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Best Comic Book Reader & CBR Reader apps for Kindle, iPad, Mac, Windows and Android with reviews, videos, screenshots & more! If you are searching for your first tablet or looking to purchase one specifically for comic book reading, then this is the ultimate guide for you. If you think 7″ tablets are not a good size for comic reading, I used to think the same thing until I tried them.
Printed comic digest magazine format is very close in size to the Kindle Fire HD device even though it is noticeably smaller than the current “modern” monthly American comic book format.
So if you are looking for the ultimate in portability, looking to spend less then a full-size tablet, and ready for a next evolution in digital comics, reading, you are ready for Battle of the 7 Inch Tablets to find the best comic book reader.
Tablets can be used for a lot of things, but with with digital comics in mind, lets give a rundown on the features from our contenders. The iPad mini offers more connectivity options, larger internal storage and a bit larger display size at nearly 8 inches. The choice between the Kindle Fire HD and the Nexus 7 is a very close call – and one made only after using each device for quite some time.
The weight, size, thickness and feel of a device is important – especially if we are selecting a mid-size tablet for not just price, but portability. The thinnest and lightest device by a wide margin is the iPad Mini – and for pure hardware feel, its the most refined device of the three. The best tablet in the world isn’t much of tablet without the apps that power the comic reading experiences. Many of these app search results are not comics or comic book reader apps per se, but related to comic properties or may contain key search terms for comics. Again, all these results may not be the most relevant, but quantity of content in books has completely reversed: Kindle Store results number in the (tens of) thousands and the Android store seems to either have extremely limited content or eerily only the same 100 items to choose from.
All comic book reader apps are not created equal – as we spend the bulk of our time reviewing readers, apps and services. As I mentioned, Comics by comiXology provides a fairly consistent experience that is tailored to each unique platform – but there are a few differences in interfaces. Every one of the Kindle apps features Kindle Panel View and is connected to your content in the cloud to sync right to where you last left – even from another device. Unlike Comics by comiXology and the Kindle app family, there is not a single consistent or native comic book reader app for CBR or CBZ files across the three platforms. The iOS App Store has been around the longest and offers some of the most refined comic reading experiences, but it is dwarfed by the volume of Google Play offerings while the quality bar on top flight apps from either platform is not markedly different. For most, price is often a major factor already implicit in the decision to go with a 7-inch tablet and often can be the number one factor when everything else evens out, is good enough or a first step in a new world of tablets and digital comic reading. This is a big factor and consideration… I could go and dig a bit further to try and break the tie, but since this is variable already based on stores, promotions, taxes, shipping, surcharges, GST or tariffs, I am going to call this a tie. After using each of these devices quite extensively, here are notes, thoughts and observations that may not be analytically provable, but ultimately make or break my ability in good conscience in recommending the best 7″ comic book reader tablet.

The Nexus 7 has broken out of the pack of Android devices and represents the best of the platform. The iPad Mini is the latest Apple device and seems to be preferred in the market over its larger cousin. On many counts, the Nexus 7 was edged out by close to call margins as the best comic book reader.
Your preference can depend on a lot of things including price, portability, usage other than comic reading, hardware computing specs, etc. I understand the concern about eye strain, not being able to read microscopic text or not seeing the detail put in by your favorite artist. The other thing to note here is digital formats (depending on device and comic reading app) are flexible, so you can zoom in, view in panel mode or even read in landscape orientation.
We are going to focus less on features like Audio, for instance, which may be an integral part of your personal comic book reading experience, but probably not as much compared to device options, connectivity, screen size, screen resolution and device capacity. Since comics is a visual medium, the right call here is to focus on the display, but that is exact problem with the iPad mini.
The displays are very comparable, but on close visual inspection, the Kindle HD looks more truer and brighter. Reading comics is a very tactile experience and just the feel of the device is important, even if you elect to customize it with a cover or protective case. Even with a nearly 8 inch screen, the iPad Mini is not the widest tablet, but the Kindle Fire HD is and definitely feels like the bulkiest of the bunch, even though its actually a hair slimmer than the Nexus 7. A rich and robust store offers the ability to customize your reading experience and access to the content that matters to you most.
This quick survey does however give you a sense of the relative scale of apps available on each platform and there are stark differences: Kindle Apps for Android number in the low hundreds while Google Play Android apps easily number into the thousands.
The app download is free with hundreds of free comics from the widest variety of publishers and available on all major platforms. The Kindle and Nexus apps look extremely similar (which makes sense because of the underlying common Android foundation). While the Kindle apps are not as feature rich as the native Kindle Fire HD device, you can see the benefit as an Amazon customer, especially when compared to a lack of an equivalent iOS or Google Play e-book store app.
Even though the Kindle has very high quality apps and e-comic content, I simply have to acknowledge the lack of quantity in the face of iOS and especially Android. There is quite a lot to sift through on Google Play for the Android (see our Android page for more recommendations) but even this Mac user has to give the app crown to the Nexus 7. Its not always about bottom price (the Kindle does not come with a power charger for instance) and the cost of replacement, insurance and protective cases can wildly vary.
Were going into a close race when viewed overall and looking to break our tie between the Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7.
The device is in high demand, flying off the shelves and a popular favorite around the office for much more than just comics: HD videos, email, music and more.

The hardware design is second to none and you instantly feel the years of device design refinement and optimization. The device is bulky compared to the others but more than makes up for it in the best display, price, Kindle apps across platforms and growing catalog of content. You are free to choose the device and service you feel will enable the best comic book reading experience. The Nexus 7 is a great tablet and a great tablet for comic book reading… and it can pack in many of the features of the Kindle Fire HD. Optimizing a reader on favorite comic device is typically pretty straight-forward and in a few seconds you are back to doing what you want – reading your favorite comics. As the only non-HD display with 163 ppi, it feels sub-standard and a generation behind the other two.
Its not just about quantity and the number of options, as the quality of the apps is a huge factor, we will take a deeper dive into representative offerings to compare and contrast the similarities and differences. So while it seems the quantity of comic related e-book content has shifted over to Amazon, lets take a closer look at the apps and content itself to get more clarity.
Comics by comiXology also pushes the envelope on digital comics and seems to be constantly working on achieving functional parity across platforms. While all content that is purchased through comiXology is available from your account, some content is not promoted on certain platforms, the prime example is DC Comics on the Kindle Fire HD. One reason the Nexus 7 might be so popular is that its one of the first Android devices to deliver a truly compelling experience along with the flexibility compared with the more closed Apple system.
As a long time Apple tablet consumer though, I have confess in my heart of hearts that Apple really fumbled this one – the non HD screen is just a deal killer for reading comics.
Add to that free cloud storage of your amazon content, the power of the internet’s largest retailer and the growing benefits and uses of your tablet outside of comics with Amazon Prime, Instant Video and the Kindle Lending Library and it adds up to a compelling package. For those searching for your first tablet or looking to purchase one specifically for comic book reading, our ultimate recommendation to you is the Kindle Fire HD as the best comic book reader.
With 3 generations of retina iPhones and 2 generations of HD full size tablets, there really is no way I can get behind this first iPad Mini iteration. For a more in depth look at all the Kindle Fire HD has to offer, see our full device review. If you are looking for the ultimate in Android and still want to keep many of the benefits of the Kindle ecosystem, this may be the best choice for you.

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