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In the past 2 years, all of my closest college friends not only got married, but they got married to their college sweetheart.
From cheaper models to the most spectacular sporting models and 4×4 models which you can rent in Paphos A  for the best price.
Why spend a fortune just to go to what is essentially a dinner and a party full of 90% strangers?If you are going to a wedding on a Saturday, fly into the city on Thursday night and leave on Monday.

Chances are you were already going to take at least one of those days off work, so cash in one more vacation day. I had to fly into Denver airport, which would have cost me at least $50 more on a Friday and around $75 more on a Sunday.
I booked my flight to get in on a Thursday night and fly out on Monday so I could stay with a local friend before and after the wedding.
Hit them up and try to see if they can extend the trip as well so you can have an impromptu friend vacation. You can save tons on hotel rooms and rental cars while hanging out with someone you actually like, not a bunch of relatives of the bride and groom who have had too much too drink, or old people asking you when you are going to tie the knot.Explore a nearby attractionWho says you have to stay wherever the wedding is? Other than the deliciously unhealthy food, Buffalo has pretty much nothing interesting to offer.

Instead of spending Friday eating my weight in Buffalo chicken wings, my friend and I rented a car and drove to Niagara Falls.
When’s the last time you went to a wedding and just took a stroll across an international border?!Make that trip yoursYes, the wedding is all about whoever is getting married, but who says they get the whole freaking weekend?
Celebrate your freedom and make that wedding the perfect excuse to squeeze more traveling into your life.Also, no one cares if you are with someone or not. This is me on basically every solo trip I take (to a wedding or otherwise): Cheers to you and more trips!

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