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There was a time before the Internet when a comic book cover was one of a reader’s first hints about contents of a new comic, back before everyone knew what would happen months and months before it went on sale. Curated by ComicsAlliance editors Laura Hudson, Caleb Goelner and Andy Khouri, Best Comic Book Covers will celebrate that left behind art of cover creation, spotlighting what in our opinions were the most beautifully illustrated, impeccably designed or just simply the coolest images to be found on the stands throughout the month that was. NOTE: With hundreds of new comics released every month, even art obsessives like us are going to miss something occasionally.

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While this function has been delegated to prodigious solicitation copywriters and an army of comics journalists, the art of the comic book cover has not been lost, although it may sometimes be taken for granted — relegated to a thumbnail image in a Previews catalogue or sterile list of new books on any number of websites. Artists and publishers of all kinds (including manga!) can help make Best Comic Book Covers a stronger feature by making every month’s solicitations as easily available as possible (ideally without logos).

There is a true and righteous art to creating a successful comic book cover, and it is a talent that comics’ best illustrators continue to practice even in obscurity.

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