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The inspirational author Og Mandino, a former World War II US Army fighter pilot and insurance salesman, overcame alcoholism, wrote 19 books and headed Success Magazine. This book is a collection of tips for people who wish to start businesses, or even, as author Guy Kawasaki claims, other sorts of projects, including nonprofit organizations. This book presents the results of a research project that authors Tom Peters and Robert Waterman conducted from 1979 to 1980. In the book that gave birth to the self-help genre, writer and lecturer Dale Carnegie spells out his plan for getting what you want from other people by changing your behavior. This book is a wonderful collection of tips that range from the practical (how to prepare a resume) to surprisingly New Age-like mystical talk about the infinite powers of the universe.
By some freak chance these blog posts have consistently come up on first page of Google and sent a ton of traffic to this site which I’m thankful for and hopefully given visitors some great reading recommendations.
That’s like reading one book every two weeks, so totally doable in terms of investing time in reading them – think of it like your almost free education! I had a great amount of feedback and suggestions on Google Plus and Facebook (plus within groups too).
After reading Kate Northrup’s book, I really woke up to the fact that I needed to change my relationship with money quickly if I wanted to continue creating freedom in my lifestyle. She has ridiculously valuable exercises that gets into the nitty gritty of why you think the way you do about money and how to transform your relationship so you can earn more in your business. If you’ve been looking for an updated version of Rich Dad Poor Dad or some other book about how to achieve lasting wealth, this is the book you need. It’s realistic in that he lets you know the facts about what it means to become a millionaire, but he also gives you actionable steps to take to reach that money milestone.
This is a great book for consultants, freelancers, or contractors that are looking to charge more but aren’t sure where to start. People are always raving to me about Gay Hendricks and how it’s completely changed the way they approach their business. And it makes sense considering she is all about breaking through limiting beliefs that hold you back from truly having the freedom you want and deserve. And the need for more vulnerability is huge. We put on armour and never take it off to let people in or to be the person we want to be. While it might be cliche to say that nothing compares to you, that kind of thinking is what is going to set you apart and help you thrive in business.
After I talked about creating new habits so you can achieve your goals for the new year,  I was happy to see that Tam Le recommended The Power of Habit. There is blur between how we live our lives and how we run our businesses, and if we want to be achieve our ideal lifestyle, we need to be cognizant of how to build good habits in both.
When you’re in charge of creating valuable content, how can you find your voice so you can be as authentic as possible? Srinivas Rao has put together a collection of his journey into vulnerability and taking risks, which can be a game-changer if you’ve been keeping quiet and know that you have more to say. The marketing world is full of a lot of noise and advice that may or may not work for your business. He shows you how to filter out the bad (&downright stupid) advice and what you should be doing with your marketing to create business that lasts. This book is a must-read for every single blogger out there. In it, Cialdini teaches one of the keys methods of persuasion –  the Law of Reciprocity. As bloggers, a cornerstone of our business is giving away free content to our community and when you start to understand the psychology behind what we do and are able to leverage other similar techniques, you can create a strong foundation for taking your business to the next level. I’m glad Navid Moazzez recommended this as I recommend it weekly to clients and friends. Tom Asacker tackles the question of belief and motivation in a book full of inspiration and a-ha moments that make you want you to read it slowly to savor the wisdom.
We all take a different path to entrepreneurship and turn up as different people, no matter which traits the articles say are best for business and leadership.
You might know that I have a product series called BYOB – Build Your Online Business. Well I was introduced to Gloria McRae when she was getting ready to launch BYOB – Be Your Own Boss. Unlabel, recommended by Navid Moazzez as one of the best he’s read in a while, does just that.
How would you like to be the obvious choice among your competition and land new clients sans slaving over impressively time-consuming proposals? Deemed as a go-to book for creatives by Karley Cunningham, the Win Without Pitching Manifesto will show you how to run your business to be more lucrative and gratifying. Read this if you’re feeling stuck in a rut with client work and want to see your business with new eyes.
A few freedom fighters from the community recommended that my book be on this list, and here are what people who have read the book are saying about it.
After seeing Nancy Duarte speak at WDS, it was obvious to everyone in the room that she had discovered a genius formula for crafting everything from blog posts to keynote speeches that create movements and incite passion.
Read this book, recommended by Diana Tedoldi, if you’re looking to start or refine your remarkable speaking career. I met Tim Grahl right around the time when I had just released my book, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, which was such a great connection since his book is all about selling books!
Tim Grahl has tons of strategic advice for you, the new author, to make the most of every marketing effort and create a successful launch. Now that we live in such a diverse environment where we can wear many different hats, how do explain our work in an impactful way? Toolbox Set 1: 8 Kick Ass Tools & Resources Your Business Should Know AboutLooking For Funding?
I wish I could say I was all cool like this girl when I listen to audiobooks, but alas, I am not. I pulled this list together so that I could remember the business books that I have listened to and enjoyed.
I tried to clump them together in some kind of understandable fashion depending on what kind of motivation and knowledge I was trying to get from them. All of these Audible business books are worth a credit to hear and I really do recommend them! Last but not least, I received no compensation for these business book reviews and will receive no affiliate income from them since Amazon hates Colorado (oh, did I say that out loud).
Because I am a busy mom AND a business owner, I have to sneak in time to listen to business Audiobooks when I can and my favorites are the ones that the authors read themselves. When you head on over to Audible you are going to see some mean comments about the fact that the authors are not perfect readers. Best Quote : Too many people don’t want to swallow the pill of working every day, every chance they get. I started this post with Gary Vaynerchuk because I really changed my way of thinking when I “met” him on his first book tour talking about how to Crush It. I have never met Barbara Corcoran in person, but I have watched many of her keynotes and a few of her Shark Tank episodes. If you are interested in learning about sales and how to have determination if the face of obstacles, this is the book for you. Her reading of this book adds greatly to the power behind her words and I really enjoyed the format of switching back and forth between business and childhood autobiographies. I actually read this book in paperback before listening to it on audible and many of the ideas in it have stuck with me for years now.
I love the idea that you can be the best in the world at something and that your mission should be achieving that as a goal. I have a confession to make…Malcolm Gladwell is my favorite audio book reader and author so this review probably will be a little biased. David and Goliath reminds us that just because something bad happens or that we seem to have a disadvantage in some kind of situation, there are good things that come out of which we never could have anticipated. If you are in business and are having a little down period, it is a great inspirational book without being all “rah rah”.

If you get your feelings hurt easily or want to defend a position of not doing a ton of hard work, skip this book. My favorite quote is, “What if the only thing standing in the way of your greatness was that you just had to go after everything obsessively, persistently, and as though your life depended on it?” That is the kind of dedication that you need in the short run to have an amazing life in the long run. I know that it is popular to try to work a 4 hour work week or to have an overnight success, generally anything worth doing take a bit of effort. If you are just getting started with your content marketing strategy this is a great comprehensive overview of the entire content marketing process.
I got this book because Jeff was blazing all over the interwebs with new his title, the Art of Work and I thought I would like to hear something else that he had done first.
If you are a struggling writer experiencing doubt about your craft, this is a great book to start listening to! I don’t want to like these guys because they wrote Freakanomics which bashed my friends the Realtors (unfairly in my opinion), but this was super good!
While I have heard that much of this content is available on their podcast, I am not a listener so this was all new to me and I liked the structured format that got me thinking. I really enjoyed this book…(disclosure, I grew up in a stoic old world Pennsylvania town and many of the concepts that Ryan talks about just seemed like common sense to me!) I particularly like how he gave examples of real world stoics, current (Barack Obama) and past (Abraham Lincoln) and brought their tenacity and grit to life.
My favorite quote from the book, “Stop looking for an epiphany, and start looking for weak points. I heard Jay speak about this topic at a conference I attended and was super excited to listen to this book (I can’t imagine how I missed listening to it when it came out!) It was awesome to hear Jay “talking” even more about the subject, especially with how good his delivery is!
I watch his “Jay Today” podcast frequently and so knew I liked how he speaks, but his performance in this audio book was maybe the best I have listened to thus far.
This book was published in 2013 but not many of the examples have changed because they are mostly based on providing a great service that people will want to use over the long haul. Tara’s “tell it like it is” personality combined with her 100 miles per hour presentations have earned her the title “The Queen of Marketing Ahhh’s” from her raving fans.
Here are the best business books I’ve read over the past few years and a description of each.
You can’t go into business without the right mindset and this book is a great foundation to create change and continue to grow as a person as well as a business person. An inspiring and practical guide for getting all of your money ducks in a row and learning how to keep attracting more of it. Super inspiring autobiography that proves that success has nothing to do with where you started and the value of being your authentic self in business. You’ll learn how reaching a small group of connectors can ultimately influence the masses and how to get your messages, ideas and products to spread like viruses. After you read this book, you’ll be able to understand every human better and feel almost guilty for having this super power. This isn’t so much about social media strategy but more the psychology that goes into creating relationships online with your potential clients and customers.
Everything you need to know about Incorporating, paying yourself as an employee and how taxes work.
Danielle Ford combines her desire for Social Change and love of Marketing to create Online Platforms that make an Impact. I’ve shared my daily reading list and have provided my book recommendations, but often times people ask me specifically which business books have impacted me the most.
I’ve learned over the years, mostly the hard way, that diving into the right book at the right time can give someone a crucial advantage.
Personal and professional development are high value targets for me, which is why I like to read up on how be more productive without effecting my quality of life.
As a father, a corporate executive and a leader of a ministry, leadership is more than a concept; it’s my life blood.
Some of these books are a compass for navigation, a journey into core values and a handy toolkit.
Wether or not you have gone to college, taken few classes or maybe haven’t gone to any type of further education for business, you will find it a good idea to continue expanding your knowledge if you want to grow as a person and business. Fast Track is a book written by Dane Sanders, a photographer, mentor and influential speaker in the photo world! I will be sure to share again the next 3-5 books I read with you, so check back for more reviews!
The Greatest Salesman in the World is a story about an ancient merchant and his 10 mystical scrolls, each bearing a spiritual precept that is applicable to sales success.
Kawasaki got his start in marketing at Apple Computer and went on to found several high tech businesses. The authors began each interview with an open-ended question designed to provoke an unstructured conversation about the meaning of success. His classic text on strategy survived through the centuries and is still as applicable to war, politics and economics today as it was when Sun Tzu first drafted it.
Author Hill was a former newspaper reporter, and he studied law and worked for Andrew Carnegie, whose ideas are reflected in Think and Grow Rich. Rather than me tell you what I think is best (I mean I do that all the time anyway right!), I decided to crowdsource your recommendations, too. It’s a book that will show you how to increase your revenue, your audience, your traffic, and your happiness all while being ridiculously productive.
Read it when you need to be re-inspired or when you need to see an old problem with new eyes.
Entrepreneurial DNA, recommended by Paul Strobl, is a book that will identify your unique style as an entrepreneur and help you find your strengths and weaknesses so you can be aware of them and use them to your advantage.
What’s more it will show you how to flex your creativity muscles to boost your brand, marketing efforts, and ultimately your sales. Bought Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is about Help Not Hype ?? and will read more of your suggestions this year. I learn so much more that way than putting it on my to do list, because I feel a connection to the book. That said, I do have headphones strung around my neck at all times and I spend inordinate amounts of time listening to books on tape. Some of these I had already heard before writing this post, and some I am excited to hear again. Now, these are business people who are not professional voice actors so they are not always perfect. I heard him speak in a room of just about 75 people, when he was schlepping around to tiny venues selling his new idea and I was immediately smitten. I am blessed to have a passion for marketing…if you know what your passion is you will love it!
I am not as a big a fan of that show as you might think being a true entrepreneur, but I love that her decisions are made based on her intuition combined with practical business knowledge and experience. That there will always be obstacles to overcome and that if you are not willing to go all the way then you shouldn’t even start. I have talked to him a number of times over the years on email and he is genuine across all every platform with the message of growing your own tribe, building your own networks and trying to be the best that you can do. I just love the pacing and tone of his reading and then the content from his books that he presents is awesome. There is no specific marketing advice, just a great one for mindset, motivation and recovering your drive and determination to change any setback or obstacle into a strength. BUT if you are interested in how to grow your business through dedication and hard work, Grant is your guy! Over and over again he whittles away at all the extra stuff that we add to our day to “feel productive” and helps you to define what would make the most the effect on your business if you could just get real and accomplish it!
I think this is because he is couple of rungs up the ladder of me in who his customers are (mainly catering to brands). While it is a little dated now and some of the references are not current, if you are looking for a way to get started and practical advice about how to present no many different channels, this book will help.

Because of all the interviews that he had done on Podcasts, I was used to hearing him speak and really enjoyed his reading of this book. Check out her marketing courses and products at the Marketing Artfully Shop or visit her Etsy Store, Paperly People. It defines the stages of a company between infancy and maturity and explains the reasons why most businesses don’t make it past the first 5 years. So here you go, here are the 26 business books that have personally made a huge difference for me in the business space. They have created a noticeable shift in the way I think about business and how I do business.
Sometimes we get so focused in the business (short term) we often forget to focus on the the business (long term).
Whether its about a product, a team or a brand…the ground in this space is always shifting.
Learning to do this well is critical to success and it’s definitely been key for me to learn how to do it better. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I am a father, teacher and speaker on mission to help people live courageously from their hearts. They will be my people, and I will be their God, for they will return to me with all their heart. I have to run a business as well, and usually that is more of what I spend my time doing if we were looking at a pie chart of all my daily tasks combined. I myself did not take any college courses on how to run a business and I hadn’t planned to be doing just that a few years later!
I could check the library too, I suppose Maybe you could tell me which you think would be the best to start with! After selecting a sample of 43 companies from six major industries, they examined the firms’ practices closely.
The authors drew from these highly personalized revelations to extrapolate the qualities that high achievers share, particularly a driving desire to have meaningful impact.
Many translations of Sun Tzu’s manuscript are available, but this one is both attractive and focused.
His book is as fresh and relevant today as when it was first published more than a quarter-century ago.
Carnegie developed these principles by drawing from examples of persuasive people in history, such as Abraham Lincoln, and from his own experiences. Covey managed to repackage an ethical and moral tradition thousands of years in development and make it meaningful to a late twentieth century, secular audience. Recognized as the father of modern management, Drucker forecast numerous pivotal trends, including decentralization, privatization and the development of the information society. It’s a straightforward business book with a rally cry to buck all of the traditional ways we build business.
I like audio books as well for listening while on the move, and I read on planes, in airports and when I’m in transit quite often. In fact, I may be one of the oldest Audible listeners ever as I have thousands of titles in my library. It seems that there are just some people whose delicate ears are harmed by non-professional readings and they have to be vocal about it.
The best part is when he starts to “veer off the script” and adds to the thoughts from the book. Corcoran’s take on how to succeed in business by working hard and using skills that she learned from her mother to build a multimillion dollar business.
It was a toss up between this one and the Success Mastery Academy which is not available right now to purchase on Audible but which is really amazing.
Unlike their first two books, this one digs deep into why and how they started thinking about some of the concepts they present in their other books.
Some of these are about virtues and core values that support ones ability to navigate the business world effectively but they’ve all had a direct impact on the success I’ve experienced so far. These books represent philosophies, strategies and tactics for successful marketing in today’s competitive environment. Even if you are not a photographer, running any business comes with ever present challenges, changes and shifts in the business world.
He goes into detail the ways on how to get noticed with an online presence and through social media techniques, and to expand your influence.
I think its really easy while running a business to forget that people are the most important part.
This book is mainly for photographers, but I think you can relate his view points to any type of business honestly! Or is it because it has become such a reference that other authors use it as a pillar to build and develop their own theory. Although they did this study more than 20 years ago, their results provide a model of eight core principles for excellence that are still true for companies today. Most of what you find in this book you will find in Aristotle, Cicero, Benedict, Tillotson and their heirs.
He introduced the concept of the “knowledge worker,” a term he employs widely in this fascinating book.
I had some real dogs that I couldn’t even get through, but I just deleted them and moved on. Some even say they loved the content and hated the author which seems a little strange to me, but who am I to judge! BUT now that I know his voice and have listened to hundreds of hours, I wouldn’t trade him for the world!!! This sideways thinking is super interesting to me and I have to say, this book flew by listening to it!
If you want someone to genuinely be interested in you or your product, you have to be genuinely interested in them and their point of view as well.
He encourages creativity, and finding your YOU-nique gifts and talents and using that to stand out amongst the crowded industry.
Expand your expertise, skill and abilities to better relate to your specific market and to the people you deal with around you!
Since there are many great business books which already stood the test of time, picking only 10 books for our list isn’t an easy task, so forgive us if your favorite business book didn’t make the cut.
Covey adds a few references to psychology, a twentieth century science, and many to Viktor Frankl, a sage of the Holocaust.
There were lots of examples and deep dives into WHY they started thinking about the things they published. I love reading books by people who have been there and have experienced the growing pains and trials and error and who then want to help others in their journey of owning a business. Dale talks about how to influence people to your way of thinking, how to get people to like you (which is in my opinion the most important!) and different techniques in handling different human relation situations. This has been such a great book and I have found that it benefits me in every area of my life, not just my business.
It also comes with a self assessment that pulls out your personality and your individuality and strengths as a person. It gave me the courage to step out into who I am as I relate to my clients and it better helped me to narrow down my target client.

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