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The native cuisine of Thailand, a country in South East Asia which is unique in that it has never been colonized, has recently become a world cuisine phenomenon in the West with restaurants and cookbooks cropping up seemingly everywhere in the last twenty years.
Food plays an important role in Thai culture, and is involved in everything from religion to agriculture. Use these free clip art images for your collections, school projects, website art and more. For too long, Kaohsiung has been known to the world as Taiwan's largest port city -- it's time to give attention-craving Kaohsiung the love it deserves. Taiwan's biggest night market, sexiest restaurant and coolest metro station -- these are just some of the superlatives to heap upon Kaohsiung.
As lifelong Kaohsiunger and radio DJ Hugo Wu tells CNN: "The weather is almost always good, the pace of life is slow and the city is free.
The rivalry between Kaisyuan and Jin-Zuan -- two adjacent night markets -- began from the week they opened, only three days apart. Jin-Zuan wins over fans with delicious beer shrimp, handmade,A pan-fried noodles and luxury, lounge-likeA toilet facilities. Kaisyuan wows night market goers with a mini Phra Phrom (four-faced Buddha) and Bin Bin lemon juice hand-squeezedA by muscular vendors. At Old New Restaurant, the three fixed-price menus change daily.Gangshan District's lamb hotpot, Moon World's free-range chicken and Shin-Da Harbor and Cijin Island's seafood -- these are just the beginning of a long list of local Kaohsiung foods. Officially opened in 1951 (some temples in the park are more than two centuries old), the Lotus Pond consists a man-made lake with more than a dozens temples, pavilions and pagodas. The Dragon and Tiger Pagodas are two seven-story pagodas guarded by crouching tiger and dragon statues. Visitors enter through the dragona€™s mouth into a tunnel (inside the dragona€™s body) with walls embellished with carvings.
You might blush when ordering the chocolate pudding.Diners flock to Funny Sex Restaurant to giggle rather than to eat. Living up to its name, Funny Sex Restaurant is a humorous and erotic place to hang out -- the chocolate pudding comes in the shape of a penis. Apart from dozens of sexualized miniature figures, the most embarrassing decorations include a custom-ordered two-meter-long wooden penis shrine and soap dispenser shaped like a pair of breasts. But the real treasure is underground -- the 2,180-square-meter Dome of Light, a glass mural built into the ceiling of the station.
Labor and Fisherwoman are the cartoon-like statues found throughout the park, each with a different outfit created by various artists.
On a spacious lawn in front of the warehouses are more over-sized artworks, including two eerie lizards crouching on a train. In Our Time has more than 200 types of imported beer.At Pier 2, warehouses have become art spaces housing different exhibitions.

Bandon Grocery StoreA is an adorable zakka store where travelers can make their own notebooks. Moon World is known for its lack of trees.The northern side of Kaohsiung is known forA Tianliao, a stretch of heavily eroded hillside. Hugu Wu and his Ironman figure.A year ago, superhero lover and lottery shop owner Tong Young-wu was looking to buy an Ironman figure, only to be startled by the price. Tong's superhero family currently has eight members, excluding the two tall robots at the door.
After the installation of the superhero figures, the lottery shop's business increased 30%.
Sole survivor.Kaohsiung wasn't only the first stop for Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman's inflatable Rubber Duck in Taiwan. Hofman was persuaded to bring his Rubber Duck to Kaohsiung thanks to the city's tremendous enthusiasm for the unusual display.
During the month the Rubber Duck was docked in Kaohsiung, it brought 3.9 million visitors to the venue.
The characteristically lush produce and enticing use of fragrant herbs and spices has produced a flavorful cuisine that is ultimately more palatable to many Western tongues than the potent spice blends of Indian food, another popular Asian world cuisine.
Largely a Buddhist nation, Thailand in unique in that the religion has not established a predominantly vegetarian national cuisine, though the vegetarian schools of cookery are quite skillful at creating meatless dishes so satisfying even Westerners generally would not notice an absence of meat. If you can't find the clipart your looking for then please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will gladly help. The restaurant changes its menu daily using local specialties such as cuttlefish rice vermicelli, oyster soup and sashimi.
When not filled with commuters.The Formosa Boulevard Station in Kaohsiung is the most beautiful metro station in Taiwan, if not the world. Diners can oversee the in-house web radio station from the restaurant, which also stocks a large collection of international beers and local teas. The setting remains the same as the TV set, but the better area is an al fresco strip behind the bar by the sea. Travelers here can rent a bicycle and tour the island, which is famed for fresh seafood, three-century old Mazu Temple and a warm beach.
Youa€™ve got to find a mannequin that resembles a superhero's face before styling its hair and putting on makeup. Small offerings are made daily to a household's family spirit in Thailand, and food is given in the form of alms to Buddhist monks. In Thailand the tradition presents itself in the form of small cookbooks authored by individuals before their deaths; sometimes ornately designed, the cooks are distributed to mourners at the funeral, who can then remember the deceased by their taste in foods or by their favorite recipes and food related anecdotes.
GrainsAs in most Asian cuisine, rice is the staple starch in the Thai diet and the main agricultural crop.

Jasmine rice is known for its fragrant aroma and has a nutty flavor which is preferable to that of the rather bland processed white rice available in the West.
Noodles (rice noodles, glass noodles) are also used, but as part of main dishes rather than accompaniments. Along with rice, the main agricultural crops are maize (corn), cassava, sugar, and pineapple. Meat, poultry, seafood, and tofu are the most common sources of protein, as are nuts like cashews and peanut (peanut sauce is a recognizable Thai item).Thai SpicesMuch like Indian food, Thai cuisine is defined by its spices, though Thai spicing generally is milder and more focused. The food is based around the concept of perfect balance between the five flavors (hot, sweet, sour, salty, and bitter). The dish mamuang khao niew, or green mango dipped in salt, sugar, and dried chilli, is an excellent example of this flavor representation. Spicing can vary depending on the region (southern food tends to be spiciest, while other regions utilize more lime or lemongrass than heat), but the basics remain fairly constant. Nam pla, or fish paste, contributes much of the salty flavors in food, as does shrimp paste. The heat characteristic of Southern and hot curries usually is delivered in the form of chillies. Green curry (gaeng khieo wan, which is the spiciest) and Red curry (gaeng ped) dishes have the same spice blends (chillies, garlic, lemongrass, coriander seed, shrimp paste, galangal, cumin, coriander root, white pepper corns, kaffir lime) but green uses dried green chillies instead of fresh red. Mussaaman or Muslim curry is generally milder and has a thicker sauce than other gaeng dishes. All curries are served with rice.Other Thai DishesYam dishes refer most often to salads, which tend to be based on combinations of fruits, greens, noodles, edible flowers, and small portions of meat or fish. Soups, or gaeng chud, are also staples of the diet; one basic variety made with rice and meat or seafood is common breakfast item. Noodle dishes like pad thai (rice noodles with chicken, fried tofu, lime, peanuts, shrimp, egg, bean sprouts, onion, garlic, and chillies) and meek rob are also essential and signatures of the cuisine. Field workers take sticky rice as a lunch meal, while city dwellers utilize the vast array of mainstream restaurants and characteristic Thai street food (chicken or beef satay, grilled meat on a skewer) for an afternoon meal.
Dinner is more formal, with families sharing cold salads, curries, soup, and vegetables dishes together.

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