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The Sony 13.3 inch e-Reader is going to usher in a brand new era of high quality e-Paper that allows for a true PDF experience. The PDF experience is the main attraction of the 13.3 inch e-Reader and gives you a true, full page experience. If you have a large document with many notes, you can actually initiate a new feature that will allow you to look up all of the notes or changes you made on the document. There was some confusion over the Stylus or Digitizer that came bundled with the Sony 13.3 inch e-Reader. 1226201 Michael Kozlowski (6381 Posts)Michael Kozlowski is the Editor in Chief of Good e-Reader. However, mobius has a very serious limitation that can be observed in the video: introducing text using the virtual keyboard is not practical beyond a couple of words.
This looks so cool, but I hope they’re aware that image-heavy pdfs can have huge filesizes. And honestly, if they support other file-formats, this would be the perfect electronic manga reader. Should haves: possibility to add own epub and pdf, why not allow apps from the android store? I use my Galaxy Note 1 a lot at school, but a lightweight device with a large screen and long battery life could make my and my students rucsack a lot lighther. Every college student and maybe even upper level secondary school student is a potential customer. Well, as already mentioned above and from my own experiences using the Sony TR-2, email and a form of data-planner are really missing out. I really really love this e-reader and i’ve been searching around and looking for just such a device for some years now. I think that e-readers are mainly for reading and consuming information, not to be used a productive tool, I can think of using an e-reader just like a book and type on my computer at the same time !
I would most definitely buy one if the device can be connected to a PC so that I can use it as a monitor.
I think instead of keyboard they can include a handwriting recognizer and split screen to display two different pages of same book or different books is more useful for comparative study in landscape mode.
The ability to use a wireless keyboard, or phone as keyboard would be a cool alternative also.
Until the refresh rate on Eink devices improves significantly the note taking abilities are going to be the same nightmare it is on other similar devices.
Onyx Boox N96 DT can controlled with fingers thanks to implemented capacitive touch screen technology (Multi touch). Built-in Bluetooth 4.0, for you to transfer data without WIFI or use external keyboard or audio devices. Built-in 16G storage, support of external TF card up to 32G -  no worry about storage anymore. 9.5mm thick, 480g weight, smaller than a magazine with B5 paper size, easy to carry around - both in hand and in bag.
With your new ordered Kindle Touch, you should get the best Kindle Paperwhite covers and cases.
The Kindle Touch ereader is a good device that ably serves the purpose for which it is designed. They are similar to the covers you can buy for a touch screen phone, but sized for the Kindle Paperwhite. Many covers and cases of Kindle Paperwhite are made of leather, but they can also be plastic or fabric.
Here are some of my best picks for your reference, there are more models available at Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Cover page. With the limited budget, I probably will go with Marware Eco-Vue for Kindle and Kindle Touch Cover because it’s only $35 but it has durable leather exterior looking high class and built-in hand strap is my favorite.

2012 Kindle Touch has been sold out, but you are still able to buy the Kindle Touch Cover protecting your Touch eReader. The LED light draws the power from the ebook reader so no extra batteries or charge is required. If you normally don’t read at dark and need the lightened one, Amazon Kindle Touch Leather Cover would be a great choice. All Kindle Touch covers, however, will protect your screen and extend the life of your Kindle, making them a worthwhile advantage. In case you have Kindle Fire and looking for covers for Kindle Fire, see our best kindle fire cover recommendations here.
Look and Feel – Does it look cool and fit to me when I carry it around at Coffee Shop and Library? Additional Features – Does it have other special feature such as built-in hand-strip and cover stand that I need?
Kindle Touch covers are an investment to protect a high value and somewhat vulnerable device.
Sony has exclusivity over this brand new technology they created and worked on, in conjunction with e INK.
Obviously you can take notes and make annotations by either writing with the stylus or the full virtual keyboard. A search feature will bring up a list on the right hand side, listing every single change you have ever made. Some people were saying the screen would not work without it and there was an air of uncertainty. Browsing the internet does not cause a massive amount of page-refresh issues, that normally plague lower-end devices. I noticed it did not currently have EPUB support, which means you will not be able to load in your own books.
Sony is listening to peoples opinions and incorporating changes into the firmware and hardware. If it would be possible to connect a USB keyboard to it, the entering text limitation would disappear once and for all. So they better have an ability to extend memory AND enough RAM so they can load and work with multi-MB pdfs.
Could your research garner any confidence that Sony really will get this to the market in 2013? The hardware itself will likely not undergo a design shift and will focus on firmware updates. But, you forget that a USB keyboard need electric power to work, and that power is sucked from the e-reader USB port.
It should be regarded as an alternative to text book, which means no additional frills of a tablet. Active digitiser needs to super smooth and with zero lag or least annoying lag for faster note taking abilities. I understand how people would want to have a simple browser and e-mail over Wi-Fi and 4G, but I would be happy with just a reader with a USB-connection. Opening and closing of documents, zooming inout, changing of font size, making of annotations, slide over the screen for page-turning, searching, text selection etc. No flicker, no glare, no reflection,even in the strong sun light  you can clearly see your documents (just like read? on paper ). Only a cover designed for the specific device should be used, as a cover that is too large will give little protection and one that is small may damage the device itself. The sleek, premium quality, form-fitted leather cover is a perfect buddy of your Kindle Touch. It’s pretty much the same comparing to Kindle Touch Lighted Leather Cover except that there is no light and it saves you $20.

Leather is one of the more durable materials, but high impact plastic is also good for heavy users.
Buying one will save you money in the long term and the right one can also improve the usability and personal value of your Kindle Touch. On the first day of SID Display Week, we were walked through some of the core features, but was that really enough?
Likely, we will see Sony’s own eBook store loaded on the device, and will allow users to purchase eBooks directly from their regions store.
His articles have been picked up by major and local news sources and websites such as the Huffington Post, CNET and more.
I bet around September Sony will file something with the FCC and likely will come out in October to take advantage of the November and December Sales. With such a thin profile, they can’t use a bigger battery, even though, using USB powered devices on an e-reader will drain it battery in less than few hours, witch is the key point of an e-reader, it should work for days not hours ?
Besides a .pdf with the notes, there should be optional export formats, at least a plain text file.
For those operations you don't need to use touch pen any more,which makes operation of the device much more convenient. Support Text-to-Speech function, music playing on background, audiobooks, let all your senses enjoy. The answer to this problem is a Kindle Touch cover, specially designed to protect your valuable device. This cover is a great marriage to your new eReader, it’s lightweight, thin, and functional as a reading light attached. Sleek design protecting your Kindle Touch, Premium look and feel, and Folding back cover are the highlight benefits.
An Kindle Touch case has the added value of changing the device’s appearance to match your personal style.
Perhaps a plain black one to look more professional, or a hot pink one to match your favorite outfit. Depending on where you live, investing in a waterproof Kindle cover might be quite desirable.
We received hundreds of emails, comments and messages asking us to look deeper into what this has to offer, we have heard your pleas, and will show you mercy. If you have a big PDF document and make all sorts of edits, you can save it as a “Workspace” into its own PDF document. Currently Sony has been opening a number of new online stores in Europe, UK, Australia and many other markets. Michael frequently travels to international events such as IFA, Computex, CES, Book Expo and a myriad of others. This insures you have your virgin file, with no edits and then your changed document with all of your notes.
This is also a good option for frequent flyers who may wish to read without disturbing a neighbor. Not buying features you don’t need is the best way to keep the price of your Kindle Touch cover down. This would be essential, as some people prefer bigger fonts or like to focus on specific bits of information.

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