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I had the best time reading and looking at Michael Barson’s beautiful oversized book, “Agonizing Love,” which didn’t receive nearly the attention it deserved last year. Produced by Harper Design, the book is an engrossing look back at a genre of comic books many of us (most of us?) didn’t know existed — the “romance comics” of the late 1940s through the early 1970s.
Although most pop cultural histories focus on the super-hero and horror comic books that were aimed at baby boomer boys — the ones like “Tales from the Crypt” that triggered a national outcry in the 1950s for their supposed violence — millions of girls and women devoured comics aimed at them during the same period. The genre began with “Young Romance” in 1947, created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, the same duo who launched Captain America six years earlier.
Although there had been humorous comic books like “Archie” that dealt with boy-girl relationships, “Young Romance” was the first one to play this material straight — like the romance novels aimed at women.
The two men wisely negotiated a new form of payment for the comic book industry — a share of the profits rather than a flat fee — and scored a bonanza that surprised their bosses.
The partners launched another hit comic book two years later — “Young Love” — and that too became an immediate hit. Within the first few years of “Young Romance,” competitors joined in to feed this new market and soon there were 527 different romance titles. Whether you browse your way through it, or read it cover to cover, “Agonizing Love” is a terrific piece of entertainment that also fills in a big gap in our pop culture history. Since the invention of the kiss, there have been five kisses rated the most passionate, the most pure. First things first,  Lois is doing the Leg-Pop, which we all know is the tell-tale sign of a perfect kiss.
That Quitely page definitely deserves top honors, but my personal fav kiss is between Batman and Catwoman in Hush. I never read All Star Superman, can someone explain to me why Lois is wearing a superman costume and how she can survive on the moon where there is no atmosphere…? We could explain it, but it’s better if you read a modern classic and find out for yourself. Verily Jane Foster, thou art a fulsome mortal wench, of a like to make my very loins quiver.
Each month, hundreds of comics are released to stores for the hungry masses of fans around the world. Artist Fiumara has said in past interviews that he has been influenced by Leonardo Manco and Dave McKean, and a little of that influence can be seen in this great bit of portraiture. Another WTF cover, Trevor McCarthy has the unenviable task of sharing the title with the very talented J.H.
This Quinones cover is classic stuff, and he has been largely responsible for giving this excellent Kelly Sue Deconnick title it’s iconic status. Johnson’s cover reflects the art he does for the Bloodshot story inside, and we like to think this is a brass knuckle awareness campaign poster. Another WTF, this one comes from the legendary British artist Brian Bolland, perhaps best known for his detailed work on 2000 AD’s Judge Dredd.
The book itself is a complex and original creation from Jonathan Hickman, and Dragotta’s artwork is breathtaking.
We’ve carved out this spot permanently for Adam Hughes each month, but this time we think that even he has outdone himself.
Unquestionably the most striking cover of the month, it takes a lot to stand out in a run of David Aja covers that have lit it up almost every issue for the last year. Jupiter’s Legacy burst onto the April slate with all of the bluster of a blockbuster, and rightfully so. There is nothing about this book that doesn’t get 5 stars in our opinion, and this cover is no exception. Jock is another artist who has a permanent place in our hearts and in this column, so it’s no surprise that Wolverine MAX turns up yet again. Mutants, monsters and warriors adorn our pick of the best covers of January 2014 as Best Comic Book Covers Ever returns. A very effective juxtaposition of Wonder Woman’s mythological roots and her current idiom.
The covers for Three have all been very striking, and impressive in their ability to evoke the style and colors of ancient Greek pottery while presenting a more visceral modern aesthetic.

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There are so many fantastic love stories in the world that it is hard to narrow them down to the very best. In order to find the greatest comic book love stories, it is necessary to look in some strange places. He enters into deal with one of the leaders of Hell, Malebolgia, to make his way back to earth and his one true love. Katina “Katchoo” Choovanski and Francine Peters – Strangers in Paradise: Best friends since high school, Katchoo and Francine know that they cannot be without each other. Even Hyde is shocked by this turn of events, so much so that he rails against his feelings, “Miss Murray, though I am a beast, do not think that I am stupid. Kevin Keller and Clay Walker – Archie Comics: Kevin Keller and Clay Walker are an incredible couple.
The press run was immediately upped to one million copies per issue — which also did sell-out business at newstands. Crash-land into her life, save her from imminent danger a few times, and take her on a magical chariot ride around the word (compliments of Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder).
Add to that the most iconic couple in superhero comics and some breath-taking Frank Quitely art, and you’ve got the best kiss this side of Buttercup and Wesley. Now I want to reread Preacher but know that I won’t have the time in the foreseeable future. We live in an age when we get a Daredevil book that has covers by Alex Maleev and David Mack, and interior art by Klaus Janson and Bill Sienkiewicz.
Striking for its minimal use of colour, it is also intriguing for its smaller details, including the small faces in the aforementioned knuckles, and a rich variety of veins ready to burst more of the blood evident on the cover.
We love how this gets meta showcasing other Deadpool covers and comics, including a prominent version of Skottie Young‘s cutest Deadpool ever. Apart from being an amazing cover to look at, there’s something comforting about an overweight, middle-aged Flash. The cover emphasises the leaves that run from top to bottom, before we notice the almost blinding light that shines through them.
From the all-star team of Mark Millar and Frank Quitely, this book has echoes of Watchmen in its ambition and themes. McKeever’s interior art is achingly beautiful, the black and white sketches looking as though they have been carved into the page. Scott Campbell, Alex Ross, Paul Renaud and Will Conrad, all of whom are well-versed in the female form in true Dynamite fashion. There are so many small details to draw upon for this piece, from the crucifixion to the happy pills that segue into dogs and celestial objects with faces.
The distinctive Mignola instantly grounds it in the worlds he has spend the last 20 years creating.
Although this is a Wolverine and the X-Men cover, it’s also part of the Many Armours of Iron Man variant editions to tie in with the release of Iron Man 3. The image is classic Jock stuff: elongated buildings and long shadows emphasising the lone figure standing against the world.
The aesthetic is well established by now — thick Mignola shadows splashed with violence and horror. He gets it all in there: the vertiginous height, the action, and the  revealing body language of the characters.
This is an interesting love story in which the two vacillate between platonic friends and lovers. Hyde – The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The love story of Hyde and Murray may be the most bizarre on this list. After saving Nancy from a pedophile, Hartigan finds himself the victim of a corrupt justice system.
For years, he travels the globe looking for a way to save mankind with the help of trusted Culper Ring agent 355. After six (wonderful) issues of build up, Thor and Jane finally have this adorably sweet moment together… and make with the kissy faces.

I love the execution of this scene; you feel the bone-headed guilt and shame of the incident but still have to chuckle about it. Speaking of Friday Night Lights, if there was a Friday Night Lights Season 6 comic book, I would buy it so fast!
DC made a comeback with their WTF gimmick, one that paid off with some innovative fold-out covers. David Mack’s cover have all been terrific as well, but the interplay of sex and death on this run of Maleev covers shows us why he is a master. Only then do we notice that all of this forms the figure of a woman, a beautiful one at that, and notching up another mark on Hughes’s celebration of the female form. This take on classic religious imagery, from a cover concept and production by Ted McKeever and Dana Moreshead, is iconic. Anka and Fletcher have struck a great balance here, with a distinctive and versatile design that still leaves plenty of room for dynamic action.
Every artist’s challenge is to honor the look while bringing something of themself, and Abluquerque can be relied on to do exactly that. This is a beautifully textured image, overexposed in a way that captures the fleeting, liminal nature of the moment, and the figure is well placed to provide the appearance of movement. Spider-Man and Mary Jane, but these are not the greatest tales of love in the world of comics, they are simply the most well known.
Wanda has remarried to Al’s best friend Terry Fitzgerald and the two have a young child, Cyan.
The important thing is that they always prove their love for each other, not just through words but through actions as well.
And up until the bitter end they work together as a team, never once losing faith in one another.
Wes Craig has departed from all the obvious choices, and provided not just an overview of the cast, but a sense of their relationships. Unable to give up on his love for Wanda, Al becomes the family’s personal protector, keeping them safe from things that go bump in the night. Though their relationship has its ups and downs, they are a couple meant to be, a religious Bonnie and Clyde of sorts. It is only when situations get sticky that the best qualities of the two characters begin to show. The entire series was chock full of cute flirtation between the two, and that scene at the end was a great culmination. Mostly because it’s by Phil Noto, and has a classic poster design that compels you to know more about this trio.
The interior art is black and white, so the cover colours here (by Dan Jackson), allow us to see the soon-to-be-classic character of Ningen in a whole new light. It is impossibly to think that such a blood thirsty brute could ever feel any true emotions. When at last he is released, Hartigan goes straight to Nancy, bringing their enemies with them.
It is almost impossible to believe that he would have any attachment to any one person yet somehow the Silk Specter brings out the little piece of humanity in him.
Vaughn and Pia Guerra’s master piece but if you haven’t read it yet, go out and start today. It is Manhattan’s love for Laurie which actually makes him come back to earth to save the human race from impending doom.
Go before I break your jaw.” He tries valiantly to ignore his feelings, yet in the end, he sacrifices himself to save the woman he loves.

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