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There are so many opportunities though for families to influence a child’s love for stories and language.
Even school aged children would enjoy jumping on the couch and sharing a special reading session with someone. Babies are never too young to hear your voice and sense the rhythm of verse or simple words.
Reflecting on the book you have read to them, by briefly going through the pages again, is a great way to encourage language development and to help them recall. Something that I am passionate about is to always encourage them to respect the books and  handle them gently.
Today, we bring you two reviews for pretty well-known books that for some reason we hadn’t picked up yet. Compared to the blurb of Uglies, I wasn’t too thrilled to read an extended version of an already great Twilight Zone episode, and it kinda bothered me that Mr. Despite being a premise I was already very familiar with, I couldn’t dislodge Uglies from my hands whilst reading. Still, despite a true lack of depth, the book was fun and the many by-the-skin-of-your-teeth escapes and hoverboard chases, plus the non-stop action plotting were enough to catch my attention and have me eagerly wanting more.
In Pretties, Tally returns to the city with Shay and undergoes the dreaded operation – she becomes a Pretty.
In many ways, Pretties is a much deeper book, at least in terms of characters, than Uglies.
Specials begins with a shock – Tally, champion of the Pretty Crims and former Smokie, has become a Special.
Specials is the most challenging of the three books in the trilogy, and for that and many other reasons, it’s easily my favorite of the bunch.
Author Scott Westerfeld has a new series on the horizon, beginning with the young adult steampunk novel titled Leviathan.
With World War I brewing, Alek and Deryn’s paths cross in the most unexpected way…taking them on a fantastical, around-the-world adventure that will change both their lives forever.
I found that I liked all three books a lot…without finding them to be absolutely amazing.
I love your review – it brings up a lot of thoughts and issues I had with the series as well, but was too lazy to write down. Gerd DuernerAugust 6, 2009 at 4:49 amThe truly disturbing thing about that Twilight episode is how accurate that prediction of the Year 2000 was. MariaAugust 6, 2009 at 9:55 amUglies was pretty good, although there was a lot of teenage angst in there (of course.
KMontAugust 6, 2009 at 9:56 amWoohoo, been trying to comment all morning and finally got access to the comment box. 1 : a book review blog specializing in speculative fiction and popgeekery for all ages since 2008. School children and littlies alike are awkwardly manoeuvring their giant antennae and princess dresses (maybe in the one costume) around the playground for dress up day. Such fun. Can you remember back to your childhood and a certain favourite book that your parents or siblings may have read to you? Just in simple everyday experiences you can support their love for books and help expand their imaginations. There are so many ways for your child to connect and have fun with family and friends in the home while developing their understanding and excitement for books and storytelling. For older babies and toddlers choose those books with clear illustrations and simple texts. Dad reading his list of chores for the day, Grandma’s magazines and recipes and even identifying the letters that are highlighted in a newspaper heading. They are so welcoming these days and all ages can participate and there are areas for your children as well as comfy chairs for you. You can write your message in it for special occasions and add it to a present for friends. See, back in the roiling stew of hatred and disease that was the 20th century, a new society emerged in which people discovered how to eliminate all wars, discrimination, and other social ills: the elimination of ugliness.
Her best friend Piers has already had his operation, and is happily nested in New Pretty Town and Tally is eager to move on, to be perpetually happy and beautiful and go to all the best parties and fit in with all the best cliques.

Though initially I wasn’t much impressed with Tally (or for that matter, any of the characters), as the novel progresses and she really grapples with this issue of becoming pretty or staying just Tally, I got a glimpse of some hidden depth to the character. The operation changes more than her body and facial structure, however, and Tally becomes a Pretty-Head, concerned only with what clothes to wear, what groups to become a part of, and which parties to attend.
Tally shakes off the fog of her brain lesions and becomes the heroine we met in the first book and bravely faces countless dangers in order to try and save Zane’s life. I liked the addition of Zane and the romance between he and Tally – hello, love triangle!
Her bones replaced with ultra-light and strong ceramics, her fingernails and teeth razors, her blood infused with self-replicating nanobots, her senses and brain functions heightened to superhuman standards. The other failing for me was in the resolution of the whole Zane or David triangle – again, a twist of plot takes that decision away from Tally.
I first read Uglies a few years ago (none of the others were out yet) and I immediately went on a huge Westerfeld glom and made everyone I know read them.
To be fair, the trilogy really goes above and beyond the Twilight Zone episode, taking a less-original premise and really making it his own.
Rod Serling had some serious foresight (or, rather, even in LA back in the day the focus on appearance and precedent for radical plastic surgery was already kickin’). Should have written it down because after three hours of trying to comment I’z no can remember.
You carefully examined the dozens of options at hand, painstakingly weighing the pros and cons of each. For older children ask little questions and maybe have them imagine scenarios beyond the book.
For little ones you can have some cushions in a cosy corner with a shelf or basket for the books.
I can still remember the big tall book cupboard and its musty smell that was like an adventure to go through to select something to read.
Westerfeld might have taken an already established idea, but he managed to make it his own – imbuing his story with wonderful science fiction flourishes like solar-charged hoverboards, talking rooms, and innovations like dehydrated SpagBol.
In Uglies, Tally makes some tough choices and shows a lot of grit – a precursor for the more fleshed-out character development to come in later novels. But all that changes when a Smokie sneaks into New Pretty Town with a cure for Tally (as arranged in Uglies). Although with less action than its predecessor, Pretties is similarly fast-paced and expertly plotted, with hardly a dull moment.
How much of her is really her, and how much is the byproduct of all her surgeries and brain-tampering?
And why is it that books like this in general always have the girl ending up with one fo the guys in the triangle?
Westerfeld does well is write ACTION, so if you’re in the mood for a fast-paced futuristic thriller with high-stakes, this is the series for you.
I raced through the three books and had to force myself to wait before burning through Extras too (because of other blog reading obligations!
I definitely recommend everyone give this series a read ?? Can’t wait to see what you think of Uglies! It’s called Mind-Rain, which is what they end up calling the thing that happens at the end of Specials. By night, she watches an abundance of horror movies, stays up too late, and voraciously devours ALL THE SFF.
Do you grab the rich Reese's Peanut Butter Crunch, or opt for the subtle Honey Nut Cheerios? The most impressive thing about Uglies, in my opinion, was the pacing of the story and how effortlessly balanced it was despite virtually non-stop action. Tally soon learns that with any strong emotion (fear, love, extreme excitement, hunger), she gains a clarity in her pretty-fogged head, and she and new friend Zane decide to split the two cure pills left behind by the Smokies. Westerfeld, I simply feel that though there are a few tough decisions Tally has to make, she’s conveniently bailed out by plot devices countless times in this book (as well as in Uglies and Specials). Tally cannot go home again, and is irreparably changed forever by all that she has seen and done and become. Westerfeld goes there (and I’m hoping that this is something touched on in Extras, which I have yet to read!).

After everything Tally has been through, is it not inconceivable that she would end up on her own? I also recommend SO YESTERDAY, which is realism (barely) about trend-chasers, and PEEPS and THE LAST DAYS, which is the most unusual vampire series you’ll ever read. I’m gonna have to have an Uglies Series follow-up post with Extras, Bogus to Bubbly, and Mind Rain. Following her promise for a great adventure, Shay and Tally sneak out of Uglytown and into the great Ruins surrounding their city. I love a good action scene, and when you throw hoverboards into the mix – well, suffice to say it is thrilling stuff. Soon, Zane and Tally are thinking clearly for the first time since their operations, but when Zane starts getting crippling headaches and his condition begins to deteriorate, Tally knows time is running out.
Another thing I appreciated was a deeper look at how Tally’s city operates and the rising surge of revolt that she and Zane help ignite in Pretty Town and with the younger uglies too.
And, as the series progresses, it gains a surprising depth – especially by the time Specials rolls around. The Ruins are a relic of the Rusties – the humans that nearly destroyed the planet with their monstrous acts against nature, scorching the atmosphere, wastefully building their homes of stone and steel until the ultimate disaster of a virus destroyed all petroleum on the planet. Heartbroken, Tally agrees to find the Smoke and sets off on a harrowing journey, following Shay’s instructions. There’s significant danger with the terrifyingly beautiful Specials with their sharp features and pointed razor-teeth, and it becomes clear that the ruthless Dr. Though Tally loves the feeling of belonging with her new Cutter family (so named because of the self-inflicted cuts they make to sharpen their senses), she misses Zane and cannot stop worrying about him. I think they get progressively better, and I really liked Specials because of the risks it took with pushing the traditional concepts of a teen heroine, but it took to book 3 to really impress me. Though there are a lot of similarities, he says making people pretty and sheeplike seems to be a common theme in SF – which is true and entirely possible. It is then that Shay reveals that she knows someone that isn’t from any city like theirs, and that Shay plans on running away to join The Smoke, a society that lives in the wild, where no one turns pretty. When she finally reaches The Smoke, however, Tally starts to feel sympathetic to their cause. Cable and her super-engineered cronies will stop at nothing to keep their iron hold on the city and squash any rebels. Ugly, Pretty, Special, Tally finally finds her voice in this book and it’s not idealized or cookie cutter. Shay pleads with Tally to come with her, but Tally cannot bring herself to leave and be ugly forever. She meets and starts to have feelings for the mysterious David – the boy that brought Shay there in the first place. Cable that he should join the Cutters, and in return Tally will put away her doubts and questions for good, and together they will destroy the New Smoke forever. Take home the slight sweet of Fruity Pebbles, or choose the chocolaty deliciousness of Cocoa Pebbles?
In hopes that before her birthday Tally might change her mind, Shay leaves her with a set of cryptic instructions on how to find The Smoke, and then Shay slips into the night.
Tally has to make a choice again – give up the smoke and become pretty, or embrace this new life, and stay ugly forever.
Their dangerous plan to break Zane out has some unforseen consequences of immense proportions, and the City itself lies on the brink of being overthrown – change is coming, but what will Tally do? Nothing thwarts the pleasure of opening a fresh box of cereal on Saturday morning more than the decision-making anxiety you experience when facing your endless options.
Westerfeld’s ballsiness in creating a heroine that is essentially a bad guy, and who is deeply morally conflicted.
This list of The 50 Greatest Breakfast Cereals of All Time will alleviate that stress, and settle the age-old debate once and for all.

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