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Thanks to all of you who helped make my 5oth Birthday a bit more special…I loved all your comments, birthday memories, and reasons why being 50 or older is so great.
For this giveaway, I decided to randomly pick four winners, and have the fifth winner be one I selected based on their comment.
Anyway – happy happy belated birthday and I hope you’re finding 50 as much of a great age to be as I am.
Best thing about being over 50 (and I’m 52 – almost 53) is that I don’t care that I’m over 50. Publishers and Authors…I am no longer accepting review copies of books except for very rare exceptions. But Prohibition didn't stop drinking; it simply pushed the consumption of booze underground. Interview Highlights On similarities in today's style of activism that has descended from the temperance movement "I definitely think that styles of activism and political agitation come directly from what happened in the years leading up to Prohibition.
On how animosity toward German beer brewers led to the ratification of the Prohibition amendment "This was the final thing that enabled the ratification of the Prohibition amendment. There were many of you who asked not to be entered in the giveaway but still stopped by to wish me a happy birthday – that was so sweet!! Wow, that was much harder to do than I thought it would be because I loved many of your comments.
B took me to Paris for my 29th birthday so we could have dinner in his favourite restaurant in the world!
Hmmmm… On the one hand I am an even better listener, with more patience and compassion than I had when younger. Please respond to that email as soon as possible with your snail mail so I can mail you your books (I’d love to get them in the mail by Tuesday as I am leaving town the next day!!).
One estimate says that for every legitimate bar that closed during Prohibition, six speakeasies opened in its place. By 1925, there were thousands of speakeasy clubs operating out of New York City, and bootlegging operations sprang up around the country to supply thirsty citizens with alcoholic drinks. His book Great Fortune: The Epic of Rockefeller Center was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in history.
The issue wasn't entirely Prohibition; that was a stand-in issue for a whole set of issues.
A frenzy of cars, trucks, wagons, and every other imaginable form of conveyance crisscrossed the town and battled its steepest hills. More life experiences make it easier to see the “big picture” without sweating the small stuff.
Porches, staircase landings, and sidewalks were piled high with boxes and crates delivered on the last possible day before transporting their contents would become illegal.
The funny thing was we didn’t reserve a hotel room in advance and wound up staying in a very pink room on the Left Bank.

If you tell me what you think of same-sex marriage, I can probably tell you what you think about 10 other things." On the political beliefs shared by a majority of Prohibitionists "It largely had to do with a xenophobic, largely anti-immigration feeling that arose in the American Middle West, that arose among white, native-born Protestants. And the great enemy was Germany a€” and the brewers were seen by the Prohibitionists as tools of the Kaiser.
I know who I am and no longer feel the need to prove myself or tolerate extreme stupidity, so I am more likely to speak my mind if pushed too far. Okrent explains how both the suffrage and anti-immigration movements helped in the shaping and passage of the 18th Amendment and how Prohibition served as a stand-in for several other political issues.
So you have a rising tide of strong anti-German feelings sweeping across the country, [and] the brewers got swept away with it." On the connection between the suffrage movement and the temperance movement "It largely had to do with the fact that in the 19th century, women had no political rights or property rights.
It was a spasm of desperate joy fueled, said the Chronicle, by great quantities of "bottled sunshine" liberated from "cellars, club lockers, bank vaults, safety deposit boxes and other hiding places." Now, on January 16, the sunshine was surrendering to darkness.
In fact, they used Prohibition to keep liquor away from black people but not from white people. So you could find a number of ways that people could come into whatever issue they wanted to use and use Prohibition as their tool. Like the rest of the nation, they'd had a year's warning that the moment the calendar flipped to January 17, Americans would only be able to own whatever alcoholic beverages had been in their homes the day before.
In fact, Americans had had several decades' warning, decades during which a popular movement like none the nation had ever seen a€” a mighty alliance of moralists and progressives, suffragists and xenophobes a€” had legally seized the Constitution, bending it to a new purpose. Olympic track team a€” was driving with two classmates through the late-night streets of San Jose when his car crashed into a telephone pole. Under the headline goodbye, old pal!, the American Chicle Company ran newspaper ads featuring an illustration of a martini glass and suggesting the consolation of a Chiclet, with its "exhilarating flavor that tingles the taste." In Detroit that same night, federal officers shut down two illegal stills (an act that would become common in the years ahead) and reported that their operators had offered bribes (which would become even more common). In northern Maine, a paper in New Brunswick reported, "Canadian liquor in quantities from one gallon to a truckload is being hidden in the northern woods and distributed by automobile, sled and iceboat, on snowshoes and on skis." At the Metropolitan Club in Washington, Assistant Secretary of the Navy Franklin D. Roosevelt spent the evening drinking champagne with other members of the Harvard class of 1904.
The crusaders who had struggled for decades to place Prohibition in the Constitution celebrated with rallies and prayer sessions and ritual interments of effigies representing John Barleycorn, the symbolic proxy for alcohol's evils. No one marked the day as fervently as evangelist Billy Sunday, who conducted a revival meeting in Norfolk, Virginia. Ten thousand grateful people jammed Sunday's enormous tabernacle to hear him announce the death of liquor and reveal the advent of an earthly paradise.
I have a bottle on my shelf at home a€” an empty bottle a€” that says Jim Beam, for medicinal purposes only.
In 1917, the American Medical Association a€” supporting Prohibition a€” said there was no reason at all to use alcohol as a therapeutic remedy of any kind. Hell will be forever for rent." A similarly grandiose note was sounded by the Anti-Saloon League, the mightiest pressure group in the nation's history. No other organization had ever changed the Constitution through a sustained political campaign; now, on the day of its final triumph, the ASL declared that "at one minute past midnight .

Within two or three years, you could go into virtually any city in the country and buy a prescription for $3 from your local physician and then take it to your local pharmacy and go home with a pint of liquor every 10 days. And this is really how many of the large distilleries in Kentucky and the middle of the country stayed in business throughout the Prohibition years.
Among the groups who opposed Prohibition were the Catholics and the Jews a€” very avidly a€” and not necessarily for religious reasons; I think more for cultural reasons.
Lane may have provided the most accurate view of the United States of America on the edge of this new epoch.
Tangentially to that, there was the reality that wine is used in the Catholic sacrament for Communion.
Drink, consoling friend of a Perturbed World, is shut off; and all goes merry as a dance in hell!" How did it happen How did a freedom-loving people decide to give up a private right that had been freely exercised by millions upon millions since the first European colonists arrived in the New World? So people who claimed to be rabbis would get a license to distribute to congregations that didn't even exist. How did they condemn to extinction what was, at the very moment of its death, the fifth largest industry in the nation? On the other side of that, one congregation in Los Angeles went from 180 families to 1,000 families within the very first 12 months of Prohibition. How did they append to their most sacred document 112 words that knew only one precedent in American history? In truth, January 16, 1920, signified a series of innovations and alterations revolutionary in their impact.
The alcoholic miasma enveloping much of the nation in the nineteenth century had inspired a movement of men and women who created a template for political activism that was still being followed a century later.
To accomplish their ends they had also abetted the creation of a radical new system of federal taxation, lashed their domestic goals to the conduct of a foreign war, and carried universal suffrage to the brink of passage. In the years ahead, their accomplishments would take the nation through a sequence of curves and switchbacks that would force the rewriting of the fundamental contract between citizen and government, accelerate a recalibration of the social relationship between men and women, and initiate a historic realignment of political parties.
Or that it would provoke the establishment of the first nationwide criminal syndicate, the idea of home dinner parties, the deep engagement of women in political issues other than suffrage, and the creation of Las Vegas? As interpreted by the Supreme Court and as understood by Congress, Prohibition would also lead indirectly to the eventual guarantee of the American woman's right to abortion and simultaneously dash that same woman's hope for an Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution. Prohibition changed the way we live, and it fundamentally redefined the role of the federal government.

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