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There are many programs that you can use to open PDF files or eBooks, but I think that only three best eBook Readers deserve to be on my top list today, because most people think that Adobe Acrobat Reader is the only option, which is not.
These PDF readers are the best options for you to read eBooks on your Windows (PC) machine, I made sure that when you install one of these, you will find great features to enhance your reading experience. I have been recommending this great piece of software in many fields, Calibre is one of the most admired programs by eBooks users. There are many reasons to put Calibre as number one on any eBook-related list, because it can be enhanced with third-party plugins made by developers, which will expand its functionality along with infinitive possibilities, I have written many tutorials on how to use Calibre, you can do pretty much anything regarding the eBook reading industry, you may take a look at these posts here on my blog. It's number two on my list due to many factors, let me tell you some beside being the most lightweight PDF reader. If you are looking for a faster alternative program for Adobe Acrobat Reader with more basic features and functionality then this one is your best bet! You can open and browse PDF eBooks and files smoothly on PDF-XChange Viewer, perform simple annotations with drawings and texts like putting  and place a note on a certain point anywhere on your eBooks. You can download these PDF eBook reading programs for free from their official sites by a simple google search, or you may also grab them quickly from our download section where I put official links for any tool that I cover on tutorials in my blog.
My name is Saleem and I have always been in love with technology which is the knowledge that I am seeking for. Please comment on topic, if you write something that doesn't make sense then it will be trashed at my spam folder. The eBook Reader Blog keeps you updated on the latest ereader and tablet news, reviews, and tutorials. PDF is a popular format, and there’s always a number of people that want to know how well E Ink ebook readers handle PDFs.
Tablets like the iPad are among the best options for PDFs, but there are some E Ink ebook readers that do a fair job. The built-in OnyxReader app offers a good amount of features, though, so installing a dedicated PDF app isn’t really necessary. Going into the font menu and selecting bold makes the PDF text appear much darker, similar to the contrast darken feature on the Kindle Paperwhite.
The PDF app also offers text-to-speech, dictionary lookup, search, table of contents, and the ability to add notes, highlights and bookmarks.
Overall the OnyxReader PDF app works well, and loads quickly and smoothly, even with large 90MB image-heavy PDFs. The video review below shows the PDF functions on the Onyx Boox T68 Lynx using the default reader app, along with a brief demo of the Adobe PDF Android app.
I recognize all the zoom modes you’re showing in your video and recommend you use either the page scaling zoom in small increments or the auto crop to get the best page fit. Can I use Bluetooth to transfer in PDF files from another Bluetooth device onto the Onyx Linx T68 and save that file via an sd card using the included sd slot? One question that often comes up with regards to ebook readers and tablets is which is better for ereading? Granted, there is still a difference but not as substantial a difference as ereader manufacturers claim. The main reason why my Kindle lasts so long (either standby or reading time), is because it does nothing more than act as a reader. My Google Nexus 7 tablet just has far too much going on to get a fraction of the standby or in-use time that my Kindle does.
By default I send all my Kindle purchases to my Touch and I’ve yet to come anywhere close to filling the memory. Agree with the article although I’ve found that if I use a tablet, I reverse the screen to have a black backgound with white lettering.
A lot of people like the white letters and black background for reading, but for some reason my eyes don’t like it.
Nathan, nice article and I agree, but I’m going over to read the tablet write up as well.
One not oft-cited reason i prefer to read on eink devices is their matte screens which have much less glare and reflection than the glossy screens of lcd devices. Sumatra PDF is a lightweight PDF, DjVu, eBook, and comic reader packaged as a portable app, so you can open your files on the go. Change Language: To change the language of Sumatra PDF Portable, just click the Language option from the main menu and select the language of your choice.

If you’ve been holding out on on buying a Kindle or Fire tablet, now is the time to get in on the action. You can get the new 2015 Fire tablet for just $39, or a Kindle Paperwhite 3 for $99 (links below). Amazon has really been into offering all kinds of bundle packages lately but most of them actually aren’t that great of a deal unless you were considering spending $20 on an insanely overpriced power adapter anyway. I’ve decided to wait on the purchase of a new e-reader, under the assumption that the next generation will be available to consumers in early 2016. I doubt anything new will be released from Amazon in the next six months, as they almost always release new devices in the fall. I have all three Kindle e-readers and I must say the basic Kindle with the new software update is the most impressive. In some ways the older lower resolution E Ink screens are better with the much bolder, thicker fonts.
Can i sign into google accounts on the kindle fire?, Askville question: can i sign into google accounts on the kindle fire? How to install google apps on kindle fire hd or hdx, Hello, thank you for writing this article. Kindle fire hdx vs ipad mini 2 vs google nexus 7, The amazon kindle fire hd heats up the 7-inch tablet wars, but with the google nexus 7 and the soon-to-be-announced ipad mini, which is the best 7-inch tablet for the.
Sumatra is one of the best PDF readers out there, it was developed and optimized only for Windows, it's so fast, lightweight and powerful.
PDF-XChange View is very fast and lightweight, it will do all the things you could do on Acrobat and even more.
There also more advanced features like page recognition and text extraction available only on the PRO version. My compliment about this blog is exceptionally positive I visit this blog first time and inspire by this good stuff work. The built-in Onyx reading application has a good amount of features, and the software is stable enough for both small and large PDF files.
I tried the free Adobe reader app and it works quite well, so there multiple options for displaying PDFs on the Boox T68. You can fit the PDF page to width, to page, you can zoom in and out in increments, and use auto crop, which generally works well to minimize side margins. Sometimes landscape mode acts kind of funny on the Boox T68, so I’m hesitant to use it very much, but it is an option. The built in PDF reader is designed to be used on an E Ink device, the web browsers are not. Maybe Onyx will add export at some point, like previous models, but right now that’s not an option. Some units work perfectly fine and others, like mine, are glitchy and troublesome to use sometimes. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Some people have a hard time trying to choose between something like the Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle Fire HD, especially when buying them as a gift for someone else. Personally, I feel that E Ink ebook readers are better suited for reading ebooks, and tablets are better for color and large-form content like magazines, comics, newspapers, as well as web reading and PDFs.
Less distractions: One of the most underrated aspects of E Ink ebook readers is the fact that they are much more focused on reading than tablets.
Longer battery life, more energy efficient: One of the main advantages of E Ink is its energy efficiency. E Ink is highly readable in direct sunlight and bright light: Like the picture at the top of this article illustrates, another advantage with E Ink is that the display is easily readable in bright light and even direct sunlight, whereas LCD screens that tablets use become glare-ridden mirrors. If a tablet lasting for between 6 and 10 hours was used for reading for half an hour per day (to compare with the ereader use-case) then the tablet battery would last for 12 to 20 days – ie. My guess is that because tablets are used for very many other things the battery life feels way shorter in comparison with the single-use ereaders.
I have trouble focusing on the letters after awhile and I kind of get a weird after-imaging effect. Amazon even added a couple of new Kindle bundle packages to put on sale for Valentine’s day.

They are designer covers that are available in seventeen different styles, with lots of bright colors and unique designs. Like right now you can get the Paperwhite 3 and an Adler Cover for $5 less than the bundle deal if you don’t care about the adapter. It might be a very subtle way of maximizing sales of the old product being phased out or it could be nothing. People don’t believe me when I say the 300 ppi screens are overrated and are in large part a marketing ploy to convince people that they need to upgrade.
I found the thicker fonts on the Nook Simple Touch more readable compared to those in the Nook Glowlight Plus. That being said, the basic Kindle before the update did a good job with font and screen readability. You can also take it with you everywhere on your flash drive for example, because it's a portable program. There’s a custom cropping tool as well, but I have problems getting it to lineup properly. I actually asked the same question to the Onyx support and they said it isn’t possible, but they are releasing a firmware update into a month to change that. I would recommend buying from one of the Amazon sites so you can easily return it if you have troubles, and not have to pay return shipping to Poland.
I think most retailers have gotten tired of their poor quality control and have stopped carrying their products. Ebook readers can do all those things too, but when it comes to reading ebooks specifically, nothing can beat an E Ink ebook reader for the five reasons listed below.
It has also been shown in studies that staring at bright LCD screens before bedtime can adversely affect sleeping habits. Reading is more difficult on a tablet because there are so many other things to distract one’s attention, such as email notifications, addicting video games like Angry Birds, movies, messaging, etc.
Power is only needed to refresh a page; no energy is required to hold an image on the screen.
Most ebook readers have an easy-to-use interface that makes learning how to use them a breeze, especially for older folks and non-tech people who just want to be able to easily download and read ebooks. Make sure to check the flip side of this post where I list the top 5 factors that make tablets more desirable for ereading than E Ink ebook readers. The alternative would be to totally shut it off, but considering that most tablets take their time in booting up and shutting down, that would hardly be practical.
The background on the Nook Glowlight Plus was darker than the Nook Simple Touch if the light wasn’t turned on. The app also offers PDF reflow; using the up and down buttons on the nav wheel adjusts font size. If I take notes and highlight parts of the text on the T68 and then copy the pdf file to my computer, will I be able to see those notes?
I’m a college student and I have to read lots of pdf files, which may become difficult on my laptop.
While neither has yet to be proven conclusively, one thing that has is the simple fact that ebook readers are easier to hold for extended reading times because they are a lot lighter than tablets (for example, the Kindle Paperwhite weighs almost half as much as the 7" Kindle Fire HD). Thus a battery charge on an ebook reader like the Kindle or Nook can last anywhere from 2-8 weeks when using the device for at least 30 minutes every day.
Tablets tend to have a lot more settings and apps and things that take more time to learn how to setup and use. But I think that type of use is pretty non-existent; a tablet is destined to fulfill more functions than just reading, and it almost always does.
For example you can get a cover with a girl licking a strawberry, which is weird on multiple levels. Plus ebook readers are generally thinner and smaller than tablets, making them a little easier to fit in a pocket or purse.

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