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Whether you are going on a hike or preparing for an emergency, extra nutrition is vital to your health and survival. When packing for a trip in the outdoors, a general rule of thumb is to always pack an extra days worth of food and plenty of water.
In this article, we will take a look at six different emergency food options and compare them. The Datrex 3600 Calorie Emergency Food Bars come in a vacuum-sealed package containing 18 individually wrapped bars. These meals, produced by the Wise Company, are similar in nature to traditional MREs, but they have a much longer shelf life, boasting an impressive 25-year life span.
The meals, just like MREs, are hot ready-to-eat meals that come in all different entrees and flavors.
If taste is your priority, these might be right for you, but you are going to sacrificing a lot of room to bring this along in any disaster scenario. Each tablet is 20 calories, and while 12 tablets per day will not fill you up, it will provide the necessary proteins and vitamins to keep you alive. Survival Tabs are an excellent source of nutrients in the event of an emergency, but at only 20 calories per tablet, they will not be filling.
The ER 2400-calorie food bar by QuakeKare is an emergency food bar that offers a 5-year shelf life.
When rationing for three days, these rations only allow for 2 bars per day, which is a total of 820 calories per day. Those are my choice for normal hiking, but for an emergency, survival situation, I can’t justify the sheer weight of carrying around a week supply of the ready to eat meals. Dairy products, dried honey powder, parboiled rice and freeze-dried meats are offered with a 25+ year shelf life.
Buy Emergency Foods was founded in 2011 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and offers a very wide variety of freeze-dried and dehydrated food products.
Another innovative strategy involves free gifts when you buy many products, rewarding you with disaster preparedness emergency items that complement your main purchase. Their emergency food products are categorized by storage type and other individual characteristics.
You can shop this subsection by Entrees, Breakfast, Freeze-Dried Meats, Side Dishes, Drinks and Meal Replacement Shakes.
Bulk items are further sub-categorized as Proteins, Fruits, Dairy, Vegetables, Grains and Specialty Items. Legacy Foods conducted a blind quality taste test, comparing their offerings against other well-known competitors in the emergency food marketplace. One highlight of this company is the wide variety of products that they discount and the special promotions they regularly offer. Buy Emergency Foods ships to the lower 48 US states through UPS Ground for standard shipping on all orders. Emergency Survival Kits have become an increasingly important aspect of emergency planning. The Ready-America-70385-Deluxe-Backpack is a 4 person, US Coast Guard approved emergency survival kit. The Survival-Earthquake-Evacuation-Emergency-Preparedness kit provides a 72 hour kit for 4 people that is compact enough to store at home, in your vehicle, or even at the office. The Earthquake-Person-Deluxe-Survival-Emergency provides emergency supplies for 4 people for 3 days. Extra batteries:  Since power supply may be cut off during a disaster without assurance when it can be returned, make sure to store a lot of batteries in the correct size. Cellphones, chargers and family contact information:  Make sure your cellphones are always charged and call 911 if necessary.
When planning to bring emergency food supplies, it is also smart to pack foods that do not require cooking—or foods that have their own self-contained means of cooking.
Many of these options can provide a backup for camping or act as an extremely lightweight option for emergency preparation—perhaps good items to include in your bug out bag’s emergency food kits.
The main ingredients are similar to the Datrex bars, but these bars contain additional preservatives.

These meals are a military-style MREs, which stands for “meals ready to eat.” A half case will contain 6 individual meals. The smaller 60 serving option says it will last one adult for one month or four adults for a week.
These tabs come in a jar of 180 tabs and can last one person up to 15 days eating 12 tablets per day. The highly concentrated formula allows you to fully absorb as many nutrients as possible and up to 99% of the tabs calorie contents. The impressive shelf life of 25 years is only guaranteed if the container has not been opened.
That means that these will allot for 410 calories less per day than the other survival food bars we have reviewed. Before I offer my opinion, here’s how I look for the best survival foods to include in my kit, I look for at least 4 stars in the following categories. Any good survival food company will be making their product to perform in these five areas and obviously some are better than others. Those items are delivered in double thickness mylar pouches which have been resealed in waterproof BPA free stackable buckets. The company also delivers a free Food Storage Buyer’s Guide, bulk discounts and a guarantee of the lowest online price per calorie.
Food is delivered in double thickness mylar pouches, which are contained in rugged, stackable, rectangular BPA free buckets.
The subsections here include All Food Storage, Meal Packages, Single Buckets, Samples, Gluten-Free, Bulk Ingredients, and Pet Food.
4 out of 5, a very impressive 80%, of all tasters voted the Legacy Foods offered through Buy Emergency Foods as the best tasting. It may not really be considered an offer, but prepper and survivalist forum members have mentioned they really like the fact that there are gluten-free options, larger serving sizes, and the fact that products are made entirely in the United States.
Orders usually ship from a company warehouse within 1 to 3 business days after you place an order.
With natural disasters seeming to occur with increased frequency it is more important than ever to have survival kits in your home and perhaps even in your vehicle. The kit was designed following the recommendations from leading industry sources like FEMA, military officials and survival experts including the Red Cross. This follows the recommended guidelines for storing 72 hours of emergency supplies for all members of a family. When traveling in the backcountry or preparing for an emergency, it is important to have some type of long term food supply that is both calorie dense and portable. There are only six ingredients: wheat flour, vegetable shortening, cane sugar, water, coconut flavor, and salt. While they are not supposed to be thirst inducing, the bars are very dry and crumble easily. The 3600-calorie package includes 9 individually wrapped food bars that are 410 calories each.
Also, just like the Datrex bars, they tend to be dry and crumble easily after being removed from the packaging. Each meal contains an entree, 2-3 sides including a dessert and drink mix, and an accessory pack. The biggest benefit to these meals is that they contain a large amount of calories and they taste much better than bland survival bars. One of the biggest benefits to these bars is that they do not contain coconut, which could be a problem for those with allergies. The most important thing to remember is that in the event of an emergency you need to be able to carry your survival food supply for potentially long distances and—of course—you need to eat them and be able to eat them. As far as emergency food storage is concerned, MREs usually last 5-10 years, which is comparable to all of the food bars, but the Wise Food Kits last 25 years. Granted, they taste better, but the added weight and space requires me to remove too many other essentials. Every pouch includes an oxygen absorber to maximize shelf life, and has been flushed of nitrogen as well.

However, this company also offers Fuel, Survival Kits and Water Storage sections on its website.
Since the company guarantees the lowest per calorie price among all emergency food suppliers online (judging on a 2,000 calorie basis), the value is as good as you will find anywhere.
When a snow storm comes up quickly and stands motorists overnight along the highway, or a hurricane comes through and a family must quickly seek refuge, having a survival kit may be the difference between life and death. Each kit includes 4 water boxes, food supply, 4 emergency ponchos, 4 survival blankets, 4 12-hour light sticks, 4 pair nitrile gloves, 4 NIOSH N-95 dust maasks,4 dust masks, pocket tissues, emergency whistle, leather gloves, Multi-Tool, 10yds. This has created an emergency survival kit that is comprehensive and includes all the essential items to keep 4 people alive for 3 days.
This survival kit comes in a 5 gallon durable plastic bucket that can be used as a seat or for storage use in addition to carrying the emergency supplies.
There are many different kinds of food that are manufactured to be lightweight, portable, and shelf-stable for all kinds of activities like hiking, backpacking, survivalism, prepping, and they are great to include in your list of bug out bag contents.
The bars have been designed to have maximum palatability across all ages and food tastes and can be eaten as-is or mixed with water.
The package containing the bars is vacuum-sealed and can withstand extreme conditions making it good for survival food storage. They come with a plastic bag to hold the tablets so that the jar can be repurposed as a water container.
The bars are not individually packaged, but the outer packaging is vacuum-sealed and re-sealable. One really nice benefit you receive that the company’s competition does not usually offer is free shipping on all orders, all the time. That 4 to 8 day delivery time, considering shipping is free of charge, is one of the quickest in the online emergency food suppliers industry. If you travel frequently having one in the trunk of your car would be a very good thing to carry. The duffel bag provides a way to conveniently transport the kit as needed and provides additional storage, as items are used in an emergency. This package follows the guidelines recommended by the US Coast Guard and will last for a minimum of 5 years even in the most extreme conditions. These manufacturers also strive to have the maximum calorie-to-weight ratio possible, which makes them great to include in your emergency food supply list.
They have a high-energy value and are non-thirst provoking, which is an important consideration when putting together any survival food kits. They are really meant to accompany some type of stored meat, and considering the small kit already weight 11 pounds, you’re looking at a lot of weight.
These chewable tablets are gluten-free and easy to store, with an amazing shelf life of 25 years. The packaging can withstand extreme conditions, which makes it safe to leave in a vehicle or other environment where there is extreme heat or cold.
The Survival Tabs are an excellent idea in theory, but would not do a great job in subduing hunger. The Ready-America-70385-Deluxe-Backpack is meant to be a grab and go pack that will have the essential supplies needed for basic survival.
The survival kit contains the following: ER Food Bars, Water Boxes, Water Purification Tablets, Thermal Blankets Designed by NASA to retain body heat, Ponchos with Hoods.
It does not include all the items recommended in a 72 hour kit, such as changes of clothes, cash, cell phones and so forth, but this survival kit will provide the basic essentials needed to survive in an emergency.
4 emergency Survival Blankets, 4 16hr body warmers, 2 2-person tents with rope, 4 emergency ponchos with hood, 1 box of 50 water proof matches, 1 Flint Fire Starter, 1 Pack of Emergency Candles. They are a true last resort and, given their small size and incredible shelf life, every good emergency food list should have some of them. One 16 function pocket knife, 1 pair deluxe leather palm working gloves, 4 N-95 Mask Particulate with Respirator, 50 feet of Nylon Rope, 1 POGO Gas Shut off wrench and crowbar, 11 in 1 pocket tool & can opener.

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