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So you hightailed it to the Rocky Mountains, and now that you’re here you suddenly realize you don’t even know where to start. If you’re planning on working, be sure to apply by October, all the applications are done online through each mountains website.
After all the snow has melted (sometimes before that), the mountains are populated by a new breed of being, looking for the same speed and adrenaline their colder counterparts experience in the snow. I would love to be able to list all of the mountains in The Rockies that you can ski or board on, but honestly, it’d be way too much work. If you’re feeling like getting some high-flying thrills, or need a good James Bond Style exit from somewhere stat, then clearly Zip-Lining is one of the best ways to do this. The Rocky Mountains are home to hundreds of different lakes and rivers, each with its own unique landscape.
If thrill isn’t your thing, they’ve also got some casual rafting down some of the mild rivers. So all this nature and beauty has been great, and you love it all, but what you need is a good place to grab a drink or twelve, and just cut loose. If you’re in Banff, there are a handful of different drinking establishments worth checking out. So all this adventure and partying is catching up to you, and your body is aching for some relaxation. Believe it or not but I had to cut a few things out of this post, there are so many different things you can do while you’re in the Rocky Mountains, it’s going to be tough choosing which you do. The hotsprings are pretty much not to be missed if your going to be touring around the Rockies and Kootenays.
We've began scouting out more natural hot springs, where there are rock formations and flowing into the river or ocean.
I've only tried the hiking and general looking around and the whole Rockies area (especially the northern half) is stunning. I always appreciate proper posts like this, it’s pleasing to know I can add another site to my bookmarks and have something to check up on. Blessed with an incredibly beautiful landscape & opulent wildlife, Canada’s ‘Gros Morne National Park’ is globally famous for its stupendous biodiversity & its possession of interesting geologic features!
The park exhibits the best example of the effects of the process of plate tectonics in the form of the exposed portion of oceanic crust & mantle rocks.
An alpine terrain of the park is adorned with amazing freshwater fjords, bald rocks & steep valleys. The coastal region has various shoreline plant species, including white spruce, prostrate spruce & balsam fir. Boating: Multi-day long boating trips through exotic, crystalline fjords offer exclusive views of towering cliffs which flank the fjords.
The ‘Gross Morne National Park’, thus demonstrates phenomenal natural & cultural heritage of Canada. Tandem Kayaks or Double Kayaks enable paddlers to share experiences together within the same craft similar to canoes.
Shorter, wider and with a much larger open style cockpit area, recreational tandem kayaks are distinctly different in appearance than tandem sea kayaks.
The options are pretty endless, but sometimes a nudge in the right direction is all one needs.
There’s a handful of different zip-line courses in the Whistler and Blackcomb area worthy of checking out.
There really isn’t anything like throwing yourself off a ridiculous height for no reason besides a thrill.
What better way to enjoy it than by grabbing a kayak or canoe and taking it all in from the middle of a pristine lake.
The beauty of these rivers truly reveals themselves once you start hitting the river rapids. They give you information about the history of the river, tell you which birds to watch out for, etc.
Your bones and muscles say no more, and your toes are fed up with not being able to feel themselves.

But don’t hesitate too long, that’s time that could have been spent on the slopes or in those glowing hot springs. Both Radium and Ainsworth and excellent and we usually camp around Ainsworth in the summer for a couple days. Viewing wildlife could be added to the list and as Scott above said, also relaxing in the hot springs. The veteran rocks of this area are testimonials of significant geological activities those took place several millennia back, at the time, when the continents were born. It also displays the effects of glaciation in an island structure which has given rise to the exceptionally beautiful landscape.
Western Brook Pond, which is famous as an extremely pure natural body of water, is one of the most famous attractions in the park. Black spruce can be found at the oligotrophic sites, while Tundra vegetation covers the barren plateau at the topmost level. The moose is the most prominent species of this park, whereas other species, including lynx, caribou, arctic hare, black bear & red fox can also be found here in good numbers. Around 20 marked trails provide excellent opportunities to explore the mesmerizing beauty of the park.
Nearby colorful fishing villages fulfill the bare minimum requirements of quality camping along the seashores. The wooden cottage represents an escape into the wilderness, a place where the owners can enjoy a fine moment of tranquility without missing the comfort of their city home. These types of tandem kayaks always include bow and stern hatches with sealed bulkheads to keep gear dry as well as providing additional flotation and higher safety. Thermoform is also increasingly being used in the successful production of quality tandem kayaks.
Recreational tandems are designed for more general multipurpose family, kids and cottage day pursuits.
Our vision rewards visitors with a vastly superior level of customer service, paddling expertise and an exhilarating 'on-water' experience.Today, we have grown to become One of Canada's Largest, most respected, full-service Paddlesports shops. Whether you’re after something scenic, something thrilling, or something familiar, The Rocky Mountains will be more than happy to quench your thirst. But the perks to the job are that you get a free lift ticket for the season, which means free snowboarding, skiing, and all around fun on the mountain.
Work can still be found during this season, but it isn’t quite as busy as the snowy season. Check out Auroras, cheap drinks for early birds, decent DJ’s, and a good sized dance floor to boogie down.
What better way to sort these problems out than by jumping into a steaming hot natural hot spring.
Last summer, I drove by the exit to Whiteswan fully intending to go, but access was banned due to a forest fire. The national park has played a major role in the scientific study of the tectonic plates & understanding the process of continental drift, due to which, it was rightly honored by UNESCO, who declared it as the ‘World Heritage Sites’ in 1987. The alpine plateau, coastal lowland, fjords, valleys, vertical cliffs, pristine lakes & gushing waterfalls dramatically improve the aesthetic wealth of this national park.
The hills in the south-west are made of ultra-igneous rocks containing high concentration of heavy metals which hinder the plant growth, due to which, the area appears to be a barren desert.
The trail, named after the former British Prime Minister James Callaghan, is the most rigorous hiking route which stretches over 16 km around the national park, offering an imposing view of the surroundings. This lower centre of gravity offer the benefits of additional stability and less affected by wind & wave conditions.
Smaller cockpits enable spray skirts to be used, which keeps water out and heat in to keep paddlers warm and dry… even in the rain! Our sincere objective is to introduce you to a fun, educational and environmentally responsible way to explore our waterways!We realize our wilderness setting means an investment in your valuable time to come see us. Thankfully the Rocky Mountains have a very cool bungee jump located just 15 minutes outside of Whistler Village (highway 99).
Hoodoos is another one worth checking out, usually a younger crowd, but equally as rocking.

If you’re after a good pub, check out Amsterdam Cafe Pub, which is very much worth stopping by for a pint. The alpine region is dotted with a number of waterfalls which are fed during the summer time by melted snow at higher altitudes. Paul inlet while, various species of giant whales make their seasonal appearance along the sea shore. The natural untreated cedar wood used for both, interior and exterior, enhances the feeling of natural living. Tandem Sea Kayaks offer a very high degree of stability through length and increased capacity to satisfy day trips and long excursions and can handle virtually ‘any water conditions with reasonable paddler skills. I highly recommend checking out Whistler, it’s pretty world renown in the Mountain Bike Scene. Some of the smaller lesser known mountains can be your own personal playground, ripe for the taking. Rental shops can be found in towns near many large lakes, and some are located on the lake, or very close by . Basically a Helicopter picks you and some friends up, drops you off on, or near the mountain of your choice, and leaves you for a few days. These guys run daily river rafting trips down The Kootenay River, and The Kicking Horse River, which is my personal favourite. If you’re looking for less drum & bass, and more real music, check out Wild Bills Legendary Saloon. If you’re after Rocking the Casbah however, check out Garfinkles, which is THE place to be to make a fool of yourself on the dance floor. If you’re in Banff however, check out the Cave and basin Natural Hot Springs (see above photo).
Pissing Mare Falls is the highest waterfall in the park & it flows into ‘Western Brook Pond’. Whether you’re a complete Newb to Mountain Biking or an expert you’ll definitely find something worthy of riding there. This isn’t for everybody, but if camping in the most remote Canadian wilderness and roughing it is what you came here for, then you better make your booking. If you rocked Garfinkles to the ground (or they just kicked you out) you’re next stop would have to be Moe Joe’s.
Recreational Tandem Kayaks provide a fun way to get to people out in calm protected waters. It’s in a dense piece of bush that covers any chances you have of seeing it until you’re on the edge of the gorge. Heli-hiking can be pretty expensive so I would recommend saving, or sticking to the regular trails (which are free).
If you’re after a little extra thrill be sure to ask them, they have one run where they beach the raft for a while and let you do some cliff jumping. If you’re just after a pint or five, and a good chat with that Aussie liftee you were flirting with all day, you’re most likely to find her at Tommys Neighbourhood Pub. I found the only way you can tell you’re in the right place is by sticking your head out the window to listen for screams. Rentals can be done right at the lake, starting at roughly $30 for an hour, or a full day rental for a bit more. Look for a local information booth or check with your hostel or hotel for tips on where to find the best trails. If you grab a canoe and fill it with people, it can make for a pretty cheap day, and is worth every dollar. Be sure to pack something warm, even on a hot summer day the breeze coming off the mountains can be a chill, especially if you “accidentally” dump your canoe.

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