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If you are going to purchase a vehicle that you canA use to bug out, one of these beauties below might be the ticket. With The Walking Dead season premiere set to kick off in just over a week, we once again got to thinking about the zombie apocalypse.
If Hyundai is good enough for Rick and his crew on The Walking Dead, wea€™d suffice to say that ita€™s good enough for us. Not only will MBa€™s 6 wheeled off road monster provide you with a fully capable means of transportation, but it will also bring about some nice entertainment.
The folks at Sportsmobile design rugged Mercedes-Benz and Ford E-350 vans that are capable of tackling any off road terrain, while also providing a mobile home living experience. Again, enclosed cars and trucks are great, but 2 wheelers serve a vital role in your survival.
It goes without saying that a Jeep Wrangler will always be a solid choice when it comes to the inevitable apocalypse.A You cana€™t go wrong when it comes to Jeep, but a Jeep that can quickly convert to a boat?
Technically the results are still inconclusive when it comes to zombiea€™s ability to swim (although we think not), but there is one thing wea€™d put money on a€“ zombies will not be able to fly. The folks at Benz said it best when they said the monster of a vehicle known as the Unimog offers a€?absolute off-road supremacy.a€? You can take Mercedesa€™ word for it, or you can research the 10 different models that were designed for disaster emergencies in the harshest conditions.
Hands down the baddest vehicle on the planet, the Marauder will withstand any test you throw at it. Kenner developed a theoretical model that included various factors such as road conditions, fuel efficiency, government response, and evacuation tendencies.
His argument is simple, and all comes down to two factors: maneuverability and gas mileage. According to Kenner, roads in a zombie outbreak will be clogged with so many other vehicles that driving over or through the many obstacles will be impossible in anything smaller than a tank. Subcompacts, he says, are small enough to squeeze between other vehicles, weaving through seemingly impassible jams. So the next time you think of buying a Hummer to protect yourself against the coming zombie plague, Kenner says that you should think again. Old article or not, I will always be faithful to my trusty old Mercedes G-class with it’s pretty little diesel engine. I would take a Toyota Hilux WorkMate 4×4 Double-Cab Pick-up Turbo Diesel Manual Trans if I could get one in the US. A modified vw Baja bug with a small lift winches and a sunroof the passenger can shoot from.
Sub compacts have virtually no ground clearance so unless you are driving on well maintained blacktop they’re useless.
Dunmptruck has the right idea going with a diesel with big tanks, not only does diesel last longer, but a diesel engine can be run on vegetable oil with NO modification, giving you an alternative fuel source.
I could write endless paragraphs about what you should get but lets suffice to say; If you want a real 4X4 go get your self a Toyota Landcruiser!!!!!
I can see where hes coming from with the efficiency and maneuverability but, in terms of space for passengers it is lacking.
When the plague hits I take the nearest vehicle I can find, stock it with everything I got and get out the city, I’m not taking the time to look for a smart car (and keys) and I am heading straight down devon. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. If you’ve been surfing the web for flashlights, what one guy says is the best survival flashlight might be totally different than what the next guy says. Dual Mode – A low light mode for walking through the woods and a high beam mode for seeing stuff far away. The flashlight uses c4 LED technology which really doesn’t mean anything much besides some marketing hype Streamlight made up.
If you are looking for the best survival flashlight, the Streamlight ProTac 1AA is a great buy. For a less than $40 option, that will give you years of light, check out the 2C Solar Light Cap.
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There has never been, nor could there ever be, a more suitable zombie apocalypse survival vehicle. Whether you are looking to take your Steampunk swagger to a whole new level, or survive the all-but-certain zombie apocalypse, there is, and can only be, one vehicle up to such a challenge. It certainly would look good in your driveway, but do I detecta slight twinge of sarcasm in your font when you indicate that the neighbours would like that?
Awesome vehicle, but who needs weapons, the zombies won’t die without a decent head-shot anyway, and why open a port to aim, and take any chance of infection?
I've been using the HIGHBEAM in my car for the past several weeks and have nothing but good things to say about it.
Welcome to the Survival-Pax Blog, where you will find survival-related posts, along with updates to our website. We spend a lot of time talking about bug out bags, survival gear, long term food storage and weapons here at Survival Cache but we haven’t spent a lot of time debating the Ultimate Survival Vehicle (Bug Out Vehicle). Con’s – If you are the Octomom with 8 or more people in your family this might not be the best choice, take a look at a school bus. There are a lot of people out there who own ATVs and they make a pretty good argument for the Ultimate Survival Vehicle. This can be your first option and it most certainly will be your last resort regardless of any other fancy options you may use along the way.
Pro’s – Diversity (Can be your everyday vehicle and your Bug Out Vehicle), Good carry capacity, Good range, Decent off-road capability depending on model and set up, Can double as a place to sleep for a small family.

Campa EVS (Expeditionary Vehicle System) this state-of-the art vehicle was designed for outdoor enthusiasts, disaster management personnel and military officials who desire a completely self-contained vehicle system. If money is no object to you, then a UNICAT Expeditionary Vehicle is what you need to buy.
Pro’s – Too many to list, you will have to go to the website and read them for yourself. Con’s – Expensive (a used one is about $600k), At 8 MPG you will be sucking down the fuel but on the other hand you have 2 x 120 Gallon tanks so let them drink until you and your family reach safety. Before you laugh think about this, ? of the earth is covered by water and this is the only Ultimate Survival Vehicle on this list that can traverse most of the earth under the power of the wind, make its own fresh water and has access to an unlimited supply of fresh food. Pro’s – Make your own fresh water with battery powered desalination, Solar and wind powered energy sources available, Total isolation from people, Full kitchen, As long as the wind is blowing you are moving, good source of fresh food (need to like fish), large comfortable living space, endless range. Pro’s – This thing is built from the ground up to go anywhere, 46 gallon fuel tank provides a good range (600+ miles), 32 Gallons of Fresh Water, Well thought out living space with the pop up tent camper, Full kitchen, So many off road upgrades that it will make your redneck friends drool. Con’s – Looks like a cargo van, A little to tall and wide for some off road trails, Needs fuel.
If you live in a high threat big city environment and you have some extra cash and a spare parking spot, you might want to look at the Knight XV from Conquest Vehicles. Argo Amphibious Vehicles are legendary in the Northern Territories of Canada and Alaska where water obstacles are a common problem. The great thing about this option is that they are very affordable as far as vehicles go (you can have an older 2WD or a newer 4×4 depending on your budget), many of us already have one as a primary or secondary vehicle, you can carry a great deal of gear in the back and with a modified compartment kit you can even store equipment in compartments and have a bed set up above your storage area. If you have a question, comment, there’s a problem with the site, or you just want to say Hi, Send Us an Email. Subscribe to the FREE Survival Cache Newsletter and we'll send you a monthly email with new gear reviews, site news, survival tips, and more.
While I will admit, part of me wants to build my own gassifier engine and go to town on an old bus with a cutting torch, these options below come with considerably less work, risk of fire and could run much better than that old yellow tank. We got you covered last year with a list ofA zombie proof gearA to help fend off the undead, but the reality is you arena€™t going to be able to take on those flesh eating zombies on foot. Chevy makes a solid truck, therea€™s no doubt about it, and this one was built specifically for unforeseen emergencies. Sure the big bulky trucks have their place, but a solid 2 wheeled companion is an essential.
Thankfully the folks at Hyundai take their zombie response research very seriously, and have outfitted one of their Elantra coupes with a ton of security features from a zombie plow with massive spikes to armored windows and spiked all terrain tires for going where no other vehicle can go. From our extensive research (hundreds of hours watching zombie movies and shows), wea€™re going to go with no, they cana€™t swim.
For such a massive vehicle (8,400 pound curb weight), the 5.5 liter AMG V8 powered 6A—6 is actually quite agile.
The cargo van has been equipped with everything one needs to survive in the wild, with plenty of room for bikes and water vessels.
With that being said taking to the air can be risky business during this zombie infested time era (imagine crashing into a horde of zombies), but bear with us on this vehicle. This could be a bit impractical as your only means of transportation, but it could be a huge asset in your stash of vehicles.
Contributor Jeremy Kenner completed his own study of zombie survival vehicles, and his findings are thought provoking to say the least. They also provide the protection, stability and storage space that motorcycles lack, while maintaining comparable fuel efficiency and maneuverability. That old subcompact you’ve been dying to trade away might just save your life when push really comes to shove. I speak from experience when I say that thing can slam into a bloody mountainside and still drive away from it, so I’m sure it can run over a few zombies for me as well. This MIGHT be a good idea but this is making the assumption that you are going to be operating in an urban environment. Secondly although you could potentially drive around obstacles what if that involved driving off the road onto grass or shale or anything but road, useless. Also as an added bonus most people would want to go for a bigger vehicle just for the moral boost that comes with being inside a giant hunk of rolling death, compared to something that can be flipped over by a small mob. Nearest house is 5-6 miles odd away and it’s near a cliff next to the sea so fishing becomes a viable way of life and a escape boat could be taken and placed near incase the horde comes, also a few remote villages not far where the zombie population should be very low and mostly old people making easy raids for supplies. Unlike other flashlights, these do not require 123A batteries or any other special battery. It performs well compared to higher end models but, for only $37, this flashlight is very affordable. With this Powerful Mini Flashlight, you can utilize it to visually communicate your location, with the brightness you have in your flashlight. Just ask yourself, do you want to be battling zombies in your busted cavalier or are you going to be be saving lives with steampunk style? With it's internal rechargeable battery, you get up to 6 hours of runtime with a brightness of 35 lumens.
Although we cana€™t say that the zombie outbreak was a€?unforeseen,a€? we can certainly classify it as an emergency. Motoped created a simple conversion kit that lets you outfit your mountain bike with Honda 50-190cc motor for about $1,000.
The vehicle is packed with a 6.8 liter V10 engine, seating for 6, night vision cameras and bulletproof armor. The 4WD Gibbs Quadski is perfect for tackling tough terrain, and within 5 seconds, the vehicle can tuck its tires to hit the water.
Although ita€™s based on the military version, this thing handles more like a truck than a tank.
Crowned the most off road capable travel enduro in the world, the 990 Adventure Baja has been outfitted with everything you need from suspension to power plant to ensure that you can transition from the asphalt to the dirt roads.

Assuming that zombies cana€™t swim, this thing is great for escaping those sticky situations.
The Pal V One acts like a sports car on the ground, accelerating from zero to sixty miles per hour in just 8 seconds, while reaching a top speed of 112 mph.
Features include long range fuel tanks, the ability to survive TNT explosions, ultra modern climate control system, run flat tire that can be pierced by 12.7mm bullets, anti blast seats, and so much more. In fact the type of auto that Kenner recommends is a subcompact, such as the Smart Car seen parked sideways above.
Besides, as a vehicle becomes increasingly mechanically complex it also becomes more prone to breaking down. Low-gear and lock and those zombies will have one massive problem – as would whatever sod got in the way with his little smartcar out here in the countryside. It should be your primary means of transportation and a car should be your disposable backup! You might not be able t carry a convenient store with you but you will be able to carry the bear essentials.
In the coming zombie plague I want to be able to use a car that will launch them 5 feet if not run over 2 or 3 of them; then come back around and splash their infected skulls on the pavement. If you are planning on surviving in a rural area (which you should be) a smart car would be about as useful as a 4X4 is in the city pre-plague. Not the biggest, but definitely able to over obstacles that a Smart Car would never be able to tackle.
Meet up with me if you’re still alive (after the outbreak) just head west on Devon until you hit Cumberland then go to foster (idk north or south) and (coming from north) take right. Also, if needed, to run over obstacles in my way, and a slightly bigger vehicle can carry more supplies. For that reason, this makes the ProTac 1AA a great survival flashlight because tons of electronics run on AA batteries. With a run time of 22 hours at 6 lumens and a little under 2 hours at 50 lumens, this is a great flashlight for the price.
Just be careful because some of the shippers are actually over in China, and it could take up towards 5 weeks for you to get the flashlight. For around that price to around 50 there are so many good options that can run a rechargeable or both. Such factors include the type of lighting the flashlight offers, the run time and battery size, and the overall size and portability of the light in question. Only the best heavy duty components are used to give the absolute best off-road performance while maintaining excellent on-road performance. Now imagine for a second that you had perfect circumstances a€“ imagine you can get your hands on nearly anything you could think of (within reason of course).
The fully capable 4A—4 features a 5.3 liter EcoTec3 V8 engine with plenty of power (355 ponies to be exact) along with lower body armor, raised suspension, solar power pack, generator, military First Aid Kit, gas masks, a crate of food with Top Ramen and Twinkies (your new favorite food groups in this post apocalyptic world), and a whole lot more. Thanks to the 175 horsepower engine, you can hit speeds of up 45 miles per hour on land, which is plenty fast to leave those undead bastards in the rear view. Packed with a 3.7 liter V6 motor built by the Japanese auto makers at Honda, this Jeep is capable of speeds exceeding 40 miles per hour on water, and 80 mph on land.
In just minutes, the vehicle can be transformed into a Gyro-Copter, flying at altitudes of about 4,000 feet (well below commercial flight routes, although we cana€™t imagine there will be many commercial flights during the zombie apocalypse). 4 wheel drive typically limits carry and towing capacity compared to a 2 wheel drive version of the same vehicle. Difficult to be tipped over ( a small horde could easily tip over a small car, trapping you inside) The modified comes in as make shift armor made up of chopped up metal bed frames and wire mesh to chain link fence over the windows (Easy to find and make up on fly. If something where yo go wrong, completely blocked roads for instance, you could simply lift up your vehicle and continue onward. That’s a no-go in a survival situation because, when that battery runs out, it’ll be hard to find another one! Reviewers also mention how the flashlight is very bright compared to other flashlights they own. There are even some like the Nitcore Mh1a that runs a an 18650 rechargeable and can also use AA. Recently I bought this Powerful Mini Flashlight, looks great and can also adjust the focus range for different usage. Knowing that the LED charges after about two hours, you can turn off charging mode once you believe the light to be charged. Thata€™s the approach we took when creating this list of the best vehicles for theA zombie apocalypse.
A 2 wheel drive pickup with a limited slip rear end will go 85-90% of the places a 4×4 will go and can carry more.
Now this vehicle is currently still in the a€?developmenta€? process, but the concept, if executed well, could make a nice addition to your stable of vehicles rather than your sole choice of transportation. And even if you arnt very strong wit your legs, you can simply wait and recover somewhere safe. Jobs in places where if you have the wrong vehicle you’re dead, zombies or otherwise. They have a much better shelf life and they don’t leak and corrode like alkaline are prone to do. Also, those 123A you’re bashing have extreme shelf lives of 7 years or more, making them MUCH better for a survival situation. Check out some of our favorite options for the end of the world in the 12 best vehicles for surviving the zombie apocalypse below.

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