.

I know people shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but that’s hard to do being in the design industry!
Can’t we see anything book related on the internet and not have it be linked to Amazon?

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